WATCH: Remember When Trudeau Claimed His Opponents Would Lie About Budget Deficits?

Justin Trudeau ended up doing exactly what he accused others of.

During a recent interview with Evan Solomon, Justin Trudeau was confronted about his broken balanced budget promise.

As he got more and more defensive, he tried saying that Solomon was just taking a “piece” of his remarks.

Of course, when you look at Trudeau’s full remarks from the 2015 campaign, it makes Justin look even worse.

Not only did he promise to run just 3 “modest” deficits, but he also attacked NDP Leader (at the time) Tom Mulcair for promising balanced budgets.

Trudeau claimed that Mulcair was lying, and would say “oops” things are worse than we thought, and run deficits despite his promise.

And yet, that’s exactly what Trudeau did.

The Liberals almost immediately broke their promise, blaming the Conservatives for things being ‘worse.’

And while a budget deficit may be appropriate for real infrastructure investment and military spending in a dangerous world, Canadians haven’t gotten any of that. Instead, the infrastructure file is a joke, our military is horribly underfunded, and billions is being added to our debt without any benefit to the Canadian People.

Trudeau hopes we’ll forget all of this, but we must remember that his entire approach to governance is based on lies.

Watch Trudeau’s hypocrisy in the video below courtesy of Steeper33:

Trudeau’s hypocrisy gets worse every day.

Imagine the lies he’s going to come up with this year’s election.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Piche

Trudeau is a Con Artist and Serial Liar – as are all his top Ministers. They refuse to hold themselves accountable for anything and continue to dig their hole deeper while demonising anyone who challenges the facts…now that the wheels are about to come off the bus they are desperately doubling down on more of the same – hopefully more Canadians will be smart enough to realise that we’ve been deceived and that this Rogue Gov’t doesn’t deserve our goodwill or support – in fact, they deserve to be arrested and Criminally Charged!!

Koach Kal

“Artist” implies one is good at their craft …… He’s anything but an artist ……

don morris

What was the reason behind changing Trudeau’s voice? If it was to mock him, it failed. He lied and was caught, no need to alter his voice to make the point,let’s hear it loud and clear, he’s a liar.

What is with Evan Solomon, did he inherit a few million of win the lottery? He sure isn’t going to be in favor with his superiors for arguing with Trudeau, though it’s about time someone in the msm did.


hes nothing but a liar and who ever votes for him doesn’t pay much attention to what hes doing to this country !!!


You are correct. It is unbelievable the number of people I come across that pays so little attention to current events. They apparently only watch the news on TV occasionally.

Moe. S.

Trudeau’s famous and thought-provoking words of wisdom, “the deficit will balance itself.” The Trudeau Federal deficit to date? $688 BILLION and an annual interest of $84 billion. Our children’s children will inherit the unpayable Trudeau gov’t debt and the tyranny to enforce paying it. The tyranny of enforcement to pay the federal deficit is coming by way of climate change action plans, i.e., carbon tax, fuel & heat taxes, water taxes, etc. Forty-two percent of Canadian workers annual paychecks go towards federal & provincial taxes. Economic slavery of the people to pay off Trudeau’s narcissistic self-indulgence spending of the taxpayer’s… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Trudeau once said that he learned alot from his father and as the old saying goes, like father like son. And since Pierre Trudeau never felt the compunction to be truthful honest , respectful or the need to be accountable, you can see how , where , when and why Justin Trudeau is exactly like his father Pierre. This failure to learn true morals and values, not the current set of moral relativism he depends upon to justify himself while blaming others for his own hypocrisy and failures, should never be construed as a justifiable reason for overlooking his very… Read more »


This is my view, ‘For every accusation the media accused and said about then PMSH of not doing or taking or ignoring, is being fulfilled by their own leader and traitor Justin Trudeau.’
Justin Trudeau is doing exactly what his bribed media accused PMSH of.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Some how I think this election year is going to be very, very interesting! If Scheer cannot show the public who they are dealing with in Trudeau, then I quit!


If only the Conservative Party had a real leader…


Trudeau is just as bad as Trump’s lawyers for making outrageous claims, calling others names, changing the stories and blaming everyone else. He treats Canadians with about as much respect as trump does with Americans. They think we are all stupid enough to swallow the BS.


Thanks, Spencer. Do more of this! Running past talktalk promises and blunders to remind us of how corrupt Trudeau is.