REPORT: Amid Border Breaches, Conservatives Call For Investigation Into National Security Screening

“While the Liberals claim illegal border crossings have no impact on screening or wait times, the facts tell another story.”

The Conservatives are calling for an investigation into National Security screening, following recent reports of security breaches at the border.

Here’s what the Conservative Immigration Shadow Minister Michelle Rempel said in a statement:


“Recently, there have been a number of concerning incidents that have shown clear gaps in our immigration screening system, made worse by the ongoing influx of people entering Canada illegally from the United States.

“Just today, Canadians learned that someone deemed a ‘national security concern’ was granted permanent residency in 2017 after a series of screening failures within the immigration system. 

“Last month, Canadians found out a Somali national with an outstanding arrest warrant in the United States and admitted ties to criminal gangs was let into the country after crossing the border illegally in Manitoba.

“And of course, residents of Burnaby know all too well the consequences of poor security screening after the tragic and horrific murder an innocent young girl in 2017.

“Canadians are rightly concerned that there could be more cases like these where dangerous individuals are allowed freely into the country. That is why today I am calling for the Citizenship and Immigration Committee and the Public Safety and National Security Committee to immediately undertake a joint study into how our security screening process can be strengthened. Canadians must have confidence that their safety is being protected.

“While the Liberals claim illegal border crossings have no impact on screening or wait times, the facts tell another story. For example, the Report of the Independent Review of the Immigration and Refugee Board found that:

CBSA’s front end security screening timeframes were not being met in 2015 due to conflicting priorities of Syrian resettlement, resulting in the postponement of approximately 40% of the initial hearings at the Refugee Protection Division. Corrective actions were taken in late 2016 but only after significant delays, costs and impacts were already felt across the system. This reinforces that when discrete parts of the system are performing poorly the impact can be felt across all the partner organizations. That is, if one actor surges their capacity and the action is not matched by complementary activities of downstream actors, then the result is delay in another part of the system. 

“Canada’s Conservatives will continue to press for answers and we will demand that MPs review our security screening process takes place when Parliament resumes.” 

Clearly, the Liberals were spreading BS when they claimed the border was under their control. Canadians are being put at risk by open borders and government inaction.

Spencer Fernando

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Close the borders deport illegal immigrants, plain and simply. Our taxes should go to help Canadian citizens, not to fund other Countries people, which are breaking the law.


Canada’s Conservatives can continue to press for answers from Trudeau’s Liberals but they will never one. That would be fear mongering, or racist, or whatever. Put on your seat belts Mr. & Mrs. Canada, (or all peoplekind if you prefer the politically correct term), we are all in for a very rough ride. A ride that will never end, and will only get worse, plus it will cost you financially, and emotionally a fortune, if Trudeau and his gang gets re-elected in October 2019. NWO run by the UN is not what I want for my beloved Canada.


Close the F’N borders, immediately deport those that entered illegally. Both Trudeau and Hussen must be removed from their roles as they are not only incompetent, they are committing TREASON


give the armed forces something to do, they have the training, then most of them can stop sitting on their buts.

shawn harris

Justin Trudeau is a cowardly traitor, that would rather see Canada slowly destroyed, by his deliberate actions to undermine our sovereignty, independence and freedoms, all to burnish his globalist socialist street cred with the UN and others. From his first day as PM, Trudeau has had more concern for what happens outside of Canada than for our safety and security. Trudeau knows full well that his actions on immigration will lead to long term trouble both now and for any government that comes after him. Don’t be fooled the troubles with immigration are just a very large distraction combined with… Read more »