BREAKING: Liberal Candidate Karen Wang Resigns After Making Racist Political Appeal Against Jagmeet Singh

Wang had used the Chinese platform WeChat to say people should vote for her as the “only” Chinese candidate, instead of voting for Singh because of his “Indian descent.”

Liberal candidate Karen Wang – running in the Burnaby South by-election – is stepping down.

While Wang is saying she decided to step down, it’s pretty clear that the party told her to go after she made a racist appeal against NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

Using the Chinese social media app WeChat, Wang made an explicit appeal to her race as the reason to vote for her, while also mentioning Jagmeet Singh’s background.

Here’s what Wang had said in Chinese:

“If we can increase the voting rate, as the only Chinese candidate in this riding, if I can garner 16,000 votes I will easily win the byelection, control the election race and make history! My opponent in this byelection is the NDP candidate Singh of Indian descent!”

Wang was slammed by people across the political spectrum, including former Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella:

“Suggesting that your race is superior to your opponent’s race should disqualify you from running for Parliament. Will the #LPC get rid of their race-baiting candidate in #BurnabySouth? #cdnpoli #ndp”

In a statement, the Liberals said “The Liberal Party has a clear commitment to positive politics and support for Canadian diversity, and the same is always expected of our candidates.”

NDP MP Nathan Cullen slammed the Liberals:

“Trudeau needs to condemn the comments made by his candidate in the Burnaby South by-election.

His candidate made a blatant & distasteful pitch to voters based on her racial background & against Jagmeet Singh, based on his. Show some leadership Justin.”

Wang’s outrageous and racist comments totally disqualified her as a candidate, and the Liberals would have faced a mounting backlash unless they removed her quickly.

Her departure from the campaign now leaves the door wide-open for Jagmeet Singh to get a seat in Parliament, though the Liberals may still choose to run somebody else.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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what is new ?


Why is Canada failing and divided and demoralized? We need Canadians first running in Canada’s politics, these people are running in another countries (Canada) politics, just for the big power, and high paying job as a politician to help their own friends and businesses in Canada, till they can go back home or set up their own nation here? When they really become Canadian and for Canada, then they would care for all Canadians, making Canada a good place to call home. But then the Liberals all would need to be gone.

Chris vrecko

Spencer thank you. I honestly laughed at this, from a Liberal. The comment was wrong, no doubt about it but the fact that a liberal candidate that said this is comical. Thank you.

This is soooooooooooo laughable I can’t contain myself!


Everyone is too bloody sensitive … lighten up already! Nothing wrong with what she said — just calling on her supporters to get behind her. If she were Irish could she not call on support from her fellow Irishmen … or do I have to say “Irishpeople” these somewhat sick days??? get over yourselves already!!


Karen Wang – racist, Looks good on her. I am so sick and tired of hearing about white racism, white supremacy.

Penelope Trottier

Wow big deal can’t say anything anymore in Canada with out putting a racist connection. Freedom of speech gone.

Don Piche

Liberals – the pretentious “diversity” party of F.u.b.a.r.’s & muckup’s under Canada’s only “Zoolander” Prime Mistake Trudeau Jr…. Nothing to see here; just another Trademark faux pas blunder to highlite the Storm Clouds replacing “Sunny Ways” (it’s mind-boggling to realise that there are still voters willing to overlook it all).


It seems to me that the diversity of our nation would be in recognizing that Singh has East Indian heritage and that Wang has Chinese heritage and that both have made Canada their home. Isn’t that what diversity and inclusion are about? Could the Liberal party please explain what diversity means to them? Why is recognizing that Canada is made up of different races considered racist? Wang belongs to a visible minority as does Singh. Isn’t the Liberal party response being discriminatory toward Wang for stating the obvious. Following this Liberal logic it would be ‘racist’ to point out that… Read more »

Ronald Wood

Shouldn’t even be part of the discussion. The question is, “Do they have the experience and knowledge to get the job done?”

K Garner

Singh, born in Scarborough, Ontariario. Canada is his home.


Good point Ian

Norbert Kausen

All’s fair in politics. She should not have had to resign!

Gregory Jackson

Both parties are guilty of using race as a determinant in this by-election. The NDP (and Warren Kinsella) are accusing the Liberal candidate of race baiting, meanwhile the NDP chose a riding in the heavily Sikh populated area to parachute their Ontario resident Sikh leader into Parliament. The hypocrisy is astounding. If race wasn’t an issue, why not run in Manitoba?

K Garner

Right and your point good but in Singh’s case, to have him run in a heavily Sikh populated area is more a religion based decision than it was race. There are many people of Indian descent who aren’t Sikh.

Ken (Kulak)

Considering the party support poll that surfaced yesterday, I think, in round figures if I remember correctly, NDP 38%, Liberal 28%, Conservative 22%, PPC 9%. This could prove interesting as to where Wang’s votes will go.

George Lozovoy

Warren Kinsella is entirely wrong. There is no suggesting in the Karen Wang’s words that her race is superior to her opponent’s race. Her appeal is not racist, it’s merely ethnic: you, Chinese, vote for me because I am a Chinese. There is nothing about race superiority, there is simple implication that as a Chinese I will represent your interests better than the Indian guy.

Canadian Patriot

also, what about all the anti-white racist comments by Liberals, and even Michael Chong and michelle rempel in the Con party labelled Canadians white supremacists, how come none of them is being asked to step down?

I’m getting real sick of the anti-white propaganda in western nations and nothing being done about it.

William Roberts

Oh so Jagmeet doesn’t have Indian descent.


Different groups practice this all the time. We seldom hear it. It’s likely so common that it just rolled off her tongue. Undercover cameras have picked up this rhetoric in places of worship. It usually does not make the liberal CBC broadcast. Check out whom are prime minister favours in photo ops. Is that not silent speech? It has happened throughout our history when major ethnic backgrounds have the majority…British or French for starters.