OUTRAGEOUS: Man Who Assaulted 92-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor In Montreal Won’t Be Charged

Authorities say it’s because he has an “intellectual disability.”

In a disgraceful failure of the justice system, a man who brutally attacked a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor in Montreal won’t face criminal charges.

The NY Post reported that “Montreal resident Hanka Fogelman, 92, called for a cab operated by Société de transport de Montréal (STM), a transit service provided by the city for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. En route to visit her daughter, she shared the vehicle with a woman, who sat in the passenger seat, and her eventual attacker, a man who sat with her in the back.”

Strangely, the driver warned Fogelman that the man could have been dangerous, but still let the man stay in the cab, instead of transporting Fogelman herself so things were safer.

During the ride, the man began attacking Fogelmen, who was severely assaulted and was bleeding from her nose.

Fogleman’s twin sister and father were executed in the Holocaust, and she was sent to both Auschwitz-Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen before being liberated in April, 1945.

She came to Canada not long after her liberation.

Speaking to CBC, Fogelman’s daughter Rona wondered why her mother would have been put in that dangerous situation in the first place:

“I feel angry. I feel shocked. I look at my mother and she’s so mentally aware, but there’s physical vulnerability there. Why was he even in the taxi? Why would the taxi driver have sat my mother next to him and closed the door and started driving?”

A report on what happened to Fogelman can be watched below:

Another outrage is the lack of charges against the man who committed the crime. How could someone not face charges after a brutal assault?

How could someone not get a criminal record for such a heinous act?

How is “intellectual disability” an excuse for a horrific assault?

Enough excuses.

Enough political correctness.

This must be fixed.

A violent assault on an innocent elderly women must result in criminal charges, regardless of whatever excuse the authorities or ‘justice’ system may be using to justify their lack of common sense and lack of compassion for victims of heinous crimes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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what is the attackers name??? that may give us a clue as to this atrocious decision? assault is assault – it is a violation of a law – period. police, cab company and prosecutors all need a law suit filed against them.

Dill Pickle

Brian, sounds like you have confused civil with criminal law. In the civil context, an assault is a wrong, but in the criminal context, you require a mens rea or guilty mind. Would try to explain, but I do not think you could understand…


Sounds like your confused about right and wrong, decency and accountability. I would try to explain but you probably wouldn’t understand…


Which comes out in court. Not criminally responsible (ncr) means you go to a nut house where you aren’t a danger to society. What’s with your bad attiude, Dill? Stick to cbc.

Sewer Rat

1) Who is the judge who made this pathetic decision?
2) Who is the so called “intellectually challenged” pos?
I have a few things to “discuss” with them.

Dill Pickle

Do you know anything about law? Judges don’t decide to press charges.


Disgusting, laws and procedures when violent people take (Public/any other transportation need to be changed ASAP

w. kennedy

The assaulter is a WARD of the state.
So the state or the contractor should then be liable if sued I was told. Better then nothing and since it looks bad and on media maybe the state should offer a settlement to save more time for the old lady?
I missed out some time back not knowing you can sue someone with “no money” after all.


Since the name was intentionally left out, we have a good suspicion what the male was.

Loyal Jan

I know exactly what you are saying Del.

LaVerne Keller

Yeah a type that starts and ends in the letter M, who naturally hate and blame the Jews for any and all wrongs including WWs 1 and 2.


Fuk political correctness and Fuk all you who are offended by this! Maybe I should be intellectually disabled the day I cross paths with this pc of sht?!?! Guaranteed the majority of people who read about that would not she’d a tear or lose any sleep! Tired of all *your * stupid excuses for such acts!

Richard Courtemanche

This seems to be our society’s future. More good citizens will become prey to society’s ills because authorities are incapable to cope with evil.


Not on my shift, no sir!!!!

Lisa Baxter

I’d be suing the “ cab” company.

Lisa Baxter

I’d be suing the cab company.


Another Trudeau voter forever. And all his family and community. Policitical judges doing their job for the boss.


Those who are “Intellectually Challenged” are protected by our “Human Rights Laws”. Most if not all do not have the mental capacity, like a young child, to be responsible for their actions, although they are free to go wherever and do whatever they please. Is this right? Yes. Is this wrong? Yes.

My father said over 50 years ago “when everyone has their rights no one will have any”.


With the Un Migrant Pact, the Turd will let in even more intellectually challenged. We will be swamped.


Why no charges against the cab driver for failure to keep his passengers safe? Why two passengers to different destinations? A scam to make more money? Probably.


There should never be a sharing of the rides like this in a cab/car type vehicle. Not unless the passengers are notified ahead of time that they may be travelling with a fellow citizen but never with males and females insame car. That’s a no no.

james edward

Surely if it had been a government officials mother severe penalties would have been applied

Gonzo the Magnificent

She could have been killed; then what excuses would they have?

Dede Deforest

WHERE IS JUSTICE? This woman survived the worst of the worst and now she has been subjected to a beating in a place she thought of as safe. Why isn’t this man locked up? If he is so mentally deficient he should be in a mental hospital where he cannot harm the innocent.


Pre-phucken-cisely Dede! Exactly. The daughter of this lady, I hope, has the strength and will to pursue justice and keep this in the news! 🙂


How is “intellectual disability” an excuse for a horrific assault?
This person who is diagnosed with this disability, stopped doing his “Crossword Puzzle” !, to beat this lady. Then went back to his puzzle!
Intellectual disability…I call B.S.

Marie Anne Levasseur

Why is a man like that free and on the streets. Hasn’t she been through enough? And I’m sure the cab driver let him in so he could double and triple dip.He should be charged and taken his cab driver license away for good!

Robert Anes

Canada does NOT have a JUSTICE system, it has a LEGAL system, and there are WAY TOO MANY “judges” who hand out “slap on the wrist ” sentences. And I am supposed to RESPECT these IDIOTS ?


This Man who nearly killed this elderly lady, should NEVER be allowed to travel alone anywhere without a supervised attendent, if he has mental issues, becaue he can become dangerious, some one should be held responbile for this guy’s action, because the could happen again, and if he is not accompaned with someone with him NO other person should be in the car other then the driver , because this could happen again The driver knew in advance this guy could be a problem, there for , he is party to blame for this, and shame on him.

Elizabeth Thorne

I hope she asks for 10 million, no, lets make it 20 million, no 120 million. 10 million is for people who kill other people right?