Trudeau Liberals May Soon Move Closer Towards Foolish Handgun Ban

Only a backlash from rural Liberal MPs would be likely to stop Bill Blair and the Liberals from pushing for the measure that would do nothing to reduce crime.

The Trudeau government is getting closer to a decision on how to deal with gun crime, and a gun ban is still on the table.

In fact, Bill Blair will soon be presenting a government ‘study’ of a handgun ban to the cabinet.

According to a recent report,“We’ve completed that study and we’re compiling the results and I’ll be going before the cabinet in the coming weeks with results of that review and some recommendations. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to do that just in the next two weeks, but again, it depends on a number of different important issues that have to be addressed by government.”

Clearly, the Trudeau Liberals want a handgun ban (government ‘studies’ are regularly manipulated and rigged to achieve pre-determined results), since it takes more rights away from law-abiding Canadians while doing nothing to actually reduce gun crime.

The only thing stopping the Liberals from imposing a handgun ban is the fact that Liberal MPs representing rural areas are terrified of losing their seats if their party moves closer to another gun registry or gun restrictions.

The Liberals response to urban gun crime is always to impose more restrictions and regulations on law-abiding Canadians – particularly people in rural areas. So, a handgun ban wouldn’t just end there, it will be just another step in bringing back the gun registry by stealth.

And rural Liberal MPs who go along with that will be putting their political futures at risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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