TOTAL INSANITY: RCMP Considering Eliminating Aptitude Tests, Vision & Hearing Standards, And Allowing People With Criminal Records To Join The Force – At The Urging Of ‘Gender-Based Analyst’

I wish I was joking.

Sometimes you read something, and you hope that it was all a joke.

Then you read it again.

And again.

But as hard as you try to imagine it away, there it is.

It’s the latest example of how political correctness, which once may have been about trying to be respectful, has descended into total and outright insanity.

The RCMP is now considering eliminating aptitude tests, scrapping vision & hearing standards, and allowing people with criminal records to join the force.

And the main reason?

To meet ‘staffing’ and ‘gender and inclusion’ goals.

Here are some excerpts of a recent CBC story about the horrific plans:

“The RCMP are taking a radical look at their recruitment strategy and could ditch credit checks and the ban on recruits with criminal backgrounds to help them rebuild their depleted ranks.

The Mounties have been plagued by staffing challenges in recent years and are looking at how to convince more women and visible minorities to don the red serge.

An internal document, obtained through access to information, suggests credit checks, the criminal background ban, the two-hour aptitude test and long stints at the training depot could all be eliminated from the hiring process as senior ranks try to make a career as a Mountie more attractive.

The document notes that some of the mandatory requirements can create barriers for communities the force wants to attract, including “groups more likely to have contact with the criminal justice system.”

Unsurprisingly, “The review exercise is the brainchild of Vaughn Charlton, the director of gender-based-analysis-plus with the RCMP. She was brought over from Status of Women Canada in April 2017 at the request of then-commissioner Bob Paulson and tasked with focusing on gender and inclusion within the force.”

It gets worse:

“The document also flagged hearing and vision tests and long shifts as potential barriers and questioned the value of the aptitude screening assessment — which, among other things, tests memory, logic, judgment and comprehension.

“I can definitely say we are looking at everything really seriously,” Charlton said. “These are questions worth asking and thinking, ‘Are they still relevant criteria in 2019?'”

What the hell is going on?

Why is someone from the Status of Women department now telling the RCMP to get rid of aptitude tests?

She’s questioning whether ‘vision & hearing’ and ‘memory, logic, judgment and comprehension’ are still ‘relevant criteria’ in 2019?

This is completely insane.

At what point will people wake up and realize that political correctness has gone way too far, and is now a mental sickness infecting everything in our society?

The RCMP is about keeping people safe and fighting crime and terrorism, not meeting ‘gender goals,’ ‘inclusion goals,’ or lowering basic standards of competence and physical ability.

Lowering those standards – or eliminating them entirely – will severely damage the RCMP and make Canadians less safe.

We must stop this insanity.

Spread the word, contact your MP, and make sure that this craziness being pushed by Vaughn Charlton never gets implemented.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Larry Davies

The biggest qualifier will be to vote liberal, able to carry luggage for the illegals streaming in, kicking doors in will be a bonus!


When old numnuts in the PM office gets booted in 2019, he can work for the RCMP; they’re taking criminals .

Emma Rabishaw

And don’t forget our childhood diseases that were eradicated 50 yrs. ago. I guess you have read about the measles return and how many others?


They already have a lot of experience committing break & enter and theft after the High River floods in Alberta. Dozens of guns and even rare collections vanished into thin air ( or member’s collections ). They also admit to stealing / confiscating “tons” of legal ammunition.

With the addition of armored militery vehicles now, even on vancouver Island, they are well on their way to becoming the enforcement division of the Liberal dictatorship.

Don Taylor

Canada was a country to be proud of,and can be again once the Liberal party is gone

old white guy

I will never be proud of a piece of dirt inhabited by idiots. My concern and care for Canada has long gone.


I truly wish it were a joke, too.


This is beyond belief Spencer, please tell me it is a spoof ???
This very foolish gender business has to be stopped, I guess it works with this very corrupted puppet government ???

Glen Bailey

Well,hmmmm,wonder who was the instigator of this stupid crap???????The RCMP has enough idiots on the force now let alone recruiting Turdos crowd!Of course most of them are good officers,but having the lowest of the lowest in the RCMP is just pathetic!WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Ward

liberals are the disease and Conservatives are the cure.

