Border Services Charges Woman For Organizing Illegal Crossings Into Canada

Olayinka Celestina Opaleye allegedly got paid to facilitate illegal crossings.

A woman has been charged by the CBSA for allegedly brokering illegal border crossings into Canada.

According to reports, the CBSA has charged Olayinka Celestina Opaleye under section 1.17.3 of the “Immigration and Refugee Protection Act” says a CBSA spokesmen.

The illegal crossings took place at Roxham Road say the authorities, and multiple people were allegedly illegally brought in by Opaleye.

The CBSA says “It is further alleged that Opaleye was operating as part of a network of smugglers who organized travel for these people in exchange for compensation.” 

This is a direct result of Justin Trudeau’s failure to enforce Canada’s border laws.

By refusing to enforce the laws and refusing to protect the border, the Trudeau Liberals are sending a message of open-borders that will certainly attract criminal elements and lawbreakers.

The rising cost will be paid by Canadians, as hundreds of millions of dollars are diverted away from being spent on Canadian Citizens, and instead spent on those who entered Canada in violation of our laws.

This will only keep on getting worse so long as the Trudeau government keeps pushing for open borders and keeps treating our territorial borders as a joke.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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