TOTAL INSANITY: RCMP Considering Eliminating Aptitude Tests, Vision & Hearing Standards, And Allowing People With Criminal Records To Join The Force – At The Urging Of ‘Gender-Based Analyst’

I wish I was joking.

Sometimes you read something, and you hope that it was all a joke.

Then you read it again.

And again.

But as hard as you try to imagine it away, there it is.

It’s the latest example of how political correctness, which once may have been about trying to be respectful, has descended into total and outright insanity.

The RCMP is now considering eliminating aptitude tests, scrapping vision & hearing standards, and allowing people with criminal records to join the force.

And the main reason?

To meet ‘staffing’ and ‘gender and inclusion’ goals.

Here are some excerpts of a recent CBC story about the horrific plans:

“The RCMP are taking a radical look at their recruitment strategy and could ditch credit checks and the ban on recruits with criminal backgrounds to help them rebuild their depleted ranks.

The Mounties have been plagued by staffing challenges in recent years and are looking at how to convince more women and visible minorities to don the red serge.

An internal document, obtained through access to information, suggests credit checks, the criminal background ban, the two-hour aptitude test and long stints at the training depot could all be eliminated from the hiring process as senior ranks try to make a career as a Mountie more attractive.

The document notes that some of the mandatory requirements can create barriers for communities the force wants to attract, including “groups more likely to have contact with the criminal justice system.”

Unsurprisingly, “The review exercise is the brainchild of Vaughn Charlton, the director of gender-based-analysis-plus with the RCMP. She was brought over from Status of Women Canada in April 2017 at the request of then-commissioner Bob Paulson and tasked with focusing on gender and inclusion within the force.”

It gets worse:

“The document also flagged hearing and vision tests and long shifts as potential barriers and questioned the value of the aptitude screening assessment — which, among other things, tests memory, logic, judgment and comprehension.

“I can definitely say we are looking at everything really seriously,” Charlton said. “These are questions worth asking and thinking, ‘Are they still relevant criteria in 2019?'”

What the hell is going on?

Why is someone from the Status of Women department now telling the RCMP to get rid of aptitude tests?

She’s questioning whether ‘vision & hearing’ and ‘memory, logic, judgment and comprehension’ are still ‘relevant criteria’ in 2019?

This is completely insane.

At what point will people wake up and realize that political correctness has gone way too far, and is now a mental sickness infecting everything in our society?

The RCMP is about keeping people safe and fighting crime and terrorism, not meeting ‘gender goals,’ ‘inclusion goals,’ or lowering basic standards of competence and physical ability.

Lowering those standards – or eliminating them entirely – will severely damage the RCMP and make Canadians less safe.

We must stop this insanity.

Spread the word, contact your MP, and make sure that this craziness being pushed by Vaughn Charlton never gets implemented.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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