VIDEO: Scott Brison Announces Resignation From Liberal Cabinet, Won’t Seek Re-Election

Brison has had a long career in Parliament, first with the PCs and then the Liberals.

Scott Brison – the current President of the Treasury Board – and a long-time MP for Kings-Hants, Nova Scotia, is resigning from the Trudeau Liberal cabinet, and won’t be running for re-election.

Brison made the announcement on Twitter:

While Brison did the usual politician thing of talking about spending more time with family, and while Brison would almost certainly have been re-elected if he ran for another term, the departure of cabinet ministers is often a sign of decreasing confidence within a governing party.

Something to now watch out for is to see whether Brison’s departure will be followed by some other cabinet ministers either resigning or declaring they won’t seek re-election. In the lead up to the 2015 campaign, many Conservative MPs and cabinet ministers said they wouldn’t run again, sensing that the political environment was turning against them.

If Brison is followed out the door by more members of the Trudeau government, it could be a sign that the internal polling and sense of the upcoming election within the Trudeau government is turning negative.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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S. Willis

Good riddance!


Might he reappear in the next year or so involved with the UN Parliament? Other than pension and investments, he needs to do something for income. Liberals are never what they seem. Suspicious.

Ivan Hawkes

To spend time with family makes it sound quite innocent. Maybe he is just sick over realizing how the LIEberals are bankrupting Canada, maybe he is done with being a part of Justin’s BETRAYAL of Canadians.

Len Shier

Good riddance …

Henri Paratte

Brison a probablement des perspectives d’emploi plus lucratif dans le secteur privé dont il est passablement proche. Il pourrait aussi, c’est certain, envisager de succéder au premier ministre provincial actuel s’il passait en politique provinciale – cela aiderait certainement le parti libéral de la province, son image étant incontestablement plus positive. Je ne crois pas à un désistement massif de ministres et de députés libéraux. Même si les conservateurs fédéraux ont réussi à attirer quelques têtes d’affiche, leur parti-pris idéologique et leur faiblesse globale n’en font pas des adversaires solides pour les libéraux sinon en Ontario. Quant au NPD, il… Read more »