Former Diamond Ring Thief & Current NDP Candidate Svend Robinson Wants To Shut Down Canada’s Energy Industry

“We’ve got to leave most of the oil and gas in the ground and we’ve got to move to the renewable energy,” says Robinson.

Svend Robinson – who once pled guilty to stealing a diamond ring valued at over 20K – is now the NDP candidate in the federal riding of Burnaby South.

And despite having left the House of Commons in disgrace, Robinson is trying to make a comeback by demonizing Canada’s energy industry.

Speaking to CTV, Robinson said, “We have to recognize that fossil fuels and any new pipelines, any new infrastructure is taking us down a road to climate disaster. This is an industry which we have to recognize is on its way out. We’ve got to leave most of the oil and gas in the ground and we’ve got to move to the renewable energy.”

Added Robinson, “That means no new infrastructure, no new oil and gas, and most importantly respecting hereditary Indigenous people–for example the Wet’suwet’en–who are saying we don’t want this.”

So, Robinson wants to absolutely decimate the Canadian Energy Industry, which would push Alberta into a horrible recession (even worse than things are now), and push Canada into a recession as well. Plus, it wouldn’t do anything for the environment, since Canada’s contribution to global emissions is negligible.

If Robinson got his way, Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries that don’t respect human rights would win, and Canada would lose.

The federal NDP must be getting incredibly desperate if a former diamond ring thief with radical left ideas is the best they can get.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

I thought Svend the THIEF would be in jail


Sven has the experience to become a politician – he is a thief. NDP & Liberals want us to be dependent on Saudi Arabi while championing at home Female rights. Such hypocricy


Please consider helping the avaerage voter understand that this is not just a matter of fuels . There are over 6000 byproducts from oil and gas including plastics and other products which are integral to everything we touch and use in our everyday lives. From almost all material in our houses to vehicles especially those energy efficient ones, medical equipment and even medicines, all recreational equipment, clothing, renewable energy equipment, electronics…… including the phones and computers that make the internet possible. Educate people about what they are really asking for? We all want a cleaner, safer world. The question is,… Read more »

Major Tom

He’s graduated…..from stealing jewellery to undermining freedom…….

Phil Alexander

Well, if the Dippers don’ want him, I am sure the GLibs will welcome him to the cadre. He has already mastered the art of taking from the innocent to reward himself just like a certain hollow man in Ottawa.


Why is it politics attract the incompetent.


Sven always was a moron.


Another left leaning radical with the I.Q.of a squash

David Henley

How are criminals running for office in this country. Are we so backward as a people that this keeps happening. Who will change the laws to stop this from happening. We need to revisit the laws of this country.

james edward

I knew Sven would surface again but was not sure when. 15 years and the smell is as strong as the first day. A thief is a thief. Just imagine he was not caught … you think he would have turned himself in. Not likely, no resignation either. Bi polar, cop out just like Jenny K. Anyone else stealing a $20 000 ring would have done time. Laws are for the commoner not the self anointed Lets hope Burnaby sees him for what he is ….. Grifter

Gonzo the Magnificent

The gift that keeps on giving – western modern day communism!

russ browne

It’s not enough for Robinson to be getting his fat pension which is probably twice as much as the average working person takes home while working. He’s back to ride jets spewing co2 back and forth to Ottawa from the west coast but wants to shut down Canada’s oil industry. Do as I say not as I do.Meanwhile the climate is turning colder, NASA has admitted the outer atmosphere is cooling rapidly as the Sun’s output has dropped and we may be headed for a mini ice age.


Oil it’s not about oil or any other made up bs.Power over the innocent people is the libtard way.They want control over all facets of this country’s generational pop.If they can eliminate the men and women who been here since Canada became a sovereign country.By means of South American that love and believe in the socialist policies of(hey Tom your to successful so will just take 70% of your earnings and give it to the many illegals who don’t care about Tom’s long hours of work providing for his family)Anyone that believes it’s about cleaning up the planet because of… Read more »

John Cox

Where does Mr. Diamond Theif believe Canada will get the money it needs to operate the country that will be removed if oil and gas revenue stops? These enviro-fascists never answer that question, do they !!!


Are the california billionaires backing the thief?