Ford Fights Back: Repeats Warning Of “Carbon Tax Recession”

“The price will be paid by Ontarians,” said Ford.

In the wake of his comments warning that the Trudeau carbon tax could plunge Canada into a recession, Ontario Premier Doug Ford was criticized by some leftist economists and elites.

However, many of the same people attacking Ford are the ones who want to see Canadian taxpayers gouged with an ever-expanding carbon tax, and are willing to say anything to justify the tax grab.

And Ford isn’t backing down.

On Twitter, he fought back and repeated his warning:

“It’s hard to believe economists with theories that making everything more expensive is a good idea. The threat of a carbon tax recession is real. The cost of goods that are made, farmed + transported in Ontario will go up with a carbon tax. The price will be paid by Ontarians.”

Ford is right to be warning Canadians, and there are more and more signs of Canada’s economic fragility and weakness.

With Canadians already facing a massive household debt burden, with the economy slowing, and with wage growth falling, a carbon tax is the last thing our vulnerable economy needs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

Canadians are really starting to hate Trudeau

Brian Dougan

Don; they seem pretty slow to catch on. Maybe it will take another four years to thoroughly sink into their heads. God forbid; if we last that long.


About time people wake up and see how destructive all these taxes are.

Ken (Kulak)

However the media will make increasing efforts to shill for him as the election date approaches.


I don’t believe Mr. Spineless No Balls Scheer will be a good PM.

Gordon E Surbey

A critical player leading up to the Federal Election is, unfortunately, the politically biased, corrupted mainstream media. The Trudeau government has further compromised this situation by offering them substantial financial incentives to continue delivering the liberal leftist, post-national globalist agenda. I hope that Canadians are perceptive enough to see through this, and cast their votes based on honest, factual information. The future of Canada is at stake.

Ivan Hawkes

Come on Mr. Ford, what about mentioning the MULTIPLES OF BILLIONS OF CANADIANS MONEY GIVEN AWAY BY JUSTIN??? It isn’t only the carbon tax that will ruin the Canadian economy.

Ken (Kulak)

Stick to your guns Premier Ford and keep telling the people how disastrous the carbon tax will toward everyone’s cost of living and their standard of living.

But then, that is the enviro religion’s plan, reduce the standard of living of the western democracies. Well, except for those that are more equal than others, like our leaders from the left.


I recall from when I worked in Alberta in the ’70s that Alberta’s response to his dad’s National Energy Policy was, “Let those Eastern bastards freeze in the dark!” Now the dad is reaching back from the grave and through the gender of choice child that bears his name is saying the same thing to a new generation. Funny, that.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Stalin had his own band of “economists” to. The trouble with economics is, it’s very ideological! I can think of 3 schools of economic thought with the most popular being Keynesianism. You know: government intervention, deficit spending and they would applaud central banking to ruin our currency and mismanage our economy.