REPORT: Canadians Outraged Over Trudeau Government’s Disturbing ‘Impaired-Driving’ Law Giving Authorities Power To Demand Breathalyzers In Our Own Homes Hours After Driving

A serious infringement on the freedom and liberties of the Canadian People.

Changes to Canada’s impaired-driving laws passed by the Trudeau Liberals are causing massive outrage throughout the country, as Canadians see how the draconian new rules infringe on our civil liberties.

The Trudeau Liberals have changed Section 253 of the criminal code.

Now, police are allowed to demand breath samples from drivers for any reason, without needing a “reasonable suspicion” that someone has been drinking.

Here’s part of a Global News article describing the disturbing changes:

“It may sound unbelievable, but Canada’s revised laws on impaired driving could see police demand breath samples from people in bars, restaurants, or even at home. And if you say no, you could be arrested, face a criminal record, ordered to pay a fine, and subjected to a driving suspension. You could be in violation of the impaired driving laws even two hours after you’ve been driving. Now, the onus is on drivers to prove they weren’t impaired when they were on the road.“It’s ridiculous, it’s basically criminalizing you having a drink at your kitchen table,” Paul Doroshenko, a Vancouver criminal defence lawyer who specializes in impaired driving cases, told Global News.”

The changes are absolutely horrendous:

“If you start to drink after you get home, the police show up at your door, they can arrest you, detain you, take you back to the (police station) and you can be convicted because your blood alcohol concentration was over 80 milligrams (per 100 millilitres of blood) in the two hours after you drove.”

And Canadians are outraged. Here’s what people are saying about it:

“So you can stop at the liquor store for a bottle of wine. Get home and have a few glasses of wine and just when you are watching TV a knock on the door from a cop with a breathalyzer. WTF

“Am I missing something? This screams unconstitutional”

“People shouldn’t be bitching and should be doing something. This isn’t a small step at taking away #CivilLiberties , this is very major and very concerning. This opens the door to any and all random searches. They can now come to your “home” without reason or cause.”

“How is this not a Charter violation? This feels like the start of a police state. It’s one thing if that person did a hit and run and they pull this out, but it also allows for them to use it on someone that angered them in their persinal life.”

“I cant wait for someone to tail the bloody politicians who approved this at some restaurant having a sip of win for dinner to their own private residence. This isnt the Canada i want to be proud to call home”

“So now it’s a reverse onus, and unconstitutional under presumption of innocence. Can’t wait for the SCC to strike this one down.”

“I do not D&D but I do occasionally drink while at home, this is a HUGE overreach on our personal privacy & civil liberties.”

“Umm… since when did our legal system operate on the principle of “GUILTY until proven innocent”?”

Horrible government overreach

Almost nobody in the country is defending this horrible government overreach, and there is widespread expectation that it will be struck down.

The very fact that the political class was willing to support such horrendous legislation shows the total disregard they have for our rights and our freedoms, and is why we must always be vigilant in defending our liberties as Canadians.

The government cannot be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Sewer Rat

As one person stated: “This feels like the start of a police state. “. They couldn’t be more wrong. The police state started when trudeau decided that you can’t criticize islam. But, for all intents and purposes, this is not really a “police state”. It is a “justin state”, whereas the “person” in question loves dictatorships. But, even after stating such a thing, people still voted for his hair anyway, so, you get what you deserve.

Tom Wilkins

Police State? Yes I remember Pierre Trudeau’s War Measures Act vividly!

Sewer Rat

Even though I was quite young at the time, I still remember it too.


The a t was never recinded and is still in effect this very day

old white guy

tell me just what any Canadian can do that does not have a government sanction or some government interference attached?

Diane DiFlorio

You can’t make this stuff up. Wow, the officials have far too much time on their hands and/or are looking for extra money for their agencies.

Roger Shelswell

Well I think that is the only good thing he has done since he was elected.He messed up with the pot shit so he had to do something

old white guy

Bill Blair is a fascist and Trudeau is a communist, peas in a pod.


So roger, how exactly is it a good thing that he changed the laws so YOU can be hauled out of your house within 2 hours of getting home to prove you were not drunk?


