Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Defeated By Massive Margin

432 voted no, while just 202 voted yes, among the worst defeats for a UK government in history.

Theresa May’s Brexit deal was crushed in the UK House of Commons.

Just 202 voted in favour of it, while 432 voted against.

The 230 vote margin of defeat is among the worst in modern history.

Following the vote, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would bring forward a vote of no-confidence in the Conservative government.

However, despite May’s plan being soundly defeated, there is no guarantee that the Conservatives will lose power.

Along with their coalition partners in the DUP, the Conservatives command a slim-majority, and neither they nor the DUP want to risk an election that could bring Corbyn to power.

And Theresa May – despite being weakened politically from the immense defeat – could also keep hold on her position. After all, while her deal was rejected, there isn’t any other deal on offer that seems able to command a majority.

Now, May will have a few days to bring forward a plan B, which will probably be rejected, and the long stalemate will continue until the pressure gets strong enough to force a deal.

Personally, I think the best thing would be for the UK to truly take back control and just declare that they are out of the EU immediately. Just get it done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Brexit was already voted on but as we know all to well,law abiding citizens had No say as trudope reminds us everyday in Canada.

alan skelhorne

no means no, what part doesn,t she understand. good lord, and i thought our politicians were bad.


I couldn’t agree more Spencer!

shawn harris

Britain’s must accept the fact that Britain will never be truly free of the European Union as long as they still want to have powerful strings attached to themselves. A clean and hard break is to Britain’s advantage, because then Britain is in full control of what happens and doesn’t have to worry about the strings the European Union can pull to keep Britain from achieving their full potential. Also, Britain will have greater success negotiating trade deals around the world, free of the European Union trying to force Britains new trade deals to conform to what the E.U. wants.… Read more »

Sewer Rat

The deal the May brought to the table (who by the way, is a strong supporter of remaining in the EU) was worse than what the UK has now. How do stupid politicians continuously get elected?

Clive Edwards

“Git ‘er dun”? Is that Oxbridge English? Britain should leave a twenty on the nightstand and turn the key in at the front desk…. That’s how gentlemen do it.