Brazil Leaves UN Global Migration Compact

Yet another country rejects the United Nations.

Brazil’s new government (which was decisively elected with over 50% of the vote), has left the UN Global Migration Compact, the latest blow to a UN-pushed pact that has caused fears about infringement on the sovereignty of nations.

Some of the world’s largest democracies, including the United States, have rejected the UN pact.

According to Reuters, “Brazil’s Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo said last month before he was sworn in that it was his intention to exit the agreement. A diplomat, speaking on condition they not be named as they were not authorized to speak with the press, confirmed to Reuters that Brazil had officially left the pact.”

The migration pact seeks to make nation states set their policies on immigration and border control at the whim of the United Nations, while also purposely blurring the line between legal immigration and illegal immigration.

It also raises the prospect of infringing on free speech, as the UN is pushing signatories to declare ‘anti-migration’ speech (which could be opposition to illegal immigration), as ‘hate speech’ and silence it.

Here in Canada, the Trudeau Liberals have signed the compact and keep pushing for more UN power, while the Conservatives and the People’s Party have pledged to remove Canada from the UN scheme.

Spencer Fernando


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