Canadians Are Cancelling Their Trips To Communist China

Smart idea.

As China continues to kidnap Canadians and issue arbitrary death sentences, Canadians are starting to get spooked about travelling to the ruthless Communist State.

And now, tourism companies specializing in trips to China say they’re seeing the impact.

The Vancouver Sun recently featured the comments of Julius Yan, who runs Laurus Travel:

“Escalating tension between Canada and China is having a very negative effect on businesses like ours. Some Canadians booked on our tours this year have called and emailed to express their concerns and we want to alleviate their anxiety.”

Many are now cancelling their trip:

“Everyone is feeling it. The last couple of days, and especially this morning, we have been getting calls from people who are concerned and about half want to cancel their tour to China.”

This is a justified and smart response.

China is clearly an opponent of Canada and our Canadian values, and it’s not safe for Canadians. There are far better options, like Taiwan and Japan, where the rule of law is respected.

Spencer Fernando