VIDEO: Scheer Says He Would Fire John McCallum

Canadians are outraged over Liberal government ambassador to China siding with the Communist state.

In the wake of John McCallum’s outrageous comments siding with Communist China and giving tips to Meng Wanzhou on how to avoid extradition, Canadians – and even much of the establishment media – are outraged.

McCallum made his statement in a closed-door event with Chinese media, while English-language media was excluded.

As I said previously, “Not only is this disgusting, but it’s dangerous, because China is now seeing that no matter how badly they treat Canadians, the Canadian government still rolls over for them. In fact, China will likely see this as confirmation that their abuse of Canadians is getting them what they wanted, and will incentivize them to kidnap more Canadians.”

Now, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says that if he was PM, McCallum would be fired.

Here’s the clip:

“If I were Prime Minister, I would fire John McCallum,” says @AndrewScheer after @HonJohnMcCallum’s comments that Huawei executive has ‘quite good arguments on her side’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Must have got a back brace.

Christopher Kastner

He should have been fired some years ago when it was demonstrated that he drinks too much…


Go Andrew Scheer! It is way past time the LIEberals stopped interfering and destroying Canada and Canadian laws. As soon as possible we need a fair honest election, Octobers still is too far away.


Is Trudeau M.I.A., or is he o.k. with all this? All he seems to be good at is virtue signalling and bashing Trump, but he’s putty in the hands of dictators. This is unbelievable.

Paul Pogue

Your hyperbole about Canadian outrage shows just as Scheers knee jerk without thought reaction the immaturity and lack of diplomatic skills you both exhibit
Fortunately reactions like this early in Elxn2019 give thoughtful and wise voters opportunity to test Scheer in real time and understand his ineptness now
Neither of you pass the basic skills test to deal effectively with complicated and sensitive international or domestic issues

Ed Peebles

McCallum must have missed his “Nap” today , He is slipping worse than usual !

Major Tom

Fired? He’ll probably get promoted……

Glen Davidson

Scheer is an idiot, Canada should not be involved in this American political nonsense. Just shows Canada that Scheer is Globalist pawn. He is no different than the Trudeau liberals

don morris

Scheer should have abstained from commenting on this, mentioned something about McCallum’s “long service” to Canada. McCallum was rushed out of Ottawa because he was unpredictable when spoken to by the media. It was well known he was blessed with a big time alcohol problem.

Now visiting his home turf, McC is god’s gift to the CPC.Let him ramble and blunder away to Trudeau’s embarrassment.

I don’t think Scheer is too good at the Machiavellian stuff,like old Jeanny Chretien was.