Establishment Politicians Silent After 76-Year-Old Windsor Women Dies Year After Horrific Assault

Why do hoax attacks get a strong response from those in power, while actual horrific crimes go unmentioned?

In late 2017, 76-year-old Sara Anne Widholm of Windsor, Ontario, was brutally attacked.

The assault on Widholm – a devoted member of Riverside Baptist Church – was so horrific that the surgeon who treated her, Dr. Balraj Jhawar, said it was the worst he had seen in 12 years of being a surgeon in Windsor. Dr. Jhawar spoke out publicly, as noted by the Windsor Star:

“For all of us who live here in Windsor, we can’t tolerate this. This is not just another assault,” Jhawar said at the time. The long list of injuries included multiple brain hemorrhages, a life-threatening blood clot, extensive skull fractures, and fractured vertebrae.”

Habibullah Ahmadi – now 22 years old – was arrested and charged with attempted murder. He’s still in custody and is set to go on trial this year.

As noted in the report, “The Christian faith was important to the Widholms. Alfred studied theology in college and was a missionary for 20 years.”

Notably, many of the same establishment politicians who were so quick to comment on other crimes – including non-crimes like the fake ‘hijab hoax,’ have been silent on the horrific assault against Widholm.

And the possibility that it was a hate-crime, which would have certainly been raised as a possibility had a person of another faith been attacked, has barely been discussed.

This raises the question: Why are politicians so willing to speak out about things that turned out to be a hoax, yet are silent on a real, horrific assault?

The answer that is probably coming into our minds is disturbing: It’s about political correctness. The same politicians who call themselves ‘feminists’ are silent about a brutal attack on a Canadian women. The same politicians who denounce hate and violence against other groups (which should certainly be denounced), are often silent when hate and violence is directed towards Christian Canadians.

We need to call out this double standard. All hate, and all violence should be condemned, no matter who it’s directed against. And the politicians who spoke out about a hoax yet were silent about the horrible assault on Widholm should really stop and think about what they’re doing.

Leaders need to stand up for all Canadians, not just some.

Spencer Fernando

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Orlin Olsen

Sadly where are the thoughts and comments from the PM on this horrific event, considering his outrage at the phony hijab attack for instance? Where are the questions that should be asked by the MSM? Why the silence from the opposition parties? Silence solves nothing and won’t prevent future horrors from happening.


Their silence speaks volumes.

Clive Edwards

Everyone should practice “Target Focus Training”, a mental conditioning program that will enable even the oldest and weakest among us to make the most of our ability to survive violent and potentially violent attacks.


Sad but the main stream media has no shame. Just a bunch of puppets


Problem is We do not have a Canadian government to stand up for our citizens or our country.


Canada’s fearless leader and self avowed “feminist” is a groper. This is the same leader who apparently struggles to balance his “Catholic faith” with being a “leader” and therefore denies any government funding to any Church groups unless they disavow themselves of their core beliefs and condone abortion. Such stunning hypocrisy from someone so clearly unhinged and unfit to lead anything.

Reed Elley

I was Anne’s pastor in Calgary for a number of years. She was a wonderfully kind lady who wouldn’t hurt anybody intentionally. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. It will become more frequent if we continue down the path we are on being led by the current PM as a vocal cheer leader. Very sad for her family.Her husband Alf lived with this terrible situation.He just recently passed away also.