Dave Smith

I have had my doubts about the rcmp’s dedication to the Rule of Law in the past based on their actions & policy that I consider partisan or politically motivated. – It appears as of late, the rcmp are acting as little more than bell boys for the illegal immigrants coming up through the US & allowing them into trudo-istan with little or no vetting. This article, to me shows that Canada is in a lot bigger trouble than I thought. The rcmp days of pride & honor look to be far behind them & their oaths to the People… Read more »


They should dco the same thing with the army. “OK folks! Here’s a uniform, this is now your new gun”! “Away you go, do us proud”! LMAO

Karan S. Kamboj

It’s the same reason the liberals & socialist keep repeating for everything they want to ruin.  First they said not enough people to run the economy & pay for our pensions, the liberal/socialist solution: Flood the country with unskilled, uncivilized third world immigrants & illegals who would never pay a cent into our economy but will be a burden on already strained resources.  Now this; not enough recruits to man RCMP, liberal/socialist solution: hire criminals & non-deserving candidates to police law-abiding citizens. As I see there could be only reason for liberals to decide recruiting criminals in RCMP. (I believe… Read more »


In other words, Trudeau wants to have a zombie Liberal Police force that will obey his orders without question, totally incapable of thinking for themselves. We already have a sharia compliant dress code established with various city police forces to help “peaceful” females to feel more accepted.

This is scary and very very dangerous.

V. Larison

Political correctness has gone WAY OVER BOUNDS. Where their is NO line of common sense or responsibility to have goals to meet.

shawn harris

The definition of insanity used to be,doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result each time. We can now include in this definition, political correctness, gender based analysis and Trudeau’s twisted , perverted view and belief in feminism, as being superior to logic, common sense, and rock solid morals and values. If the RCMP approve of this Trudeau forced rewriting of the standards needed to become an RCMP police officer, then Canada will for certain become a far less safe country and Canadians will have far less security or confidence in the RCMP. After all why would… Read more »

Vincent Spencer

Look who is standing behind her. She just is trying to keep her job!


That smug look on his face says it all.


Wanna see all the woman in the RCMP? Go see the Musical Ride.


And these clowns already have minimal respect…


This is manipulation by Trudeau to further divide Canadians.

ken miller

Cons spin.

Don Piche

It seems that the rot Trudeau&Co bring to our Gov’t just isn’t enough – they are corrupting everything in Canada… this is just surreal!!! I thought Western Europe was bad – now it seems we’re on track to become the Newest Banana-Republic of North America. When will Canadians collectively WAKE UP & RESIST??!!!

Sewer Rat

We became a banana republic when people voted for hair.

don morris

The RCMP have already had to lower their standards, when they allowed women to enter the Force and when they decided to recruit First Nations. They were so rigid in their requirements, ( 1960’s) they turned down a relative of mine who was 10 pounds under the weight requirement. He had passed all the tests, physical and written ,but though very fit was under weight. Though he tried to gain weight, he didn’t succeed and they refused him on that basis alone. Ironically,women who are 25 pounds lighter than he was are now welcomed on the Force. A retired RCMP… Read more »


Don Morris agree with what you are saying. Common sense should prevail but gender political correctness foolishness was pushed in and all our police forces are in trouble. No law abiding citizen can respect them if we do not stop this.

James Smith

the only thing keeping them from being the worst joke is that every western police force is doing the same pc garbage….it is a race to the bottom!

Ken (Kulak)

Air Farce is coming true in our government.


Hey I know, there’s a whole bunch of , what do you call them illegal aliens…no, I mean irregular border crossers or something like that coming in droves to Canada why don’t they put them people to work? Oh ya… their looking for females. I mean girls, ya those crossing the border are mostly men. But think about it. Glad I could help


Maybe if they treated the rcmp with a little more respect we wouldn’t have this problem. This government treats them like they treat the military and look at that situation. Not enough pilots for the planes no ground crews, cutting their budgets. They do the same to the rcmp, we never hear about it because repercussions are pretty severe for those who are tempted to speak out. There is just not enough money in the budget for them and never will be with this band of thieves running the show.

Major Tom

The RCMP, the Canadian Armed Forces and the Sea, Army and Air Cadets have been platforms for social engineering for decades now….it is simply the continuance of deterioration…..
A foreign enemy couldn’t have planned it better…..


Let me guess… Paul Bernardo is getting out of prison soon and the RCMP has a job position available there for him!


More erosion of what Canadians were always proud of!
There’s always been a bad apple here and there….now the whole damn barrel will be rotten to the core.
Yet another sad day for Canadians who valued what makes us admired.

Alexander S. Romanchuk

This is not only INSANITY & BUFFOONERY (brought on by too much chemical spraying from above) but sheer unadulterated idiocy which will continue until next October. But to suggest that the CPC is the cure is SCHEER exaggeration.