Roger are you sure what you had written here? I can’t believe someone would spit something like that out.


I know what I’d tell them to do if they came to my door … like FRO …

James O'Connor

Now you know how legal gun owners feel, we have no rights only privileges that can be canceled any time by an order in council. Scary, the police state is indeed here, and has been here since Trudeau # 1.



Tom Wilkins

Mother told me if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything. Well the nice thing about Pierre Trudeau in October of 1970 was that he drove a stake through my blind nationalism and illusions about freedom being something the state safeguarded for us.

Tom Wilkins

Some Canadians are about to learn for the first time what daddy’s precious Charter of Rights is really worth.

michael leblanc

Bull poop Fernando,
Who can tell when I had that last drink hours after the fact that makes me a criminal ?

Murray the Hun

I think your note is exactly the point. With reverse onus, it is up to you to prove that you weren’t driving impaired. Good luck with that.


They don’t need to, that is the point


No t “bull poop” this in fact is the new law, an elderly man has already been tested after a police officer saw him returning empties, the officer said he thought it was an excessive amount of empties so after the man returned them he was stopped and breath tested


Michael,your reasoning is impaired. Stated after the fact .I know.

Norbert Kausen

THAT is a DIRECT violation of our fundamental rights and freedoms and STINKS of communist TOTALITARIANISM!!! Canada is now a full-fledged POLICE state!!! The police have NO proof that anyone was driving, hours before they go to their homes and give them breathalizers and they have NO authority!!! We, the citizens of Canada havve NOT given our consent!!!


Well free speech is outlawed in the UK who also allows Sharia law, Canada is just a bit further down the Confederation erasure plan


I wonder if the little potato ever tries to understand the legislation the UN writes for him to sign. If yes the Canada is virtually doomed.

james edward

Could nt they arrest most of our public servants in Ottawa by 700pm any night of the week?

yvon monahan

I have a great admiration for China ,their basic dictatorship allows them to ………….The TURD-O’S words folks !

Glen Bailey

Hmm,really.Well,NO ONE is entering my house for ANY reason with or without a fuxking warrant!!!

Lorrie Shantz

I agree with you Glen Bailey. This is the worst of the worst for that idiot. Since when is our home a display for anyone with a badge can enter ? My God…we should all be like the homeless..are the cops going to tear the tents down to see if the homeless are drinking or sleeping ? They don’t own a vehicle , so can’t be charged for impaired…so what then ? Impaired while sleeping ? What’s with this Trudeau anyway ? It makes no sense at all what he’s doing ! Even in Cuba , it’s not like that…for… Read more »


Do you really think this will serve to protect Canadians? It only serves to try and intimidate you. Time for this government to be gone and to elect a government that will start by reversing ALL this nonsense these idiots have passed legislation on!


So Trudeau signed onto the Global Contract…without our consent! That allows the Globalist agenda to kick in. This is just the start! Soon the Global UN police will override all local authorities. Thank you Trudeau!! We were warned and a few of us sent letters etc….too little, too late. Trudeau has his own agenda and he will fill it, no matter what!


Liberal Police State. One World Government. Liberal dictatorship. I suppose the gestapo would have to show proof I was driving. With crap like this we can expect they would demand the security video from local cameras to show we had been driving. Imagine them kicking in the neighbor’s door because they see a security camera. The police forces didn’t get all their armoured vehicles to protect themselves from the wrath of jaywalkers. Vancouver Island has two, valued at $800,000 each, 15,000 kg, that the cops have been displaying to the public. A subtle threat for the public to damn well… Read more »


So you can buy alcohol, but you just can’t drink it if you want to keep your driver’s license. And as it is illegal to consume alcohol until you are of legal drinking age, Canada’s youth had better pay attention as well. If you have a problem with this, you may want to contact your mla and voice your concern over Justin’s fatwa.

Don Taylor

the fools that voted for this liberal party headed by a complete MORON will have to suffer until we get rid of this stench called the liberal party


Oh Canada! I wonder what people were smoking to vote for this comunist moron. Trudope has to go. Simple as that.

I could not find section 253 in the Criminal Code. Can someone please clarify the situation for me and provide an exact citation for this section? Thank you.

