Without Big Taxpayer-Funded Subsidies, Sales Of Electric Cars Plummet In Ontario

Turns out people want gas-powered vehicles.

Catherine McKenna thinks Canada has to switch to electric cars by 2030.

Her pie-in-the-sky plan just suffered a serious setback however.

It turns out that Canadians want gas-powered vehicles, and electric cars aren’t selling well unless gigantic taxpayer subsidies are involved.

According to Automotive News Canada, sales of the Nissan Leaf electric car have collapsed since the Ford government removed the expensive taxpayer-funded rebate that was brought in by the Liberals:

“There is little question that rebates are essential to selling EVs, but no one really knew just how much until now.

Sales of electrified vehicles have plummeted in Ontario since the Doug Ford government removed purchase incentives, and Quebec dealers are reaping the benefits as inventory is reallocated, slashing their wait times for delivery.

Since the Ford government in July ended rebates of up to $14,000 and the final recipients were registered Sept. 10, sales of the Nissan Leaf have all but collapsed. In August, 695 units were sold. In November, just 10, according to figures supplied by Nissan Canada. In Quebec in November alone, 283 units were sold.”

According to the report, GM Canada says sales of their electric cars have also declined since the rebate was removed.

The Ford government was right to end the rebates, as the rebates basically amounted to forcing people who don’t want electric cars (the vast majority) to subsidize those who do want them.

This is yet another example that the Trudeau/McKenna agenda requires using the power of government to alter the independent choices of Canadians – at a large cost to taxpayers. When given the choice, very few people purchase electric cars. And while that may change as the cars improve, it makes no sense for the government to try and force it to happen.

McKenna should look at what happened in Ontario, and realize that things like subsidies and carbon taxes are a misguided and failing approach. Let people make their own decisions on what kind of car they buy, and don’t force taxpayers to subsidize the auto purchases of others.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ray Decorby

HaHa -34 C today where I live…not sure what kind of heat you could turn on in and electric vehicle, without draining down the battery in a big hurry? Also hydro runs about 40 cents a kilowatt here…even with a substantive subsidy I woun’t be signing up for one of these anytime soon.

Nick Vandergragt

Best thing to happen to taxpayers in years. If you want a “lectric car, go buy one, but don’t expect me to help foot the bill.

Glen Aldridge

I always thought Spencer Fernando provided accurate unbiased information about what happens in the country however this article shows a clear bias towards the current outrage that Trudeau has done to the oil & gas industry. I think the outrage is justified but not at the cost of accurate authentic journalism. Electric cars may or may not be selling well in Ontario, I do not know but in BC, California & Europe & many other areas they are doing very well partly because of subsidies & partly because gas prices are up to twice what we pay in Canada. One… Read more »

.Peter black

Check out Toyota website THE.MIRAI
Hydrogen will win. Toyota and VW are flying on this. GO TRANSIT is looking at converting trains to hydrogen. The media and governments don’t have a clue what is going on in energy


I would like o buy an electric or hybrid, but much of my income is taken in Carbon Taxes, one way or another. It also goes for subsidies. That means we non-electric taxpayers own a small portion of every subsidized vehicle. Go ahead, give your little piece a really hard kick of every EV you see. It’s yours and there is no law stating you can’t contact your property.

Clive Edwards

Urban commuting? Bicycles, either human powered or electric. Electric cars are just goofy. They are easily tracked by government, though. Don’t pay your ticket? Won’t be able to charge your electric car. You won’t even be able to get your neighbour to charge it for you – the onboard computer will rat you out. Want to drive to another province? Not without implicit government permission. Gasoline is untraceable, and helps your car or your motorcycle fly below the radar. Not so electric vehicles. That’s really why government wants us to have access to only electric vehicles.

Ken (Kulak)

These cars should all be painted lemon yellow.

shawn harris

One of the worst things any government can do in a free market capitalist economy is to decide who the winners and losers will be. That sort of rationalization and guidance will lead only to the situation Ontario now finds itself in. Technically bankrupt, there isn’t any other way to describe the finances of Ontario after having been force fed Liberal socialism for 15 years. Resulting in always increasing taxes , regulations, loss of personal freedoms and being treated as little children needing to be guided by not so wise politically correct parents. When any government fails to understand that… Read more »