WATCH: Tax Expert Shreds Trudeau Liberal Propaganda On Small Business Taxes

CPA Clayton Achen explains why the Liberal claim of saving $7,500 per year for small businesses is wrong.

The Trudeau Liberals are claiming that they’re cutting taxes for Canadian small business by $7,500.

However, as noted by CPA, CA, TEP Clayton Achen of Achen-Henderson CPAs in Calgary, Alberta, the claim by the Liberals is false and misleading.

In an excellent video, Achen explains how the Trudeau Liberals not only delayed previously approved (under Harper) tax reductions, but added additional costs on small businesses through numerous avenues, including the carbon tax.

It’s a video worth watching and sharing, as Achen efficiently shreds the Liberals claims.

You can watch it below:

Spencer Fernando

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O my God!!!! Its [email protected]#$%^&*()(*&^&king NIGHTMARE!!!! AHHHHH!!! help,

Dave Smith



I am not a small business owner, far from it< but again I am incensed by Trudeau's cunning lying ways in every sector of Canadian life. Not a day goes by that we don't hear another revelation of the absolute stupidity of this Liberal gov't. – he has GOT TO BE DEFEATED IN OCT.'19!!!

Karen Anderson

Wow,How interesting,the more I hear about Trudeau i realize he has to go. I knew Canada was dying as a country but Trudeau has pushed our death even closer and not just because of taxes. God Help us !!!!


It is becoming quite transparent that the Liberal policies are not sustainable. Who is going to pull their wagon when the mule become too weak and finally croaks?

Gonzo the Magnificent

I know some small business owners. Guest what they are getting in their in box?

S. Willis

The Justin Trudeau gov’t is the most inept, lying, treasonous lot ever to hit Parliament Hill. Who would have ever envisioned anyone being capable of out doing that slithery snake Pierre Trudeau? Absolutely NOTHING that any of the Liberal MPs say can be trusted period. October 2019 cannot come fast enough!

shawn harris

With rule and tax law changes such as the ones made by Morneau and Trudeau, regarding small business owners, it’s no wonder why why businesses won’t invest , expand or become more efficient. Trudeau proved his mastery over all things economic , by almost completely phasing out the oil industry and chasing away forcefully investors from Canada to the tune of over 100 billion dollars. Just like fraudsters lead you on by baiting you and then at the last minute they switch out the very thing you desired, this is the best and clearest description of who and what the… Read more »