The United Nations Tried Telling Canada To Bring ISIS Terrorists Back Into Our Country

This is why national sovereignty must be defended and the UN must be ignored.

A story from the latter-end of 2018 has resurfaced, and is reminding many Canadians why the United Nations needs to be ignored and dismissed.

In October, CBC Radio interviewed a so-called UN ‘Rapporteur’ Agnes Callamard.

Callamard started lecturing Canada, insanely claiming that we have some sort of ‘legal obligation’ to bring ‘Canadian’ ISIS fighters back into the country.

Here’s an excerpt of the transcript from the CBC interview:

“Ms. Callamard, why do you believe that Canada has a duty to bring these people home, those who fought alongside the Islamic State?

I believe it has a legal obligation to do so, if those foreign fighters are currently held in Syria by a non-state actor in this case a Kurdish group. That group has currently no international legitimacy, and probably neither does it have the capacity to undertake fair trials. That’s one reason as to why those individuals should be sent back to Canada.

As far as Iraq is concerned, if they are Canadian foreign fighters detained in Iraq they are tried under Iraqi counter-terrorism law. It’s an extremely problematic law that has been denounced by myself, and by the UN as well. Under the law, many foreign fighters can be sentenced to death.

It is a legal obligation placed upon Canada … to take all the necessary measures to ensure that its citizens do not confront or face death penalty. And frankly, the best way to do that in Iraq is to repatriate them for trial in Canada.”

So, Callamard somehow claims that the Kurds have “no international legitimacy,” but an ISIS fighter has enough legitimacy to claim the ‘right’ to come back to Canada?

How the hell does that make any sense?

Also, why is Callamard worried about ISIS terrorists being executed?

Candice Malcolm summed it up well on Twitter:

“More proof the UN is worse than useless, they’re evil. And the CBC is more than willing to cheerlead and push their disastrous recommendations.”

People who fought for ISIS made the choice to join one of the most brutal organizations in human history. They committed horrific crimes. They declared war on the countries they left, showed no loyalty to those countries, and forfeited their rights in those countries.

It’s as simple as that.

Of course, the insane fools at the UN don’t see it that way, and that’s why Canada must reject orders and ‘suggestions’ from the UN, and it’s why we must relentlessly defend our national sovereignty and make our own decisions for ourselves.

Spencer Fernando


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Ed Peebles

More smoke screen tactics !

David MacKAY

I dont know why there is such a U.N. insistence that Canada take murderously psychotic ISIS fighters into Canada, other than the U.N. demand fits Justin Trudeau’s personal lunacy to make repatriating ISIS and other Terrorists Canadian policy which includes the granting and even restoring of Canadian Citizenship to such monsters.

Brian Dougan

As far as I’m concerned–eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth; life for a life. That’s Old Testament; but these sadistic monsters deserve full retribution–in the same grisly manner that they took lives for “allah.” No mercy. And just to be clear…there will be no virgins waiting for them.

Karen Anderson

This is something that Trudeau has already planned,we no longer have a canada that we can be proud of any more. I wish canadians would open their eye’s to see what is going on. God help us !!!!

Don Piche

Apparently committing capital crimes such as Treason , Murder & other unnamed atrocities is OK with The UN to then repatriate CRIMINALS to then infest our Civilized Society and tear it down so that The UN then has an excuse to intervene under the international excuse(s) it has then manufactured an “obligation” to do so…. This warped Worldview of allowing chaos to disrupted the current established order so that The UN can then put in place it’s favoured “New World Order” is tantamount to committing Fraud in order to become the de facto World Ruling Organization is the Zenith of… Read more »

Clive Edwards

And then there is the U.S. CIA connection….


Canada needs to get the hell out of the UN. The UN is nothing but rampant incompetence and run by freakin’ idiots.


I absolutely agree. We Canadian citizens have to vote Trudeau out! I am afraid that Trudeau will get in again because of Max Bernier starting a new Conservative party that will spilt the vote.