WATCH: Canadian Slams Trudeau’s Failed Record At Town Hall

“You can legalize marijuana, but we can’t twin a pipeline – an existing pipeline – to the coast?”

At one of his recent town halls, Justin Trudeau’s failed record was slammed by a Canadian who spent three minutes discussing how Trudeau has managed to anger so many people in our country.

The man ripped Trudeau’s pipeline failures, saying “you can legalize marijuana, but we can’t twin a pipeline – an existing pipeline – to the coast?”

He also opened his questioning with a dig at Trudeau’s tendency to blame others, saying “First of all I want to congratulate you – you made it 45 minutes into your speech without blaming Harper, that was pretty good.”

You can watch the moment below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Elaine Teichgraber

You know what I love about this video? We don’t have to see idiot Trudeau’s smug face and we don’t have to listen to his BS answer. Thanks Spencer!


Great points by this genuine thinker !!! too bad we could not hear how the Prime Idiot responded to that …how did he get out of that one ….oh …we know …by rehearsed lines that have nothing to do with the question


I wonder how Trudeau answered this great statement, that man asking is a really great speaker, I am surprised that Trudeau did not have him removed or arrested as he has done in the past, beautiful.


Did Justin give the answer to this gentleman’s concerned question? No. Instead, Justin gave his usual memorized script answers.