Communist China-Controlled Huawei Must Be Removed As Hockey Night In Canada Sponsor

Sign the petition to tell Rogers to get Huawei off Hockey Night in Canada.

Huawei is controlled by China’s Communist Party.

Canada’s allies are banning Huawei to prevent the company from infiltrating and spying.

After Canada detained the Huawei CFO – who was given full access to Canada’s legal protections, made bail, and is now at one of her Vancouver Mansions, China arbitrarily detained innocent Canadian citizens – who are being given no legal protections at all.

Considering how poorly Canada is being treated by Communist China, and considering the danger posed by Huawei, we call on Rogers to immediately sever their relationship with Huawei, and REMOVE HUAWEI AS A SPONSOR OF HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA NOW!


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Eric Blair

Sorry Spencer, that kind of decision cannot come from Rogers but from the PMO pure and simple. They are working out the angles of what to do now in the PMO’s office. Butts is mulling things over and Trudeau is ready to read Butts’ response to the public.


We have been demanding our friends and contacts shut off their Huawei phones when they are at our place or with our group. They get annoyed but seem to shut up when we tell them we don’t trust their phones not to spy on ours. Shut off their phones or leave. Their choice.


Send the Huawei women to the US as per extradition treaty. If the Chinese continue to hold innocent Canadians then trade Ambassador, John McCallum for them. Canada would be a winner all around and the Chinese would have a useless but high profile diplomat to use as a their bargaining chip.

Richard Blackburn

Is it ironic, coincidental, or algorithm driven placement of Tik Tok as the advertisement for this article on my mobile phone? What re the chances that Tik Tok just happen to be the ad attached to this article?