Newly Forming ‘Islamic Party Of Ontario’ Says “Islam Is The Native Religion Of Ontario & Canada”

Many Canadians are expressing concerns about the fledgling theocratic party.

Following highly-respected journalist Tarek Fatah’s article about the fledgling Islamic Party of Ontario, Canadians are expressing serious concerns.

As Fatah noted in his article, “In case you have not heard of the Islamic Party of Ontario, its name was officially reserved under Elections Ontario rules in October 2018, with more steps required before it becomes a formal party.It operates with a mandate to introduce Islamic rule in Ontario and Canada because, according to the fledgling party, “We understand and believe that Islam is the native DEEN (religion) of Ontario and Canada.”

Disturbingly, the head of the fledgling party – Jawed Anwar – has called Fatah an “open enemy of Islam,” equivalent to ‘apostasy’ and something that radical Islamists believe is worthy of death:

Says Fatah, “For those who are living in 2019 and the 21st century, this may sound like a joke. But those who are still living as if it is 1019 in the 11th century, the beheading of an alleged Muslim apostate is part of their heritage and faith.”

That’s pretty messed up.

What’s also messed up is the ideal that Islam is the “native religion of Ontario & Canada.”

That is simply 100% WRONG.

Canada’s founding beliefs are clearly Christianity and Indigenous traditions. There’s no way around that basic fact.

Of course, the establishment media and left are silent:

“Can someone explain why the Canadian media (ALL news outlets!) insists on not to report about the new Islamic Party of Ontario and its anti-gay policy? Can someone explain why ALL groups representing the LGBTQ…”

To see a theocratic Islamist party potentially growing in Ontario is a very disturbing thing, and people like Ensaf Haidar – a brave human rights activist who has lived under the rule of Islamist governments, are sounding the alarm:

“After we have the Islamic Party of Ontario officially in Canada, what we should call his leader if he becomes PM of Ontario, Sheikh Grand Mufti of Ontario!

Shame on you Canadian politicians for how you are dealing with this shit issue.”

“The real enemy of Canada is the one who promotes Sharia law and establishes an Islamic party, based on Sharia, in a free country!”

All Canadians must heed the warnings of people like Haidar and Fatah, and stand together attempts to impose Islamist rule or theocracy in our great nation.

It cannot be allowed to happen.

Spencer Fernando


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I can’t help but think that the real enemy of Canada is Jihadi Justin and am amazed that he is still the pm. Seeing this on Twitter yesterday I was stunned at some of the comments like ” no-one will vote for them”. With Trudeau signing the U.N. Compact and the attempt to silence us all as we speak out against this insanity, what future does this country have? Trudeau clearly is the devil’s dim-witted disciple who constantly acts against Canada’s interests and has zero loyalty to this once great nation as he spews lie after lie to us all.

Wendy Lush

Trudeau has an agenda, and it doesn’t include you and I.

Let’s face it, the man is a mixed-up revolutionary full of scatterbrained ideas, much like Castro was in the 1950s.

Koach Kal

Trudeau’s handlers have an agenda … Justin doesn’t have the mental capacity to develop an agenda as complex as this ….


Trudeau’s handlers most likely still include Obama and Hillary. Should Biden win in November and after turning the office of president to Hillary or such the US Canada border will fall and Trudeau being the marxist he is, will turn us over to communism and unbridled immigration and the ensuing horrors that will entail.

Margrit Neuenhagen

Trudeau’s Agenda does include us all , He is doing this all on purpose,
Just read Agenda 21, our life will change for the worse !


Democracy and theocracy are like oil and water. They do not mix. How would this Islamic Party even work? It would be in violation of the rights of apostates, gays, women, etc., etc., etc. The only way any Islamic Party would see human rights is through the lens of Shariah law which is not the view of human rights enshrined in Canada.

Ammar Afaneh

Guys … please !! Don’t fall for this shit
I am Canadian Muslim and I am telling you that all of this is a big pile of bull shit, Muslims will be the first to turn this shit down
This is just a bunch of lunatics off their meds !

Richard Courtemanche

Hope you’re right. It’s just that there doesn’t seem to be any counter action to these Islamists. They still manage to create a party, therefore, a disconcerting advancement for their evil purpose.

Don Taylor

This must be the Traitor Justin Trudeau’s doing,he is against Canada

Chris Leroux

He probably funded it


We probably funded it.


Am freaked out. Seems this country has gone to hell since Trudeau. We should all call our local m.p.s asap. Wouldn’t hurt to put on the yellow vests either,.


Guys … please !! Don’t fall for this shit
I am Canadian Muslim and I am telling you that all of this is a big pile of bull shit, Muslims will be the first to turn this shit down
This is just a bunch of lunatics off their meds !

Norbert Kausen

This must NOT be allowed to happen!!!!


my god what has this country become what kind of people are we to except this kind of garbage ???

old white guy

we are very very stupid.

Eric Blair

And this is why proportional representation was a bad idea. Can you imagine if a good number of Islamist were to vote for this party all across Ontario and they got enough votes to get representation in the Legislature which resulted in them having a balance of power. Frightening indeed. Here in BC we stayed with the tried and tested first past the post system. If only we could get a guarantee that this last referendum would be the last such try at dismantling our voting system.

Richard Courtemanche

It’s all happening so quick and no one in authority including politicians has the guts to do anything about it.

Wendy Lush

Should anyone in authority or any politician make an honest comment on this party, they would be blasted as islamophobic and forced to apologize, and maybe lose their job.

