The Elites Are Laying The Groundwork For A MEAT TAX

There’s a lot at steak.

I’ve said it many times and I’ll keep saying it: The government won’t stop with the carbon tax.

Using the ‘justification’ of climate change, the global elites are going to keep piling up the regulations and taxes on the People, taking more of our money and demanding more control over our lives.

Every time they introduce something new like the carbon tax, they quickly say that it’s ‘not enough,’ and plan new measures and higher taxes, which are also ‘never enough’ and leads to even more taxes.

So, it’s no surprise to see increasing discussion of a ‘meat tax.’

Here’s what CBC wrote it about last year:

“The steep climb in global meat consumption has environmental interest groups debating a “sin” tax on animal products.

Meat consumption grew by more than five times between 1992 and 2016 and has contributed to greenhouse gas emissions, global obesity, rising rates of diabetes and cancer, soil degradation and deforestation, according to the Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return (FAIRR) Initiative.

The British activist group argues meat should join products like tobacco, sugar and carbon, which are often taxed because they are harmful to people’s health and the environment.

“We’ve seen an increasing trend toward intervention, especially in Europe, this idea of looking at sin taxes,” said Lauren Compere, managing director at Boston Common Asset Management, an environmentally minded investment group. She listed Denmark, Sweden and Germany as countries considering legislation toward a meat tax.”

Eating meat is a ‘sin’ all of a sudden?

How does that make any sense?

Humans are meant to eat meat, and to compare meat to things like cigarettes is the height of absurdity.

Unfortunately, that isn’t stopping the control-obsessed elites from laying the groundwork for a meat tax, launching trial-balloons to get people ‘used’ to the concept.

Just look up ‘Meat Tax’ on Google, and you can see how the far-left and elites are trying to push the idea more and more.

It’s what they did with the carbon tax. First they throw the idea out there, then got people used to hearing about it, then forced it through against the wishes of the population, and now try to make it seem like the ‘status quo.’

That’s the same thing that will happen with a ‘meat tax,’ unless we stand up now and oppose it.

The government should be focused on national defence, infrastructure, and delivering services, not slamming us with new taxes and telling us what we can eat.

Spencer Fernando


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Sounds like he’s really out to screw over Alberta. First oil and gas, now beef/meat? Trudeau’s really overplaying a very weak hand, and his poker face is nonexistent.

Don Taylor

turdeau and his gang are the biggest danger to canada and it is not stopping until we get rid of the liberal party


They keep throwing gas on a simmering revolution.

Diane DiFlorio

Why don’t they tax the factory farms that cram the animals into feedlots, some by almost 100,000 head of cattle, knee deep in their own excrement. The same farms that have open air ponds of excrement that taint the landscape for miles around. Perhaps it’s time to concentrate on how the “meat” was raised, what it has been fed, like grass-fed, versus GMO corn/grains, growth hormones, antibiotics, and allow animals to naturally graze rather than shoulder to shoulder confinement. If in the end it means I have to pay more for a piece of meat, I’d much rather know it… Read more »

Barry Bateman

You ever been to a farm or feedlot, Diane DiFlorio? Cattle are not profitable in farm or feedlot if they are not kept happy and productive. Canada produces the safest, most abundant food in the world for the lowest cost in human existence – 15% of disposable income. Still we find reasons to whine and complain – about nothing.


Yes Dian let’s tax those guys more then they already are. Hey, why not tax the hell out of the guys growing the grains to feed them environmental stupid cows that are destroying our planet. Then e can go after the guys trucking it, then the guys selling it.then the guys cooking it, then the guys eating it…oh, that’s us..boy by the time were done taxing all these people we won’t need that dreaded enviromental tax… or better yet make those farmers pay that tax to that should teach them to should teach them…Yup thats how it’s done. That’s how… Read more »


Dianne I agree, happy healthy cattle make healthy meat, no need for all the added unhealthy chemicals. Canada still has a lot of room, there is no need for these crammed polluting unhealthy industrial farm operations where they need to use all the antibiotics and growth hormones to keep their unhealthy very unhappy animals alive, while causing humans to become unhealthy.

Norbert Kausen

This is a DISGRACE!!!! Time to STOP paying taxes, stop filing income tax!!!

Laurie Lee

Everyone who can should absolutely do that. But when you work for others it’s stolen off the pay check.

peter black

Another step in the CLIMATE CHANGE PONZI SCHEME and ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNISM. Socialism/Communism will find ways to make us all equally poor. Winston Churchill had it correct


You labelled it precisely .


This should not happen but we do not have a Canadian government. Before it is too late the next election is the most important one yet for us to remain a country, we need to unify and vote Conservative, and do not be fooled by the elite Laurentian LIEberal plant Bernier as it is kind of proven that daily he is in the Lieberal bought out media while the Conservatives are rarely mentioned and only if it is demonizing them, and we have to get rid of these globalists U.N. elites, taxing us till we are poor. People need meat… Read more »


Take a look at Billy Joyce on Youtube. He is a Canadian who would like to inform us about what these politicians think and do behind the cameras. Very interesting.

