WATCH: Remember When Trudeau Claimed His Opponents Would Lie About Budget Deficits?

Justin Trudeau ended up doing exactly what he accused others of.

During a recent interview with Evan Solomon, Justin Trudeau was confronted about his broken balanced budget promise.

As he got more and more defensive, he tried saying that Solomon was just taking a “piece” of his remarks.

Of course, when you look at Trudeau’s full remarks from the 2015 campaign, it makes Justin look even worse.

Not only did he promise to run just 3 “modest” deficits, but he also attacked NDP Leader (at the time) Tom Mulcair for promising balanced budgets.

Trudeau claimed that Mulcair was lying, and would say “oops” things are worse than we thought, and run deficits despite his promise.

And yet, that’s exactly what Trudeau did.

The Liberals almost immediately broke their promise, blaming the Conservatives for things being ‘worse.’

And while a budget deficit may be appropriate for real infrastructure investment and military spending in a dangerous world, Canadians haven’t gotten any of that. Instead, the infrastructure file is a joke, our military is horribly underfunded, and billions is being added to our debt without any benefit to the Canadian People.

Trudeau hopes we’ll forget all of this, but we must remember that his entire approach to governance is based on lies.

Watch Trudeau’s hypocrisy in the video below courtesy of Steeper33:

Trudeau’s hypocrisy gets worse every day.

Imagine the lies he’s going to come up with this year’s election.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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