POLL: By Wide Margin, Canadians Support Both TransMountain & Energy East Pipelines

Time for the government to listen to the people and get the pipelines through.

While the – often foreign billionaire funded – anti-pipeline lobby tries to make it seem like there is widespread opposition to pipelines in Canada, a new poll shows strong support among Canadians for both the TransMountain & Energy East pipelines.

According to Angus Reid, 53% of Canadians support both the TransMountain & Energy East pipelines. Meanwhile, just 19% oppose both of them.

6% just support TransMountain, and 5% just support Energy East.

17% didn’t say what they thought or don’t know.

So, a majority of Canadians support both the pipelines, and a much smaller group opposes them.

In every province except one, there’s more support than opposition for the pipelines.

Here are the provincial results:

BC – 47% support, 19% oppose

Alberta – 87 support, 2% oppose

Saskatchewan – 74% support, 8% oppose

Manitoba – 54% support, 18% oppose

Ontario – 58% support, 15% oppose

Quebec – 28% support, 36% oppose

Atlantic Canada – 57% support, 13% oppose

That’s far different from what the elites and anti-pipeline lobby tries to get Canadians to think.

The numbers are clear: The Canadian People support pipelines, and support our Canadian Energy Industry.

It’s time for the federal government to listen to what the People are saying, and get pipelines built for the benefit of all Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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