“If You Vote For Justin Trudeau, Your Taxes Are Going Up” Says Premier Doug Ford

“We’re going to lose jobs,” because of the carbon tax Ford says.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is slamming the carbon tax, warning Canadians about what will happen if Justin Trudeau gets back into power and the carbon tax isn’t scrapped.

“The voters are going to have to decide, do you want to pay more day-in and day-out? Do you want – you know, every time you go to the gas pumps, do you want to pay more? Your home heating bills, do you want to pay more? The answer is overwhelmingly no.”

Ford made the stakes clear:

“If you vote for Justin Trudeau, your taxes are going up, your gas prices are going up, every item you buy in the store is going up and we won’t be able to compete in the other areas.”

Ford’s remarks can be heard below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter