Trudeau Government STILL Doesn’t Plan Negotiations Over Ending Tariffs On Canadian Steel & Aluminum

What’s taking so long?

With the U.S. still applying tariffs to Canadian steel and aluminum, the Trudeau government reportedly still has no plans for negotiations on the issue.

According to Reuters, while the Trudeau government claims Justin Trudeau brings the issue up with Donald Trump every time they speak, a government source says, “There are no specific negotiations taking place, nor are there any specific negotiations scheduled.”

The government is also refusing to be transparent:

“The offices of Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland declined to give more details.”

This is quite surprising, since most people expected the tariffs to go away when NAFTA was renegotiated. That didn’t happen, as the final deal included multiple Canadian concessions to the U.S., with almost no American concessions to Canada.

Now, the government is clearly not making the end of the tariffs an issue, remaining focused on other things like slamming Canadian consumers and the economy with the damaging carbon tax.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube