Trudeau’s Weakness & Canada’s Lack Of Military Strength Means Nobody Takes Us Seriously

We need to stop pretending that ‘soft power’ is anything other than a comforting justification for being weak.

There have been numerous reports that China is considering offering concessions to the US in an effort to lower the US trade deficit with the Communist State. Meanwhile, Canadians are being detained, mistreated, and sentenced to death in the Communist country.

The Saudis remain cozy with the US, while treating Canada like garbage.

And Canada’s voice on the world stage has never been less relevant than it is today, even with a PM who constantly tries to cozy up to the global elites and serve the interest of foreign countries.

What does all of this have in common?

Nobody takes Canada seriously.

There are two big reasons for this: Justin Trudeau is seen as weak, and our country has very little military strength.

For a long-time, Canada’s failed elites have tried to convince Canadians that we have ‘soft power’ and ‘punch above our weight.’

Those were comforting talking points, meant to distract from the fact that our military has been horribly underfunded for decades.

In reality, our country is only safe because of the implicit idea that the US will defend Canada if we ever get in trouble, which is an embarrassing position for a sovereign nation to be in. We don’t have control over our north, our navy is tiny, our airforce is flying obsolete planes, and while each individual Canadian soldier is at the top of the class worldwide, there simply aren’t enough of them, and equipment like tanks are in brutally short supply.

In response to this, the elitist political class claims two things:

First, that ‘hard power’ like military strength doesn’t matter since Canada has ‘soft power’ (AKA ‘respect’ worldwide).

And second, that Canada is too small to have a strong military.

Of course, both of those things are BS.

Canada has a GDP comparable to Russia, and Russia is widely seen as having the world’s 2nd or 3rd most powerful military. So – with far more fiscal room and a much higher per-capita GDP than Russia – Canada could certainly afford a much stronger force.

When it comes to ‘soft power,’ we are seeing how empty that talking point is as our nation is shown to command zero respect worldwide.

And that’s due mostly to Justin Trudeau, who may have a disposition that’s good at getting media attention, but is dismissed as laughably weak on the world stage.

As we’ve seen with other leaders, even countries that are in a poor strategic position are able to command respect through leaders who have toughness and a touch of ruthlessness.

Meanwhile, Canada – in perhaps one of the greatest potential strategic situations in world history – has a leader who makes our country look toothless and like a beaten-down supplicant.

Canada has no capacity to project power or even defend ourselves, and since most world leaders judge adversaries – and even allies – by their ability to stand up for their own nations with actual power, our country gives others no reason to fear or respect us.

So, the combo of Trudeau’s weakness, and our lack of military strength means nobody takes us seriously, and the consequences for Canada are adding up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Dupe Peck

Singapore has larger armed forces in their professional ranks. We have become a joke


Maybe we should be greatful we don’t have a military can you imagine what Trudeau the dictator could do to this country then


Well said Spencer – you really laid it all out. We are in a horrible mess as a result of not just Trudeau but all governments over the past few decades. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad how all military purchases are politicized and how the next elected government seeks to cancel a previous purchase contract, etc. It’s an absolute disgrace how our military suffers at the hands of these clowns playing their games.


This is all because we have a little potato at the helm.

shawn harris

No matter how bad the current status of our military is, the fact remains, Trudeau has had three years and now into his fourth year to improve our military. Telling our enemies and even our friends, if we still have any left, in NATO , we have soft power and a beaten down military using obsolete junk , doesn’t impress NATO and for certain gives our enemies even more reasons to attack us whenever they want. Canada is being a blind fool, if it thinks America will always come to our defence, while Trudeau deliberately destroys our military. Trudeau is… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

Regarding Justin, it isn’t “soft power”. It’s far more like “squishy powerlessness”. He made a mess of all forms of foreign relations, he is ignored at meetings of foreign leaders, and his dancing in India made him look like the PUPPET he actually is. A respected journalist from India spoke his opinion about Justin and hit the nail directly on its head.

Major Tom

Methinks Trudeau’s idea of martial music might be ‘The March of the Sugar Plum Fairies!”


What do you expect from this mediocre human being?