Karen Wang Withdraws Resignation, Still Wants To Run For Liberals In Burnaby South

She’s planning to hold a press conference.

Karen Wang – who was canned by the Liberals for widely-denounced racial remarks – has withdrawn her ‘resignation’ and plans to hold a press conference today.

According to the Toronto Sun, Wang says she didn’t write the resignation letter that was released to the media, and felt pressured to sign it.

Here’s the text of an email she wrote to the Liberal Party:

“Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Susan, Braeden & Sangeeta:

I would like to withdraw my Liberal candidacy Resignation & would like the party to reconsider me a second chance to run for the by election.

I would like to say a few words here to defend my reputation. On my wechat post In Chinese I said that my opponent was of indian descent. I meant no disrespect by that comment. As far as I am concerned it was merely a statement of fact. I did not mean it as a racial comment. He is of Indian descent and I am of Chinese descent. I am surprised to find that such a comment is unacceptable and even more surprised that it resulted in me being required to withdraw as a candidate. I deeply resent the implication in the story that I am involved in money laundering and real estate speculation. Those suggestions are completely false. I was surprised to read in the story that there are bad relations between Chinese and Indians. I have many Indian friends and as far as I am aware the two communities get along well. In summary I am not a racist. I treat all Canadians equally regardless of their race, religion, or anything else and I am deeply offended by the false suggestion that I am a racist. I consider running for office is a way to give back to this country who has given me everything when I came here with my husband 20 yrs ago under the highly trained manpower program from China with nothing. We both grew up in a village in China & went to university there & came as young coupe with no money(in debt) but a dream to look for a better life. We became Canadian citizens as soon as we are eligible to submit the application. My extended family now about 20 people are living in the community & settled well in the new country & we are all so proud & grateful for this great country who gives us the opportunity to work hard & be successful.

I strongly believe in the liberal party’s values-liberty,equality, diversity, internationalism, responsibility, human dignity, democracy, religious freedom, speech freedom, compassion & Multiculturalism and a just society! I consider Justin Trudeau as my role model as a politician for his fairness, wisdom, compassion, charisma & big heart for our people!

I am planning to have a media conference @[email protected] Public Library-6100 Willingdon Ave Burnaby
Karen Wang❤️”

What if a white candidate said the same thing?

Of course, we know that if a white candidate had told someone to vote for them because of being white, while pointing out that their opponent wasn’t white, that candidate would have been absolutely crushed by the media and their political party.

Making explicit appeals to race as a reason for votes is totally contrary to the idea of unified and strong Canada, and the Liberals would further discredit themselves if they let Wang run again.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Gonzo the Magnificent

People are by definition – as I see it – tribal. I have more in common with some one born in Canada than some one who was not and hence have more of a kinship with them. So, I don’t actually see her remarks as being “racist” but instead just politically stupid.

Had this same thing been said by a white Conservative, I would hate to have seen the media attention given to this. It would take the whole party down with it.

Don Taylor

she thinks turddeau is mister wonderful,for that reason alone I wouldnt vote liberal ,he is the the most hated and stupid PM ever in Canadian politics,plus a consummate Liar


Holy moly. That list of values does not reflect the realities. And Justin as a role model? She must admire his basic dictatorness and his ability to get things done, like pass laws that infringe upon the rights of the citizenry.

Sharon Warren

Welcome to politics Karen! It’s not for the faint-hearted unless maybe if you’re a Liberal. Those people can, or think they can, get away with whatever comes into their bubble heads just look at Jr. Now THERE’S a bubblehead.