Terrible: Bob Rae Compares Canadian Yellow Vests To ‘Brownshirts’

For a former political leader to demonize Canadians in that way is outrageous and divisive.

The overwhelming majority of Canadian Yellow Vest protesters are patriotic, peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

Unfortunately, a small minority of individuals wearing yellow vests have made extreme statements and threats against the PM.

And of course, much of the establishment media and political class have focused on that small group, and used it to cast the entire Yellow Vest Canada movement as extreme.

Sadly, former failed NDP Premier of Ontario and former federal Liberal interim leader Bob Rae has chosen the path of demonizing working class Canadians in the Yellow Vest movement, instead of taking the time to listen and understand the legitimate concerns many Canadians have about our economy, energy industry, immigration system, and more.

Here’s what Rae said on Twitter:

“#YellowVests are the new Brownshirts, Blackshirts and Whitehoods, vigilantes prepared to spew hatred and do great harm. If you want to debate you don’t need a uniform.”

Those are appalling and disgusting remarks.

Rae is demonizing a huge group of Canadian workers, and comparing them to the worst of the worst throughout history.

What makes this even more absurd is that people in the political class like Bob Rae often condemn ‘divisiveness,’ while spewing horribly divisive rhetoric themselves.

As I’ve said, threats against Justin Trudeau or any politician in Canada are unacceptable, and must be condemned:

“Justin Trudeau is a horrendous PM and must be defeated. His policies are severely damaging Canada.

He’s also a human being, a husband and a father. Death threats against him or any politician are unacceptable.

Defeat him at the ballot box and send him into retirement.”


And I’m 100% sure the overwhelming majority of Yellow Vest Canada participants support what I said.

The reality is that – like any protest movement – anyone can claim to be a part of it, and some crazy people have chosen to call themselves ‘yellow vests,’ detracting from the majority who are peaceful and constructive. That’s why defining all Yellow Vest protesters as extreme is absolutely absurd and false. In fact, many legitimate Yellow Vest leaders have taken steps to crack down on the extreme fringe and emphasize peaceful protest.

But instead of acknowledging that reality, Bob Rae has instead chosen the path of demonizing Canadians, which ironically feeds into the very same divisive atmosphere he claims to be concerned about.

Rae’s comments are outrageous, and unworthy of someone who once sought to lead Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube