“Shocking, Terrifying & Senseless Ordeal”: Canadian Woman Detained In China, Stopped From Boarding Flight To Canada

Communist China continues to show their fascist authoritarianism.

Communist China’s campaign against Canadians continues.

The latest incident is the detention and intimidation of Ti-Anna Wang.

Here are the details, as reported by the Globe & Mail:

“A Canadian woman, whose pro-democracy father is imprisoned in China, was detained and intimidated by Chinese security authorities while transiting through Beijing International Airport on Wednesday.”

“I was escorted off, detained with my daughter and separated from my husband for almost two hours,” Ms. Wang said in an email to former Liberal justice minster Irwin Cotler, now the head of Montreal-based Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights. “It was a shocking, terrifying and senseless ordeal with no purpose but to bully, punish and intimidate me and my family.”

Ms Wang, who wasn’t allowed to use her phone or computer or to contact the Canadian embassy, said Chinese officials told her she was not allowed to return to Canada and put her on a flight back to South Korea.

“I asked repeatedly why I couldn’t just return to Canada, as I had no intention of staying in China and [was] simply transiting,” she said. “They said they were investigating my case but they wouldn’t give me any information.”

Notably – and once again showing what China is all about – her father was a pro-democracy campaigner who was kidnapped while in Vietnam and put in prison for life. He has been held in solitary confinement for much of his imprisonment, and has suffered numerous strokes.

China is clearly going to continue treating Canadians like garbage, especially considering that Canada is seen as being in a weak position.

Canada must take immediate action, such as placing restrictions on China’s elites being able to buy property in Canada (ban it), placing tariffs on products from China, announcing restrictions on tourism and Visas from China, and beginning the process of decoupling our economy from China and shifting towards more inter-provincial trade and stronger ties with India.

Unless those measures are taken, the perception of Canada’s weakness will only continue to grow, and our citizens will be placed in further danger.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube