DISTURBING & ANTI-DEMOCRATIC: Trudeau Liberals Trying To Use Secretive Federal Government Power To Attack Jason Kenney

The Liberals are terrified of Kenney coming to power in Alberta and holding them accountable for their anti-energy industry policies. So, they’re launching an anti-democratic and disturbing campaign against him.

With Jason Kenney leading in all the polls over Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP, the federal Liberals are becoming increasingly desperate to thwart the will of the People of Alberta.

And it’s being done in a very disturbing and anti-democratic way.

According to a recent Global News Report, the Liberals are trying to use a secretive committee to attack Kenney:

“With the House of Commons set to resume, the Liberals have launched a bid to get a secretive House of Commons committee to investigate UCP Leader Jason Kenney mere months before the Alberta election gets underway. In a letter sent to Speaker Geoff Regan, chair of the powerful House of Commons’ Board of Internal Economy, Jennifer O’Connell, parliamentary secretary to Finance Minister Bill Morneau, asked for support from its members to launch an investigation into alleged misuses of housing allowances by Kenney while he was a Conservative MP.”

It cannot be overstated how concerning this is.

It’s a blatant misuse of federal government power, attempting to destroy Jason Kenney behind closed doors, in an obviously partisan attack designed to stop him from winning the Alberta election.

Canadians across the political spectrum must speak out against this, because if the Liberals get away with it then they’ll be incentivized and emboldened to use that power against anyone who opposes them.

The Trudeau Liberals are taking another step in a disturbingly authoritarian direction, and if they aren’t held accountable for this misuse of power, we can only imagine what else they’ll do as long as the power of the Canadian government remains in their hands.

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Smith

Great article. Again liberals prove they will do or say anything to retain or gain power. It will be a great day watching the People of Alberta decimate the ndp & liberal cancer at the ballot box, the same way Doug Ford did to Ontario liberals. Shared.

Don Taylor

The Trudeau govt is the real DANGER to Canada

Beverley Campbell



Liberal theology: it is not the facts behind the accusations that are important, only that the accusation is made and pumped through the media 24/7. We Albertan’s can see through the Liberal BS and a good majority of us have no intentions of voting NDP or Liberal come election time were hoping for a complete provincial NDP and federal Liberal flush….

Mr Lahey


The cons are amateurs compared to the libs….Sgro bought condo, put in kids name, then paid kids the rent on the condo…..Learn from the SMEs on expense abuse…If I sent a letter to them, will they investigate this too?


And lets not forget Gerald Butts and Katie Telford having to pay back over $65,000. Moving expenses…..padding, or error, or…

shawn harris

Trudeau just keeps on proving why he was never fit to be PM. He is so arrogant that he now has dropped all pretense of governing for the benefit of all Canadians and now seeks to become a dictator just like the one he admires, Castro. For Trudeau, power is everything, and he is more than willing to gain and retain that power at all costs, even to the point of corrupting our electoral processes at both the federal and provincial levels. Trudeau’s tone deafness , arrogance and hypocrisy are amazing. Considering current events happening to Canada with China, where… Read more »


Abuse of the Federal Housing allowance is probably rampant, I think every single government since Cretien has had abuses https://ottawacitizen.com/news/politics/most-mps-wont-give-details-of-their-ottawa-housing-arrangements


Human experiment gone awry…
This is why I do NOT TRUST ANY politician!
Secret trade deals? What’s that?
Surpressing science to keep Religion alive…etc…
Global Warming lies….etc.


Liberals taking lessons from the Democrats in the US. The big difference in Canada is that the Liberals have established a formal Police State. Absolute fear-mongering dictatorship. Western separation is the best answer.

Please continue to support Spencer. Donate when you can.


More Liberal abuse of Canadian tax money to persecute Canadians. Criminal. It might be a good idea to have Sohi and Hehr consider leaving the Province. Liberals are offensive and aren’t wanted there.


Arrogance fosters stupidity. This sleazy move could very well backfire by seriously aggravating and thereby motivating Alberta voters to give Mr. Kenney an even greater mandate.


All political parties do this and certainly there is enough mis-spending done by the PM and all the Liberals in just 3 years to sink a Battle ship.


This fits right in with Trudeau and his family’s love of brutal regimes and dictatorships. It is amazing that anyone could not now finally see what a danger to Canada that treasonous sack of crap really is.

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau had stated that he admires the Communist Chinese way of doing things… and he is proving it!!! He is a VILE, REPREHENSIBLE, wannabe TIN POT DICTATOR and a BUFFOON!!! We MUST take Canada back from that gang of despicable bandits!!! They must be removed from government and a new election held NOW!


This is so typical Liberal. Alleged misuse of housing allowance? Yes the word alleged to protect their inquiry, while tainting Kenney, and casting doubts of his person.

The Democrats in the USA are real pros of this game. So who put the bug in JT’s ear? Clinton? Obama?, or someother delightful soul like Macron or Merkel. We Canadians are sick of this underhanded crap. If his housing allowance was an issue….why wait so long. I think we should investigate all sitting MP’s, have a feeling it would make an interesting read.


Yes, the Corrupt, Lying Liberals have to spread lies about Jason Kenny. It is much easier for the Corrupt Liberals to have their Corrupt NDP friend Notley in power. After all the Liberals and the NDP are two and the same. – both Corrupt! Jason Kenney is going to kick the Notley’s butt in the upcoming Alberta Provincial Election, and come October, Canadians will Decimate the Liberals, like Ontario did to Wynne in the last Ontario Provincial Election. Canadians have gotten Smarter – Much Smarter, and are Sick and Tired of these Enept, Corrupt, Lying Liberal and NDP Thieves. Start… Read more »

Sewer Rat

Don’t be so sure.

8% strongly approve
27% approve
19% disapprove
39% strongly disapprove
7% unsure

Between strongly approve, approve, & unsure, that’s 42%. I included “unsure” because those are the people who can easily be bought off, and listen to the CBC.

Beverley Campbell

I would have to say “Physician, heal thyself.” If anyone is guilty of misusing Canadian tax payer dollars it is the lying, thieving party currently in power in Ottawa.


Trudeau is the greatest danger to freedom in the world today

edward teach

If they can’t find people to vote for them in Canada, they’ll bring as many as it takes to rule over us forever “OUR MORAL GOD’S” that have no morals