Communist China Accuses Canada Of ‘White Supremacy’ For Demanding Release Of Canadian Citizens


Communist China appears to be going crazy as they get condemned by nations around the world for their arbitrary and unlawful detention of Canadian Citizens.

In a bizarre and unhinged article, China’s Ambassador to Canada – Lu Shaye – accused Canada of ‘white supremacy’ for wanting our citizens released.

Here’s part of what he wrote:

“Recently, China’s competent authorities took compulsory measures in accordance with the law against two Canadian nationals who are suspected of engaging in activities that endanger China’s national security. Some Canadians and some in the Canadian news media, in disregard of China’s judicial sovereignty, accused China of arbitrary detention and demanded their immediate release.”

“The reason why some people are used to arrogantly adopting double standards is due to Western egotism and white supremacy. In such a context, the rule of law is nothing but a tool for their political ends and a fig leaf for their practising hegemony in the international arena. What they have been doing is not showing respect for the rule of law, but mocking and trampling the rule of law.”

Of course, this is totally absurd.

Meng Wanzhou – the Huawei CFO detained by Canada was afforded full legal rights, and is now on bail in her Vancouver mansion. She was given access to the same legal protections as anyone in Canada would be.

By contrast, the Canadians being held by China have been denied access to a lawyer, and reports indicate some are being held at secret ‘detention facilities,’ not allowed to sleep, and being ruthlessly ‘interrogated.’

Very different.

And when it comes to the rule of law, how about the one million innocent Muslims in China being held in ‘re-education camps?’

How about the total suppression of free speech?

How about the draconian ‘social credit’ system?

And how about the tens of thousands of people who go ‘missing’ every year in China for ‘daring’ to criticize the Communist state?

China’s Communist government is a brutal authoritarian regime, and the more unhinged their comments on Canada become the more obvious it is that they’re losing the ability to fool the rest of the world about what’s really happening.

Spencer Fernando

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alan skelhorne

and the little potato loves these people . lol.

Norbert Kausen

Yeah, Trudeau’s GOOD buddies!!!


” China’s Communist government is a brutal authoritarian regime ” – deeply admired by a jealous Trudeau who wishes he could rule in the same way.

Moe. S.

Also, the Christians who have been sent for vocational training and re-education camps in Xinjiang considered to be influenced by extremism and terrorism. Christian churches are bulldozed to the ground. Yet, a Chinese delegation recently sent to partake in hearings of the U.N.’s Committee for the elimination of Racial Discrimination they denied such camps existed. They do exist. Indoctrination camps, where ethnic minorities and Christians are modelled into socialist citizens. Also, the ‘Belt Road Initiative’, where China is attempting to realign the economies of Europe & Africa to be more indebted to China and under Beijing control. And we must… Read more »

shawn harris

The more China talks about democracy, the more their hypocrisy, conceit, arrogance and deceitfulness is exposed. China is actually mocking itself when it comes to saying that China is a democratic country, especially since it is a one party state dictatorship, that brualizes, kills and imprisons it citizens, for even the smallest infraction of their laws. All the things that generally never happen in Canada or other western nations. Since Canada and Canadians are “white supremacists and egotistical, using double standards, for doing what any democracy would do, protecting its citizens, at home and abroad, defending their rights and freedoms,… Read more »