WATCH: Remember When Hypocrite Trudeau Said Using Refugees For Photo-Ops Was “Disgusting”?

Looks like he forgot to tell Chrystia Freeland.

As I recently discussed, the Trudeau Liberals were slammed for using Saudi refugee Rahaf Al-Qanun as a political prop in a photo-op:

“Rahaf was fleeing the ruthless Islamist regime in Saudi Arabia, and her life was in danger because the Saudis see renouncing Islam – which Rahaf did – as a ‘crime.’

However, the Trudeau government couldn’t just stop at doing the right thing.

They had to try to benefit from it politically, exploiting the situation by making sure to get a photo-op.

Instead of having Rahaf come to Canada quietly and under the radar (which would be far safer), Chrystia Freeland went to the airport, and walked out with Rahaf, making sure all the cameras were watching.

It’s such a crass moment that even some from CBC criticized it:

“This comes off as… smarmy. ‘Let’s use this traumatized refugee for a photo-op right when she steps off the plane. No, no questions, please, she’s tired.’”

Yet, as pointed out by Mike Lalonde on Twitter, Justin Trudeau once denounced exactly that type of political exploitation:

“Trudeau said posing for pics with refugees is “disgusting.”
Why isn’t it disgusting when a Liberal does it? Using a vulnerable girl as a political prop could put her life in danger. Extremely poor judgement. Canada doesn’t need a hypocritical prime minister like you.”


This is total hypocrisy from Trudeau. When others seek a photo-op with a refugee, it’s “disgusting,” when Liberals do it, ‘no problem.’

It’s another example of why Trudeau can’t be trusted. His word means nothing, and he’ll say whatever it takes to boost his political fortunes, without regard to being honest with the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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louis Joannette

he is still using the old saying of someone that is trying to get attention ^/talk of me in good or bad but talk about me . so people that are illiterate see his pic often and think he is a good person.


Double standard Trudeau just can’t help himself. He must use every avenue possible to promote his losing ways, which he considers as “winning” ways. Truly disgusting!

Elizabeth Thorne

This election year, they will probably have a parade if they can arrange to get Asis Bibi to Canada. Like they have ever mentioned her name in the last 3 years.

shawn harris

Trudeau’s moral compass is so screwed up, that on his best days he finds it difficult to find his way out of the PM’s office.Trudeau also has a knack for finding new ways to redefine the definition of hypocrisy. It also brings into question , just how much this traumatized women can trust both Trudeau and Canada, since Freeland, with Trudeau’s blessing, has seen fit to exploit her vulnerability for his political advantage. But then again Trudeau has made it painfully clear that Canadians are supposed to do as they are told and not as he does. By now most… Read more »


Freeland was actually disgusting in that forced photo op….hugging this girl, trying to lean into her cheek…like, really, lady…contain yourself! …. it was bordering on trying to seduce her. Absolutely no class!

Chris vrecko

I hope they give this girl some anonymity because she is iin as much danger if not more then her previous residence…..