VIDEO: Trudeau Keeps Talking About The “Wealthy, Well-Connected, And The Powerful.” Does He Realize He’s Talking About Himself?

It may be a new innovation in Canadian politics: Running against yourself.

At the recent Liberal Caucus meeting, Justin Trudeau unveiled what appears to be one of the core messages of his upcoming election stump speech.

Trudeau demonized the Conservatives, and said they were protecting “the wealthy, the well-connected, and the powerful.”

You’ve probably already realized the issue here:

Trudeau is talking about himself.

Trudeau is wealthy, he’s well-connected, and though he pretends otherwise, as the leader of a national government he has a position of power.

Meanwhile, Trudeau has skewed tax policy against working Canadians, while making sure the system benefits his fellow elites.

Yet, he still keeps trying to fool Canadians.

Of course, the video doesn’t lie:

Campaigning against himself

Justin Trudeau appears to be pioneering a new innovation in Canadian politics: Running against yourself.

He’s going to accuse his opponents of being everything he is – elitist, arrogant, dishonest, and divisive.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Spencer, Trudope is too STUPID to realize that he is talking about himself. Canadians have had ENOUGH of Trudope and his Band of Idiot Liberals. October can’t come soon enough!


And his Quebec marketing board members are not ” the wealthy, the well-connected, and the powerful.”?


That guy is a full bubble off.

Major Tom

“Mirror, mirror….on the wall………”

Ken (Kulak)

The hypocrite should look in the mirror. Unfortunately however, if he did, no doubt he would be dazzled by what he could see, much like his bought and paid for media.


Takes one to know one.

Oct 2019 can not come soon enough.

Phil Alexander

Don’t forget… condescending, self-righteous, treasonous, and gropenous!


Turdo and his wealthy elitist buds work hard at good upper class jobs. They can’t afford regular holidays, so they get tax holidays and send their money to the Bahamas.