Don Piche

Canadians need to demand that the next Political Party comes into office in the next election repeals everything that this ROGUE GOV’T has put into effect – and send the bill for it all to the Liberal Party & The Trudeau Foundation…then hold public trials for ALL Ministers involved in this usurpation of our Nation. Since this particular issue obviously has great importance to the citizens of Canada, a referendum should be held on the legalisation of Cannabis and any appropriate legislative mechanisms & penalties to be enforced by The Police. Canada also needs to leave The UN & any… Read more »

Eric Blair

Why are we hearing about this amendment to the Criminal Code now after it has passed. Did the amendment not have to be passed by the House of Commons? Would not the conservatives have noticed it then? Whatever might have gone down to pass this amendment, you have got to wonder if Trudeau is trying to lose the next election as this is an election year and there are bound to be cases where the police arrest someone in their home using this amendment and are found to be wrong in doing so. Not all the media, paid for or… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

This legislation violates our Charter Rights in so many ways that draconian is the nicest word you can use as a descriptor. I can’t believe the Supreme Court would give it their blessing. Canadians need an impeachment clause added to the Charter so we can protect ourselves from the total incompetence and sheer idiocy Trudeau brings to the table.

Clive Edwards

Could this be construed as a way of easing into Sharia Law? Given the RCMP’s stated option of reducing and possibly eliminating the traditional requirements for the job and even “outsourcing” to foreigners, could the “White Helmets” of ISIS fame end up enforcing this law on Canadians? No speculation is too far out where Turdo’s crowd of globalists is concerned.

wayne baragar

This what I have allways said about a Trudeau govt, It is plain COMMUNISM.

David M

The poorest man may, in his cottage, bid defiance to all the forces of the crown. It may be frail; its roof may shake; the wind may blow through it; the storms may enter; the rain may enter; but the King of England CANNOT enter; all his forces dare not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement. Stephen Harper: I know some people don’t like it. It is a loss of National Sovereignty but it is a simple reality. It is a simple reality. Paul Martin: Give Up Your Sovereignty To Make The World Work. Brian Mulroney: “The burden of… Read more »


Dont answer the door plain and simple turn up the volume and close the curtains. There is no law in canada that says you must open your door

old white guy

all must refuse to obey at all times in all cases.


Simple solution, give up alcohol. They won’t be getting any tax money either, and then they’ll really be pissed. And if you want to drink alcohol, brew your own.

Mark Williams

The government cannot be trusted…. Certainly not the Trudeau liberals …


This government is so stupid. Everything that they are doing is just going to back fire on them.

Raymonde Duguay

This is just the beginning. Soon our rights as we know them will be non existent. We will be governed by those of financial standing. The working Canadian struggling to survive will be at the mercy of those in power. Ordinary citizens will cease to matter. Invasion of our homes will become thier right. As will dictating our way of life. I don’t drive but I know that having someone invade my home without just cause infringes on my rights as a Canadian citizen! Rights that, if we don’t do something about This, will be lost!! Enough!!


As Ayn Rand so eloquently stated many years ago when referring to governments and their penchant for total control over the population — “If the government makes enough laws, it becomes impossible not to break a law.” — or words to that effect — and that is what our totalitarian government is intending to do.


You are all paranoid and missing the point. A similar law regarding impaired driving has been law for 30 yrs or more. If YOU ARE INVOLVED IN AN INCIDENT and someone can identify you with place..time..and you happen to get home and crack open a few beers and shortly afterwards 30-45 minutes later the police arrive at your door. Even though you drank a few beers they can still arrest you …demand a breath sample and CAN DETERMINE WHAT YOUR BLOOD ALCOHOL content was at the time of the incident. This new law isnt going to be used for all… Read more »


Ha ha ha have all you libtard fools learned your lessons yet.Read and learn everything you can about who your voting for.With trudope it was an easy one.Perhaps to illiterate to have any rational thought.


Talk around the water cooler is that you should not open door for police. Seems to be the best solution for now. Will this affect community cooperation with police? I know I have opened my door several times to answer questions about what I may have seen or noticed. That’s gonna stop.

shan goobardhan

Simple, won’t answer the door.