POLL: By Wide Margin, Canadians Support Both TransMountain & Energy East Pipelines

Time for the government to listen to the people and get the pipelines through.

While the – often foreign billionaire funded – anti-pipeline lobby tries to make it seem like there is widespread opposition to pipelines in Canada, a new poll shows strong support among Canadians for both the TransMountain & Energy East pipelines.

According to Angus Reid, 53% of Canadians support both the TransMountain & Energy East pipelines. Meanwhile, just 19% oppose both of them.

6% just support TransMountain, and 5% just support Energy East.

17% didn’t say what they thought or don’t know.

So, a majority of Canadians support both the pipelines, and a much smaller group opposes them.

In every province except one, there’s more support than opposition for the pipelines.

Here are the provincial results:

BC – 47% support, 19% oppose

Alberta – 87 support, 2% oppose

Saskatchewan – 74% support, 8% oppose

Manitoba – 54% support, 18% oppose

Ontario – 58% support, 15% oppose

Quebec – 28% support, 36% oppose

Atlantic Canada – 57% support, 13% oppose

That’s far different from what the elites and anti-pipeline lobby tries to get Canadians to think.

The numbers are clear: The Canadian People support pipelines, and support our Canadian Energy Industry.

It’s time for the federal government to listen to what the People are saying, and get pipelines built for the benefit of all Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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don morris

Disappointing but not surprising that Quebec is the only Province that is majority against the pipelines,yet they are the Province that benefits so much from Alberta oil tax money.

I wonder how many more decade will go by before it becomes clear to the majority of citizens in the West that we need to separate for our own survival.

Under the current confederation,we will always be the larder for the East,nothing more. Feudalism is alive and well in Canada, and we in the West sure as hell are NOT the Lords.

Don Taylor

Every province but ONE supports the pipe line,guess what PROVINCE does not CLUE: they are a bit slow


I love my country, we should work to have Canadian resources for Canadians first. Imagine our balance of payments. sSadly that some, so many in parts of Quebec want to eat others cake and have it too.. Too spolied by spoiled politicians maybe who want to exploit Canada and politics? Those some probably have no problem benefiting too much from hydro energy out of Newfoundland and Labrador.? Sad that so called Canada’s Quebec based leaders like Chretien, Mulroney and Trudeau never did a better job for Canada along those lines. At the same time though I am against negatively impacting… Read more »


A newspaper poll done last Summer in BC showed over 70% of BC residents in favor of the TM / Trudeau line.

shawn harris

Even with evidence mounting, that Canadians, all across Canada want pipelines. Even in Quebec there are citizens who can see the opposition to pipelines for what is, a fraud, used to shutdown our oil industry while simultaneously keeping the transfer of wealth coming from Alberta directly to Quebec. And standing in the middle of this deliberate destruction of the oil industry, there is a Trudeau, who like his father also tried to bankrupt Alberta for the twin purposes of transferring wealth to Quebec to buy votes and dominate and control Canada from Quebec, while also attempting to nationalise the oil… Read more »