CLUELESS: McKenna Retweets Tweet Criticizing Canada For Emissions Over ‘Global Average,’ Totally Ignoring That We’re A Cold-Weather Nation

There’s no way to keep Canada going without using lots of energy, because we’re one of the coldest nations on earth.

Here are two undeniable facts:

First world countries emit more on average than poor countries, and as countries become richer, they emit more.

Cold-weather countries emit more, because building an economy that can heat and power a cold-weather nation will require more emissions.

And from those two facts, comes a third:

Considering that much of the world is poor, and almost all of the world is warmer than Canada, it is inevitable that Canada’s per-person emissions will be higher than the global average (even though our overall emissions less than 2% of the global total).

This will only change if Canada either suffers a total economic collapse and is totally impoverished, or if the rest of the world becomes much colder and richer.

But despite these undeniable facts, Catherine McKenna still retweeted this:

“Canada has one of the largest economies in the world, and we emit 3x more GHGs per-person than the global average. If we don’t embrace sensible climate policies, why should countries that emit less bother?”

This shows once again the incomprehensible stupidity and dishonesty of the corrupt elites.

Canada contributes almost nothing to global emissions, and big emitters like China and India don’t care a bit what we do.

Other huge emitters like the United States are (on average) in a much warmer climate. And interestingly, the US has been reducing their emissions without a carbon tax.

And finally, emissions in Western nations are either flat, or declining in recent years, while emissions have risen most dramatically in countries like China and India that are changing from poor mostly agrarian economies to industrialized economies.

This is all basic information that the people running our country certainly have access to.

So why are they still lying to us and pushing the carbon tax and other economically-destructive policies?

Because, as we well know, it’s about controlling our lives.

The carbon tax and restrictive regulations means more money under the control of the politicians, and less money under the control of Canadian individuals and families.

As a result, here in Canada, despite the fact that we are a first-world country in one of the coldest parts of the entire world, we are being told to make ourselves poorer and sacrifice our prosperity, all so the virtue-signalling elites like McKenna and the fools at the Eco-Fiscal commission can get more power at our expense.

When she ignores basic facts and reality, how can Catherine McKenna expect anyone to take her seriously?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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