Ron J

Especially not with the existing Federal Government.


Wait ’til Doug Ford gets at ’em. He’ll make it an illegal party. They are seditious in every respect.

Charles St-Pierre

If all of you are concerned then you must pray to Jesus. All of a sudden you remember that this is indeed a Christian founded country but you will not pray. PRAY PEOPLE PRAY!!! Not just once before you go to bed but continually. “He is not a God that stands afar off.” He hears you wherever you are at anytime and all time. He’s not bound as we are by times or seasons.

Beverley Campbell

Dream on Brother.

Steve Reeves

This all goes back to that POS Trudeau! And yet there are fools out there that think he is a great PM. This country really needs help FAST!!

David MacKAY

Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin to Leave Patreon in Protest of Censorship on January 15, Sam Harris has already left.
Spencer you need to get in touch with these guys. Patreon will not let you survive in this election year.

Jill Ward


Sandra C.

What is happening??? Most of our Great Countries are disintegrating. There are some Born here Canadians that will probably think this is okay and a great idea. The fact that there are Canadian Politicians that think this is a great idea….Shame on them!!! This Islamic Party will make us into a 3rd world country with barbaric laws. How can they do this? Our Politicians and Trudeau stress that they stand for gender issues and feminism, while letting this happen, which if they win, our rights will be taken from us. Sharia doesn’t believe in feminism nor LGBT rights. What is… Read more »


Can you call them a government? They sure don’t represent anyone I know.

Wendy Lush

“Islam Is The Native Religion Of Ontario & Canada”
Uh-huh, let’s ask Ontario’s REAL natives what their opinion is of this so-called ‘Islamic Party Of Ontario’.

But this Jawed Anwar is no fool. He would be guaranteed some election wins based on the loyalty of the muslim vote, particularly in the districts where they are concentrated.
Won’t be long I bet for Anwar to have a meet ‘n greet with Trudeau.

Canadian citizen

Get out of our country


Tarek Fatah has always been a hero to me and certainly on this issue. I do not like religious Political Parties. There must be a separation of Church and State where as there should be no separation between men and women in education, prayer, or social meetings all must be treated equally. If a woman is forced to wear a head and face covering then so should man. The main reason the Muslim world is in such torment is because of religious rule.


WHY can’t the people WAKE UP???


Go to their site. Some decent ideas, similar to most of us with common sense. There is a common thread of overall control by Islam and no mention of anything democratic. Their stated policies are clearly violating many sections of the Canadian Charter and the Bill of Rights and will not hold up in a normal Canadian Court. That idea is arguable as our Courts are increasingly losing touch with Canadians.


More complete hypocrisy from Trudeau–allowing this party to say it’s the “native” religion of Canada whilst pretending to support Truth and Reconciliation. Between handing us over to the Chinese, and supporting stuff like this, Indigenous people in Canada are just screwed.

Mike Allan

How ironic it when I hear conservatives say I have many libtard friends,we just differ in every opinion that comes out of the supreme leader little socialist jihadi dictator Trudope.Will the law abiding citizens(conservatives) of Ontario just lay down and say nothing like every libtard did when another supreme leader Wynne decided to install many wind turbines in the backyards of the people like it or not the choice is not yours.Primier Doug Ford will have a few choice words about sharia law.Oh by the way wynne you owe the people of Ontario 15 billion dollars,pay up.Tax and spend libtards… Read more »

Fernando Falcao

Last I checked , wind generators aren’t free.

.Peter black

The start of phase 3 of the takeover of Canada


How can any party be allowed to from if the basis is a blatant lie? Are there no standards at all? What about our Indigenous people? This is a total insult to them also! This is the most disturbing article I have read in ages!

Khaled Elkadash

Islam existed 1500 years ago, and you are all viewing it form the perspective of the current Media which served a certain political agenda. Get To Know Islam: 1. Algorithm; Anybody knows the source or meaning of this word: The word algorithm derives from the name of the mathematician, Mohammed ibn-Musa al-Khwarizmi, who was part of the royal court in Baghdad and who lived from about 780 to 850. Al-Khwarizmi’s work is the likely source for the word algebra as well. 2. Current English Numeric; Arabic numeric 3. Camera: 4. Astrology: Starts Naming 5. Sterilizing 6. Soap for cleanliness 7.… Read more »

Fernando Falcao

Your attempt at giving Islam any importance isn’t working. The people that inhabited North America have been here longer than a measly 1500 years. Get your nose of of your “holy” book and read some history or archeology books.

sabah orou

Dear Khaled, thank you for the information provided. Do you recognize and aware of the history of the region ( Middle East and surroundings) ? Don’t you know that it was all Christians and Islam came by swards and massacred nations ? Why do ignore other famous scientists during that era and had the same influence at their times? Be just for god’s sake and remember ” God is LOVE “.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Algebra stolen from the Greeks and only made small improvements.

Steve Poss

It only takes a self centered idiot to ruin a country. It is so unfortunate and sad that your once, so exemplary country is being overtaken by liberals.

Koach Kal

Only one problem … Islam is NOT a religion .. it is a socio-political ideology of world domination by any means possible …..


It’s a war manual.

None Religious

I have nothing against politics or the various political groups, but draw the line when a political party is based on religious beliefs. Keep religion in the specific place of worship and out of the political spectrum

Rebecca Zaraya

Just started reviewing

Rebecca Zaraya

Just started reading

Thomas Tass

Canada is done. Put a fork in it.

Beverley Campbell

Guess again……………..