David MacKAY

The decisions are already made. The RCMP has already modified its policy on entrance requirements to embrace the New Insanity. Thousands of rank and file RCMP members have suddenly moved their retirement forward in the new year rather than serve under gender based incompetent management promotions. Merit and ability and or skill sets have no longer any bearing on RCMP promotion or leadership – through 2018 following the appointment of the RCMP’s first female Commissioner the last vestiges of common sense went out the widow. Only Gender and Sexual orientation are seen to provide advancement in the ranks. This CBC… Read more »

Penny MacKeil

Try raising the pay grade a substantial amount to get more recruits who are interested in this field of work. That allows the membership to afford to get married ( or not) and raise a family without being faced with poverty in there everyday lives. The ability to save for post secondary education for their children so they can come out of school without owing thousands of dollars and trying to start their lives. You will never be able to attract the best people to take on the needs and understanding that is required by the RCMP. The pride of… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Here’s an idea: Go directly to the source–Recruit inside the prisons. It’s just not fair that anyone should be in for a “life” sentence. How cruel is that?? They should be the first hires. By the way…Is that a man; or a wax dummy at the mike? There’s a grinning dummy behind the speaker.

Kathy Vetere

By lowering standards to increase enrollment, are they implying they want stupid, blind, deaf, criminal gun toting females trained to carry luggage at Roxham Rd?


This entire government is starting to look like a bad monty python skit. Fortunately, for now, most cities in this country have competent and professional local police organizations. The RCMP is already (dis)regarded as merely the “dicks in the sticks”. They evidently do not realize that you can’t get out of a hole by continuing to dig. I thought things could not get any more inane. I was wrong.


Enjoy it Liberals because your time is short, and I don’t think Canadians are going to have a golfish memory the next time the conservatives do something stupid. You are finished in Canada.

S Willis

Women and ‘minorities’ should be HIGHLY insulted & the Canadian public should be totally outraged at this inclusion insanity! The RCMP does not think that you have what it takes to qualify under the current standards so they are planning to put YOUR life and the lives of the public in total jeopardy to satisfy their gender equality bs! The RCMP of the future: A proud force with seeing eye dogs, white canes, hearing aids and team of social service workers to counsel them about their fears of guns and bad people trying to attack them… as they scurry between… Read more »

James Smith

Omar Khadr can soon be the new commissioner of the rcmp, or maybe his sister


And – to think this mish mash will be armed to the teeth. God help us.

old white guy

You did indeed hit on the reason, insanity. the country is being run by insane foolish idiots and there should be no reason why a police force should be any better.


‘memory, logic, judgment and comprehension’…..this seems like such a…..logical…. testing process to ensure our forces employ intelligent, ethical people. If only we had such a screening process before our politicians could hold a cabinet seat. A girl can dream!

Garry Goold

Damn! Always wanted to be a Mountie. My poor eyesight, overweight, diabetic, heart condition riddled body should be great for chasing down those bandits. Even better, without a gun I can just yell “Stop That” and maybe they will listen!! And being a senior, my forgetfulness will definitely be an asset to the Trudeau system of catch and release. Just call me Dudley Do Right.

Don Adamson

Is it April 1st? If not the RCMP are out of their minds for even discussing such horsemanure


2019 cannot come soon enough. Canada needs to get rid of this clown.

sanford thompson

The gender balanced dystopia of Eastern canada vs the free republic of western canada.

Gonzo the Magnificent

The problem with Canada is not political but spiritual. As much as I disdain modern day liberalism – it looks like a 2 headed monster – modern day conservatism is a far cry from what it was also. As I am sure many of you have read/heard this mentioned in the past: Canada like all Western Judeo-Christian nations is on a precipitous slid into disaster because society itself is sick – dare I say sinful; we are the ones who made our countries what they are! So. to think that Canada will turn the tide as soon as personality or… Read more »

Jim Harris

If you read the actual CBC article you will see that they are not trying to “allow people with criminal records” to join. They haven’t event decided on anything yet they’ve only said that they are reviewing their practices… for anyone who’s worked at a workplace that has been around for a while as the RCMP has, it never hurts to review what you have been doing


This truly confirms the fact that liberalism is a mental disorder!


I though the RCMP had done that some years ago.

Wendy Lush

For comparison I looked up the enployment requirements at the FBI (roughly the US equivalent of the RCMP): “To apply to become an FBI agent… applicant must hold U.S. citizenship, be of high moral character, have a clean record, and hold at least a four-year bachelor’s degree. At least three years of professional work experience prior to application is also required. All FBI employees require a Top Secret (TS) security clearance, and in many instances, employees need a TS/SCI (Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information) clearance. To obtain a security clearance, all potential FBI personnel must pass a series of Single Scope… Read more »

JC Denton

Some of the best cops were previously criminals. Why is this the case? Because to catch a criminal it helps to understand their mindset first. I have no doubt that ex criminals would make good police. The issue here is whether or not they have truly left their criminal past behind them and are ready to join and be loyal to the other team