DISTURBING & ANTI-DEMOCRATIC: Trudeau Liberals Trying To Use Secretive Federal Government Power To Attack Jason Kenney

The Liberals are terrified of Kenney coming to power in Alberta and holding them accountable for their anti-energy industry policies. So, they’re launching an anti-democratic and disturbing campaign against him.

With Jason Kenney leading in all the polls over Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP, the federal Liberals are becoming increasingly desperate to thwart the will of the People of Alberta.

And it’s being done in a very disturbing and anti-democratic way.

According to a recent Global News Report, the Liberals are trying to use a secretive committee to attack Kenney:

“With the House of Commons set to resume, the Liberals have launched a bid to get a secretive House of Commons committee to investigate UCP Leader Jason Kenney mere months before the Alberta election gets underway. In a letter sent to Speaker Geoff Regan, chair of the powerful House of Commons’ Board of Internal Economy, Jennifer O’Connell, parliamentary secretary to Finance Minister Bill Morneau, asked for support from its members to launch an investigation into alleged misuses of housing allowances by Kenney while he was a Conservative MP.”

It cannot be overstated how concerning this is.

It’s a blatant misuse of federal government power, attempting to destroy Jason Kenney behind closed doors, in an obviously partisan attack designed to stop him from winning the Alberta election.

Canadians across the political spectrum must speak out against this, because if the Liberals get away with it then they’ll be incentivized and emboldened to use that power against anyone who opposes them.

The Trudeau Liberals are taking another step in a disturbingly authoritarian direction, and if they aren’t held accountable for this misuse of power, we can only imagine what else they’ll do as long as the power of the Canadian government remains in their hands.

Spencer Fernando

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