Poland Arrests Huawei Employee On Suspicion Of Spying For Communist China

Much of the Western world seems to be getting the message. A company controlled by Communist China cannot be trusted.

Poland has arrested a Huawei employee with Chinese Citizenship on suspicion of spying for China’s Communist State.

In addition, a Polish citizen who was a former security agent for Poland was also arrested, and accused of spying for Communist China.

According to Bloomberg, “The Huawei Technologies Co. employee is a Chinese citizen responsible for sales to public-sector clients in Poland, according to TVPInfo. The other detained person is a former high-rank official at Poland’s internal security agency who worked at mobile phone operator Orange Polska SA, the broadcaster said. They will remain in custody for three months.”

The two individuals accused of spying have been named as Weijing W. and Piotr D.

Huawei’s offices were also searched by authorities.

Notably, “Orange Polska worked with Huawei last year on introducing the latest fifth-generation, or 5G, wireless network in the country of 38 million. Its parent company, France’s Orange SA, will no longer work with the Chinese company in France, Chief Executive officer Stephane Richard said Tuesday.”

As Huawei – founded by a former technologist for China’s People’s Liberation Army – faces repeated accusations of espionage and infiltration, the Western world seems to be waking up to the danger posed by any company controlled by the ruthless Communist State.

It’s becoming undeniable that Huawei cannot be trusted, and must be banned entirely from operations in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube