Conservatives Previously Rejected Liberal Candidate Canned For Racist Remarks

“Reasons regarding her judgement,” said Michelle Rempel.

Karen Wang – the former Liberal candidate in Burnaby South who resigned after making a racist appeal against Jagmeet Singh – was previously rejected by the Conservative Party.

Burnaby Now reports that Conservative MP Michelle Rempel said Wang wanted to run for the Conservatives, but was rejected over a year ago:

“The Conservative Party of Canada said no to this candidate over a year ago. There was a reason for that. My understanding is that there were some discussions with this particular individual and the party decided for reasons regarding her judgment, that became clear today, to not allow her to run for us.”

Rempel had also commented about Karen Wang on Twitter:

“Agree but, only condemn her comments? Why not demand her resignation? You folks have asked for resignations for less. She’s an actual racist.”

As it turns out, the Conservatives made the right call in saying ‘no’ to Karen Wang, and the Liberals are probably wishing they had done the same thing.

The unfortunate rise of ethnicity-based politics is a predictable result of the political elites’ attempt to wipe out a unifying Canadian identity. As I said on Twitter, that never works out well:

“Turns out a country without a strong core identity is just a disunited mess of various grievances and divisive politics that tears people apart. Who could have known?”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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How does someone just switch parties from the Conservative Party, when they are rejected, and just join the Liberal Party?? Obviously, Karen Wang is NOT someone who stands by the Beliefs of the Corrupt Liberals, but was just trying to get herself a Position and Money, becoming another Corrupt LIEberal and trying to bring everyone who Voted for her Down with her! KarenWang should be Ashamed of herself for attempting to Deceive the Canadian Chinese Electorate and any other Voter who had planned on voting for her. Wake Up Canadians. She was only another Self-Serving LIEberal and Canadians ought to… Read more »