Terrible: Bob Rae Compares Canadian Yellow Vests To ‘Brownshirts’

For a former political leader to demonize Canadians in that way is outrageous and divisive.

The overwhelming majority of Canadian Yellow Vest protesters are patriotic, peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

Unfortunately, a small minority of individuals wearing yellow vests have made extreme statements and threats against the PM.

And of course, much of the establishment media and political class have focused on that small group, and used it to cast the entire Yellow Vest Canada movement as extreme.

Sadly, former failed NDP Premier of Ontario and former federal Liberal interim leader Bob Rae has chosen the path of demonizing working class Canadians in the Yellow Vest movement, instead of taking the time to listen and understand the legitimate concerns many Canadians have about our economy, energy industry, immigration system, and more.

Here’s what Rae said on Twitter:

“#YellowVests are the new Brownshirts, Blackshirts and Whitehoods, vigilantes prepared to spew hatred and do great harm. If you want to debate you don’t need a uniform.”

Those are appalling and disgusting remarks.

Rae is demonizing a huge group of Canadian workers, and comparing them to the worst of the worst throughout history.

What makes this even more absurd is that people in the political class like Bob Rae often condemn ‘divisiveness,’ while spewing horribly divisive rhetoric themselves.

As I’ve said, threats against Justin Trudeau or any politician in Canada are unacceptable, and must be condemned:

“Justin Trudeau is a horrendous PM and must be defeated. His policies are severely damaging Canada.

He’s also a human being, a husband and a father. Death threats against him or any politician are unacceptable.

Defeat him at the ballot box and send him into retirement.”


And I’m 100% sure the overwhelming majority of Yellow Vest Canada participants support what I said.

The reality is that – like any protest movement – anyone can claim to be a part of it, and some crazy people have chosen to call themselves ‘yellow vests,’ detracting from the majority who are peaceful and constructive. That’s why defining all Yellow Vest protesters as extreme is absolutely absurd and false. In fact, many legitimate Yellow Vest leaders have taken steps to crack down on the extreme fringe and emphasize peaceful protest.

But instead of acknowledging that reality, Bob Rae has instead chosen the path of demonizing Canadians, which ironically feeds into the very same divisive atmosphere he claims to be concerned about.

Rae’s comments are outrageous, and unworthy of someone who once sought to lead Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

HAHAHAH… coming from a nobody… it doesn’t mean a thing!!!

A yahoo

We do not need people to be deceived by the liberals. Canada needs voters to remove this kind of person in politics.


I can’t debate Bob Rae because he blocked me on Twitter – he doesn’t tolerate anyone not agreeing with his delusional views. Then again; neither does Canada’s Dear Leader. I agree violence is not the answer, but a massive, humiliating defeat for Canada’s wannabe dictator would be sweet – sweet to have him slither off and not be seen or heard from again.

Jill Ward

BUT why is it okay for ‘antifa’ to protest violently in order to get their way and no police charges or jail time ever for them-and they cover their faces which is supposed to be against the law? Guess it depends on what you are protesting and anything which goes against the left/political correctness agenda must be shut down by any means including violence and again that is okay!

old white guy

unfortunately the average canadian voter is not very bright.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Don’t bet on a Trudeau loss. I’m not convinced by any of the recent polls but I 1,000,000% agree.

Carol Harris

I myself belong to several conservative groups and we are always called horrible names so this is not new. I also have been doing some scrutiny on the groups that are being the tattle tails only to find, surprise surprise , they are the ones trolling the yellow vest movement. You are correct Spencer, most of the disgusting remarks are by the liberals groups themselves.

Don Taylor

BoB another Anti- Canadain should keep hie mouth shut,nobody voted for this Hypocrite

Eleanor Merkus

He always was a divisive man. I don’t know how he ever tried to run as a leader. Should have been banned from ALL parties!!!

Ed Peebles

He Like Most NDP is color Blind !


It would not surprise me if the “radical” yellow vests have been planted to demonize the movement. We are living in very disturbing times which makes one sceptical of just about everything and everyone.


My thoughts exactly!


Head down, eyes forward. Sounds just like Communism, doesn’t it?


Yes, I thought so too.


Demonizing Yellow Vests, (YV’s), all working Canadians, particularly men, demonizing Canadians who don’t support carbon tax, insulting Canadians who don’t grovel to the climate control fascists.

Here we have one of the elites who deliberately refuses to stand up for and defend Canada, but in his world it is perfectly OK.

Ken (Kulak)

That is pretty rich coming from an old Sparticist.

Ken (Kulak)

Should have been spelt Spartacist.

Martin Schotte elmjay017

Coaltion governments are Canadians’ best hope for the prevention of extremism emanating from legislative chambers. Compromise and coalescence a national attribute along with skills and a willingness to defend the oppressed despite its winner -take-all electoral culture.

old white guy

there will never be valid compromise when over 60% of canadians consider themselves socialists.

james edward

I know its terrible to threaten anyone, especially the countries leader. The liberals love to use any negativity against anyone who disagrees with them so this is basically ammo for them. So I’m sure they would condemn in kind any threats against any politician not matter . Chirp…………chirp……chirp………..chirp

old white guy

how about the latest government threat to Canadians regarding so called drinking and driving laws. Freedom is non-existent in Canada.


Bob Rae is an insignificant, soon to be forgotten, memo in Canada’s history. His comments are just the ramblings of a sour old man, who blames everyone but himself on his failures.


Bob Rae will never be forgotten in Ontario. His reign for four years nearly desecrated the province.

don morris


You are very wrong. Bob Rae is still a very influential person in Canadian politics and has the ear of Trudeau and many in the corporate world.
His remarks can be taken as the view of the LPC, which he still serves as special envoy to Myanmar.


Bob a few bad apples could be a plant bought paid for by this Liberal corruption . Long live the Yellow Vests. sad all Liberal MP’s aren’t for Canada following PM = the Trojan Horse the puppet who is being controlled by the UN. Bob you should be ashamed remember the Rae Days and History Canadians remember . So Brown Shirts I think not They are the Real True Canadian and the Liberals are decisive with your fear mongering . See you at the Ballot Box and I Pray to God yes Pray to God you don’t even have party… Read more »

shawn harris

Bob Rae is another one of those elites who believe in rights and freedoms, just so long as you agree with their version of rights and freedoms. For if you don’t then the socialist elites of the world wrap themselves up in their false virtuous flags, mount their high horses of political correctness and condemn you for having the gaul and temerity for having exposed the hypocrisy of the elites and for having taken a principled stand. Bob Rae like Trudeau, also pretends to be all for equality and justice for everyone, except when their sanctimonious, arrogant and hypocritical policies… Read more »


Why is it that the LIEberal/NDP don’t want to admit that their globalist friends the terrorist antifa black dressed with faces covered, or as you can see on line, the hired Lieberal “professional protesters” – they even come with whatever signs you need supplied, (President Trump tried to have them put on the terrorist watch groups list), – but since I guess the yellow vests is the French way of protesting their high tax and their carbon tax the globalists want charged, and the protests have spread somewhat in Europe and now are here and they are the only protesters… Read more »


And yet Bob Rae has never bothered to cast the Antifa thugs in a bad light although they wear masks to hide their faces and become violent when they’re protesting. What a hypocrite!

Vivienne Ziner

Spencer: once again, you have hit the nail on the head. The Left’s blind commitment to demonize anyone and everyone that doesn’t agree with their position. No different than Hillary Clinton’s stupid comment about “the deplorables”. I suggest Mr. Rae learn the true definition of a “brownshirt”.

Penelope Trottier

Retire and go Bob Rae no one is listening to you anymore. You have lost touch with Canadians.


Our politicians’ true colours are showing – they don’t like us very much.
Justin and Bob must be buddies.

“#YellowVests are the new Brownshirts, Blackshirts and Whitehoods, vigilantes prepared to spew hatred and do great harm. If you want to debate you don’t need a uniform.”

He should take a history course as well.
“Brownshirts, Blackshirts and Whitehoods” were all agents of the
political establishment.


Bravo! Yes you are so correct!

Chris vrecko

Thank you Spencer. He obviously has no idea of the brownshirts and their history. Seems the Liberals have a monopoly on stupid. Have a good night and thank you.

Tom Clark

Rae’s comments just shows how out of touch with reality he and these idiots .

old white guy

That old commie Bob Rae needs to shut his mouth . he was a burden on Ontario and Canada the man is just one more socialist fool.


This from an idiot who cannot understand why Venezuela is a failed state.

Ron Shaw

Yellow. vests , brown shirts , black shirts , yes Bob they are part of political party identification and promises of policy and political change that the voters hopefully have control of . But hold on here Bob don’t you wear a “Orange “ shirt ? Didn’t your party promise my province Alberta , good government , financial responsibility , accountability and honesty with our tax monies ? Well Bobby boy , that didn’t happen for Albertans and it sure didn’t happen for any other province that voted in “Orange “ shirts . Bob the voters of today see through… Read more »

a yahoo

Hello Spencer, I hope you read this. This is the first time I was a little disappointed in your information. This statement was put out yesterday attached to a story on Global news: Statement: Yellow Vest Canada is against criminality, violence or the advocacy of violence. Those who promote it get banned as fast as we can find them (people report the comments to us and then we ban the person that made the comment which violates the rules). Many of the posts advocating for violence come from accounts which are clearly fake and not real. Fake accounts spark the… Read more »


Yep, an NDP turncoat that joined the Liberals, another career politician who has no respect for those who voted for him or the Canadian free speech.

Shawn Brake

Brainless that explains him he wants to see real evil the whole liberal party


Long ago I remember Rae as a young mayor of Toronto, riding his bicycle through the neighbourhood we lived in, Cabbagetown. I thought that was very nice actually. NOW he is just another dismissive, arrogant leftist saying things as ugly as Macron does. But it was people like him whose integration policies forced me to move to raise my children in a part of the world that was full of folks like myself.

Gonzo the Magnificent

I would suggest to Rae that you also don’t demonize people, name call and generalize from a minority.

A yahoo

I will no longer be sharing your stories on any more news sites since you do not seem to be able to deal with simple and constructive criticism. Global news stated-Statement: “Yellow Vest Canada is against criminality, violence or the advocacy of violence. Those who promote it get banned as fast as we can find them (people report the comments to us and then we ban the person that made the comment which violates the rules). Many of the posts advocating for violence come from accounts which are clearly fake and not real. Fake accounts spark the question of who… Read more »


As always, Bob Rae clearly demonstrates his inability to think straight.

Karen Anderson

Bob Rae is not worth much of anything at all.Always acted like a spoiled brat still is !!!!!


Bob Ray has been demented this whole life

Enemy of the people

sandra c

Canadians ‘do’ have the right to object to what our Government does. We have the right to state our opinions, objections and the right to protest, when our Government Leader’s “refuse” to listen to us. Trudeau may have been voted in as the Prime Minister but that does not give him the right to turn a deaf ear to Canadians nor does it give him carte blanche to do, only as “he wishes”. He was voted in to do what is “best” for all of Canada and “every” Canadian, not just his preferred Provinces and not just his selected Groups… Read more »


Im very dubious of these claims of threats agains Turdo. First its a criminal offence and if they were made, the RCMP would be on it immediately. Second there has been no actual evidence of any of the claims, other that Ceeb reports and they are damn liars.



Jason Lamarche

“I am a globalist. And proud of it” – Bob Rae https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10160260604225637&id=834735636


Threats are unacceptable. Yet, perhaps Rae conveniently forgets that the original Brownshirts came with political and even governmental permission. Why associate present grassroots dissatisfaction with Statist based violence?


Wouldn’t be surprised if the Left isn’t infiltrating the movement with there paid groups to make it look bad…god when are they going to wake up…


What a joke this guy is. Government of mediocres.

Peter Gjoni

What is Bob Ray talking about As Premier of Ontario the talk was to Nationalice Inco in Sudbury that’s what the brown shirts did Ja Mein Freund And you still ow me $ 2000.00 from the Ray days so don’t give me the brown shirts when you are one of them.


Well, all politicians who’s wages are paid by the everyday working class, and big business incentives, and lifetime pension that’s we pay, obviously don’t get it because ,we the people are obviously quiet generous with our money so they don’t struggle in their day to day living . They should have comparable wages, put in the same hours as we do, and the same pension plans that we have. When all you politicians bankrupt the everyday middle class because of your greed and big business greed , our great country will suffer and everyone who lives here . As Canadians… Read more »