Glen Aldridge

While I am against ANY more taxes the logic behind the meat tax is not so absurd as you put it. Increasing numbers in our population means increased demand for meat products & consumption. You would have to be living in a cave if you never saw the relationship between heart, cancer, stroke & other medical costs associated with consuming meat. Add into this the added environmental cost of producing & packaging from farm to store shelf & it becomes a significant factor in damaging the planet. Then there is the run off contaminating the water table causing neurological defects… Read more »

Barry Bateman

Bullshit. My Cardiologist blames bread and other high energy foods and a biological predisposition in people like the males in my family. Meat remains a perfectly healthy part of a balanced diet. And the planet is doing just fine. You really need to expand your reading list past theguardian. They’re making you paranoid.


Glen Aldridge where is all this land going to come from? All this land that it will take to grow the food that would replace the meat. You had better move to Mars and start growing it there because you will need it. There is not enough land if you get ride of the meat.

Another thing, why is it that people keep living longer and longer? Wouldn’t you think if all that stuff they want to tax the hell out of us on was no good for you we’d be dieing a lot sooner than later ?


If you don’t want to eat meat, don’t buy it, and don’t you DARE try to force your opinions on others. You seem to be a “peaceful” follower, a Liberal or an enviro-fascist. This is a democratic country and we consumers can make our own choices. We absolutely hate people that want to force their beliefs and opinions on everyone else. I don’t each much meat because it is so damn expensive. I have also stopped buying many vegetables because of ignorantly high prices. $3.99 for tomatoes?? I would love to be able to have a good steak or roast… Read more »


Taxing meat the poor will never have it. Another tax but only Liberals with connections and on the gravey train are the ones OK with this one.

John McCormick

You are describing a chemical problem,not a meat problem.Cows do produce methane.We will wish we had more in a few years.Climate change is happening like it always has.It has nothing to do with anything we have done on this planet.That will be announced loudly so everyone hears it.In a language you have never heard before,yet understand.

shawn harris

It truly is amazing that Liberals, socialists, and global elites such as Trudeau claim that their policies are for are own good, socially justifiable, and needed to save the world. What they won’t tell you, is the flip side of all these so called beneficial policies, is the taking away by stealth of your rights and freedoms. Trudeau and his Liberal supporters also won’t tell you the truth about how it will affect the average citizen. To those in the low income level or unemployed, the daily task of finding and buying food for your own diet, just got a… Read more »


Perfect. Trudeau has signed Canada up to a UN Parliament. Check it out and bookmark. Scary.

Ken (Kulak)

They use the same commentary as did the Bolsheviks and Pol Pot’s executioners, that it is ‘for the good of the people’.


1 million Canadians will turn 19 this year and all will buy a gasoline driven car. How will a tax on carbon eliminate that pollution? Our town just approved a housing development which will pave over 60 hectors of trees. Those trees absorbed more than 100 tons of carbon from our air. How does the carbon tax correct that loss? Canada admitted 100,000 more immigrants than those Canadians who passed away last year. At lest 50,000 of those new immigrants will purchase a gasoline car. How does a tax reduce that extra carbon? The NHL added a new hockey team… Read more »

Barry Bateman

There is no such thing as ‘carbon’ in our air. What is there is 0.04% carbon dioxide – CO2. And without CO2, all life dies. How? Sunlight plus CO2 plus water, through photosynthesis, produces life. It’s how we become the carbon-based lifeforms we are on this planet. How easily good people are duped. Sad.

Barry Bateman

Surprised? Turdeau is just inventing another tax and funneling it into welfare dependent Quebec. How much has Alberta paid into equalization? Over $200 BILLION dollars. How much has Quebec received from equalization? Over $200 BILLION! Quebec will receive $13.7 BILLION this year, while energy producing Alberta struggles with Turdeau’s strangulation of the energy industry. And Turdeau plans to expand to beef! Already exempting hydro power, you can bet he’ll find a way to exempt dairy. Last I looked 60% of beef came from Alberta. And Quebec has half the supply managed dairy in Canada. This will rip Canada apart.

Clive Edwards

Food is already taxed (income tax, fuel tax, carbon tax, CPP and EI for the employees in the food chain) electricity to cook the food is taxed, even water distribution fees, including adding poisons such as Fluoride to our water should be considered a tax. Some people are even taxed on the use of their well water, under the excuse that it draws from the common aquifer. An “air tax” would shut up protesters: if they could get a protest permit.


Time to boot them alll out of Parliament. They do not speak for the people anymore. Every reason they bring up about the meat situation, is completely false anti#cientific.