CLUELESS: McKenna Retweets Tweet Criticizing Canada For Emissions Over ‘Global Average,’ Totally Ignoring That We’re A Cold-Weather Nation

There’s no way to keep Canada going without using lots of energy, because we’re one of the coldest nations on earth.

Here are two undeniable facts:

First world countries emit more on average than poor countries, and as countries become richer, they emit more.

Cold-weather countries emit more, because building an economy that can heat and power a cold-weather nation will require more emissions.

And from those two facts, comes a third:

Considering that much of the world is poor, and almost all of the world is warmer than Canada, it is inevitable that Canada’s per-person emissions will be higher than the global average (even though our overall emissions less than 2% of the global total).

This will only change if Canada either suffers a total economic collapse and is totally impoverished, or if the rest of the world becomes much colder and richer.

But despite these undeniable facts, Catherine McKenna still retweeted this:

“Canada has one of the largest economies in the world, and we emit 3x more GHGs per-person than the global average. If we don’t embrace sensible climate policies, why should countries that emit less bother?”

This shows once again the incomprehensible stupidity and dishonesty of the corrupt elites.

Canada contributes almost nothing to global emissions, and big emitters like China and India don’t care a bit what we do.

Other huge emitters like the United States are (on average) in a much warmer climate. And interestingly, the US has been reducing their emissions without a carbon tax.

And finally, emissions in Western nations are either flat, or declining in recent years, while emissions have risen most dramatically in countries like China and India that are changing from poor mostly agrarian economies to industrialized economies.

This is all basic information that the people running our country certainly have access to.

So why are they still lying to us and pushing the carbon tax and other economically-destructive policies?

Because, as we well know, it’s about controlling our lives.

The carbon tax and restrictive regulations means more money under the control of the politicians, and less money under the control of Canadian individuals and families.

As a result, here in Canada, despite the fact that we are a first-world country in one of the coldest parts of the entire world, we are being told to make ourselves poorer and sacrifice our prosperity, all so the virtue-signalling elites like McKenna and the fools at the Eco-Fiscal commission can get more power at our expense.

When she ignores basic facts and reality, how can Catherine McKenna expect anyone to take her seriously?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

McKenna Is probably the dumbest person in politics, right next to Turdeau


Your are right. They do not come any dummer than those two.


Your Tax dollars will keep a batch of Migrants on Welfare.

shawn harris

McKenna like Trudeau, both care more about being elite globalists serving the UN and the George Soros’s of this world, than actually serving Canadians and our needs. To them, it is all about power, not just political power and being able to control Canadians. For McKenna, Trudeau and other far left socialists, no expense, no sacrifice , no amount of surrendering of your rights and freedoms is to be considered too much or too invasive in your life, just so long as they don’t have to be treated the same way or follow the rules they demand we follow. McKenna,… Read more »


Lost in space…!!!.. It just gets more and more bizarre every day. Is this for real do you think? I’m finding it hard to believe that that whole liberal cabinet are that stupid. Something more must be st play here.

Moe. S.

Insufferable ‘green’ dreamer McKenna, who last month flew to Beijing, China to hang-out with top officials of the Communist gov’t. Coal burning, brown smog, and sewer polluted lakes and rivers of Beijing. This official useful idiot cost the Can taxpayer 1.6 million for her ‘seat ‘ on a Communist gov’t agency with the intent to combat climate change. She’s a mixture of arrogance & ignorance. Those Communist officials laughed all the way to the bank.

André Baldini

Catherine McKenna n’est pas faite pour ce poste, elle coûte trop cher aux contribuables . Je ne crois pas a cette histoire climatologique du réchauffement climatique de la planète. Nous sommes dans une phase de dérèglement climatique qui correspond a des modifications du climat qui s’échelonne sur des périodes de 30 a 40 mille ans. Ce que nous commençons a voir.

Moe. S.

Andre Baldini, thank you for the reply, however, I am not bilingual.

Dale Evjen

Isn’t it great that we have the Dishonorable Crime Minister Justin Treason and his reprobates taking care of things!!


McKenna is an embarrassment to Canadians – she is worse than stupid.


Also, all of our wonderful forests combined sequester between 25 and 30% more Carbon than we emit as a nation.


What do expect from an incompetent hasbin journalist

Judy Cross

She’s a lawyer. Christia is the ex-journo.

Claudine Prosper

Thank you so much Mr. Fernando for all the honest news that you have provided us with over the year. It is greatly appreciated and people like myself depend on you. Keep up the sensational work! Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope 2019 is a more positive year with a wonderful outcome in October.

tommy hawk

Spencer, you and I — and I suspect most everyone else is painfully aware of the inescapable reality that the Liberals and the Liberal Party of Canada have an intellectual challenge on most everything they can think of, or do, because they simply do not live in a real world — “Liberalism,” as practiced by them is a blind religion that cannot and does not recognize or accept anything that does not fit within their limited mental state — sad,, perhaps, but all too true.


This is what happens when you vote for a spoiled narcissist that has never held a real job.
Mediocrity attracts mediocrity.


There are too many who believe her. My question is…how much would they have taxed us to stop the last ice age?

Brian Dougan

Oust these Trudeau imbeciles! They take; they destroy; but give nothing in return. Nothing but misery.

Glen Davidson

How about taking the Harper “Gag Order” off of Canadian scientists so we can have a constructive discussion concerning this so called “Climate Change.” These pathetic politicians do whatever their handlers tell them, a pile of manufactured lies so they can tax our air we breath. A corrupt political system of extortion , with useless politicians , we may as well install AI politicians.

Sewer Rat

LOL! Harper never issued a “gag order”. He told so-called government scientists that had absolutely nothing to do with climate change/global warming, to do the job that they were being paid to do (with taxpayer monies), which, wasn’t global warming. Only people who are incapable of comprehension, along with arguably the most leftist slanted propaganda… errr, I mean, “media” in the world, would believe that.


Sad that having some smarts isn’t a requirement for politics. It should be, as well as a comprehension test (with VALID I.D.) to be a legitimate voter.

Ken (Kulak)

Controlling our lives is exactly the main reason, and this along with economic collapse would be fulfilling Maurice Strong’s dream of de-industrializing the west.

Don Taylor is right, and Climate Barbie McKenna (an old expression comes to mind) being dumber than a bag of hammers comes to mind.

Ken (Kulak)

Happy New Year to you and yours Spencer.

Rich C

I can’t believe all the conspiracy theorists, like somehow the carbon tax is some kind of liberal entrapment by liberal elites. The climate change issue is decades old, and by this point is probably about as factual a reality as we will get to (confirming human CO2 emissions being a or the major driver). We have done jack about addressing the issue since the Kyoto Accord in the 1990s. Hence the Paris Accord and a universal concurrence that urgent action is needed. Stop the dumb political jabs at politicians trying to implement real change that hopefully the conservatives would be… Read more »