BACKTRACKING BUFFOON: John McCallum Says He “Misspoke” On Widely Condemned China Remarks

AKA he’s doing desperate damage control after getting slammed for siding with Communist China.

John McCallum shocked and outraged Canadians – and even the establishment media – when he went behind closed doors and basically sided with Communist China in a meeting with Chinese media.

The meeting had excluded English-language media, and was seen as a representative of the government parroting the rhetoric of the ruthless Communist state.

Here’s what McCallum had said on video:

“WATCH: Canadian Ambassador to China, John McCallum, thinks Meng Wanzhou has strong arguments to avoid extradition to the United States.”

Now, after calls for him to be fired and condemnation across the political spectrum, the buffoonish McCallum is backtracking.

In a statement, McCallum said he ‘misspoke’:

“I regret that my comments with respect to the legal proceedings of Ms. Meng have created confusion. I misspoke. These comments do not accurately represent my position on this issue. As the government has consistently made clear, there has been no political involvement in this process.”

Here’s the full statement:

Clearly, McCallum didn’t ‘misspeak.’ He said what he believes.

McCallum once claimed that Canada had more in common with Communist China than we do with the United Stats under Donald Trump.

That is an insane statement to make, and shows both an irrational attitude towards the US, and a pathetically naive and stupid attitude towards the brutal state of Communist China.

McCallum is one of those ‘useful idiots’ who buys into the Communist propaganda, and is willing to sell out the values of Canada – the nation he should be loyal too – in order to gain favour with China.

It’s a disgrace, and no amount of backtracking can change the fact that he should be removed from his position.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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