Canada Issues Travel Advisory For China, Communists Retaliate With Warning Of Their Own

Breakdown in relations between Canada and the Communist State continues to deepen.

In response to Communist China’s obvious absence of the rule of law, the Canadian government has issued an updated travel advisory for China:

“China – Exercise a high degree of caution
Exercise a high degree of caution in China due to the risk of arbitrary enforcement of local laws.”

The advisory comes as China has kidnapped Canadian citizens in an obvious political retaliation to Canada’s detention of the Huawei CFO. Of course, while the Huawei CFO was given full legal rights in Canada, the Canadians detained in China aren’t so lucky.

China also ‘retried’ a Canadian arrested for drug smuggling, changing his 15-year sentence to the death penalty in a 1-day ‘trial’ despite providing no new evidence.

In response to Canada’s advisory, China issued a laughable advisory against Canada, saying there are risks of being “arbitrarily detained at the request of a third nation.”

China just copied the ‘arbitrary’ wording from Canada’s advisory, just like they copy technology from other nations.

At this point, the breakdown in relations between Canada and China is only getting deeper, hitting Canada’s foolish elites with a dose of reality and making it obvious that Canada can never be allied with a brutal Communist State.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Roger Shelswell

If this criminal s/o/b had been dealt with properly in Canada he would have never been in China. This deplorable criminal is responsible for many deaths here in Canada due to his long history of trafficking dope here and around the world for many years. Canada gives him a slap on the wrist and lets him go.I say he is getting what he deserves in China.


I’d like to know what Trudeau thinks of China’s “basic dictatorship” now? Does he still have a “level of admiration” for it like he once said he did?


There’s really not a problem for a Chinese citizen to visit Canada unless they’ve broken a law. I guess its the same for a Canadian. The guy WAS arrested for drug trafficking. You’ll know its bad when just being a visitor puts you in danger

Don Taylor

wasn’t it Justin Trudeau that said he admired China ?

James Cook

Good post, and you speak it in the way it is, and this I appreciate. However, I feel that Trudeau has been trying to turn Canada into a communist country under his control as he can’t govern but only dictate.

.Peter black

More precisely he and Butts are implementing global environmental communism. The damage already is astounding. See previous letter from Spencer about this written by a Czeck war kid. The logic is undeniable


China is a communist Goliath. The Little Potato is no David. This is a no win for Trudeau. See how he admires the Chinese dictatorship now.

Percy Bauri

If this Canadian Drug Dealer would have been appropriately dealt and given the due sentence he deserved in Canada for what he had done in the past in Canada and rest of the world, he would not be traveling to China. Furthermore, he would not be committing another crime of drug smuggling in China for which he is now been dealt appropriately by the Chinese authoritiesas for violatation of the Chinese Laws of their Country. Hence, Canada should not interfere with China and tell them as to how to deal with him and what sentencing they are giving for drug… Read more »

Scott heron

Try telling that to Trudeau


Let’s start by boycotting all imports of Chinese made product across the country, that should make them angry