POLL: Majority Of Canadians Say Communist China Is A Threat To Our Country

83% oppose Communist China’s Authoritarian leaders.

As I’ve been warning for a long time, Communist China is an enemy of Canada, due to the immense ideological differences between our nation which is based on individual freedom and the rule of law, and the system in China where the Communist Party has absolute power.

The elites and much of the establishment media have tried to strengthen support for China within Canada, doing the bidding of the corporate class who want to sell out our values for a ‘free trade’ deal that would make global elites richer while being devastating for Canadian workers and families.

But even those propaganda efforts have been unable to hide the reality: Communist China is a brutal, ruthless, authoritarian state, and the more powerful China gets the more dangerous the world is for Canada and our allies.

Canadian attitudes towards China turn negative.

China’s arbitrary arrest of Canadian Citizens has now caused even the political class to start admitting the disturbing danger posed by Communist China.

And a new Nanos poll shows Canadians waking up to the reality:

According to the poll, 83% of Canadians have a negative view of the Chinese government. 53% say China is a ‘national security threat to Canada.’ 24% say China is not a threat, and 23 aren’t sure whether China is a threat.

Under 10% view China’s Communist government positively.

Additionally, a majority of Canadians say that China’s Huawei should be banned from Canada’s 5G networks, something the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand have already done.

Clearly, Canadians are waking up to the threat posed by Communist China. There is no mandate for a ‘free trade’ deal with China. There is no mandate for ‘closer ties’ between Canada and China. Instead, we must crack down on China’s influence in Canada, ban foreign homebuyers, ban Huawei from 5G networks, and strengthen our military and infrastructure to prepare for a new era of potential conflict.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ed Peebles

Communist China is now and always has Been a Major Predator , After Justin Trudeau is impeached send him there in exile ?I Trust there is still Time for Canada to escape this China Trap?

Claudine Prosper

Sad and sorry, but Canada do not impeach! If we did, I’m sure this idiot would be gone.

Ron Werner

We’ve come back to the 80’s, pre Walmart, when no one would darebuy from China

Sewer Rat

Lets start an unofficial poll.

Who is more dangerous to Canada? Trudeau or China’s communist government?

shawn harris

And don’t expect Trudeau to take seriously any of the hard evidence, that has come to light recently and in the past. He only admires the basic dictatorship of China. Why someone would admire any dictator is beyond comprehension and explanation. China openly threatens it’s nearest neighbors, claims vast areas of the China sea and red sea, steals intellectual property and forces any corporation, stupid enough to think that China can be a benign communist dictatorship and will allow that corporation to succeed and make a profit, without handing over all of their intellectual property, is insane. Yet here is… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

Canadians should look up the “GOD OF WAR” statue built in China, it’s gigantic and oppressive. Their commitment to making such a statement to themselves and the world should bear meaning to everyone. Justin Trudeau has expressed his admiration for Chinese rule and power over their people. Obviously Justin drools over the concept of himself becoming such a powerful dictator over us in Canada. Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s daddy, was very much a complete communist. I can only imagine how his ethics and values were passed along to his (still) kid named Justin. If Justin were able, Canadians would have absolutely… Read more »

Moe. S.

Canadians may have taken the awakening red pill, however, the delusional globalists do not resist China because they refuse to believe it is a communist country. The communist party of China controls its citizens. Yet ‘global citizen’ Trudeau on his global podium declares how his gov’t won’t stand for human rights violations, just not China. He pretends to stand up to dictators who brutalize its people, minorities, women, and journalists, just not China. Canadians need to wake up to the reality that Trudeau doesn’t have the diplomacy or the judgment to handle China. He’s way out of his league. China… Read more »


How can Canadians not see how unfit , unruly, unfit, unfit, unfit , the current Prime Idiot is …. how much more evidence is needed to guarantee his being ousted


Spencer do you remember when justin gave the ok to sell off the laser company in Quebec and a satellite manufacturer in western Canada to the Chinese even after our security people said no don t sell they are a risk, You should post these transactions on your site , people would be very interested . justin though braking our security laws by okaying the sales he would get a fare free trade agreement with the Chinese. What a fool.