Fear-Mongering Trudeau Preemptively Accuses Opponents Of Fear-Mongering

This has now become Trudeau’s most consistent tactic: Accuse his opponents of exactly what he’s doing.

Justin Trudeau is getting into campaign-mode, and he’s already pushing his favourite political tactic: Accuse his opponents of all the terrible things that he’s actually doing.

That’s exactly what he did on the issue of immigration in a recent town hall.

In response to a Syrian refugee thanking Trudeau during a town hall in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Trudeau tried to cast anyone who could question him as ‘fear-mongerers.’

According to the CP, Trudeau said, “When we’re faced with anxieties, it’s very easy to have those fears drummed up and exacerbated — getting people to point fingers and lay blame. But the kind of fear-mongering, the kind of intolerance, the kind of misinformation going on across the country and around the world is something all of us have a responsibility to engage with a positive and a thoughtful way.”

That all sounds nice, but here’s the problem:

Trudeau thinks anyone who disagrees with his immigration policies is “fear-mongering.”

Amazingly, the media often lets Trudeau get away with his deceptive rhetoric, often acting as if they’re reporting in an ‘objective’ way, while failing to include the essential context – including the fact that a vast majority of Canadians oppose Trudeau’s immigration policies.

Trudeau thinks that his view of immigration – which erases the essential difference between legal and illegal immigration – is the only possibly acceptable view. And as the election approaches, he will continue to accuse his opponents of exactly what he’s doing on immigration: Fear-mongering.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

People will see right through Trudeau the biggest farce as a pm in Canadian History


It is Canada’s Worst PM = ethics breached in Canadian History also our MP Canada’s Minister of Finance ethics breach also Minister to our troops also false story of Medusa

Totally Disgraceful ! Let us always remember this Important History lesson.


We sure hope so. BUT who ever voted for him 3 years ago? Too many gullible people.


Why do we Canadians continue to mirror the US in our politics? Is it perhaps because they are joined at the navel?


It’s because of the darkness in the hearts of humanity.

shawn harris

Trudeau, the failed part time drama teacher now sees himself as a real life “Don Corleon”. And now believes ,”that he will make Canadians an offer we can’t refuse”. Only thing is, we won’t get the horses head in our beds, but instead wind up being force fed politically correct communism; if Trudeau is allowed to get away with such deceptive messaging and arrogance. Trudeau pretends to defend democracy and free speech, but only allows and accepts public opinion that validates his own wisdom and thinking. It is Trudeau himself and no one else that is creating fear mongering, by… Read more »

Just Me

Those that cant do blame. I was watching the debates in 2015 and Trudeau brought up the indeginous people and they would help killbuild their plan of infrastructures. EVERYTHING hes has accused harper of was a lie and EVERYTHING he denied he was doing, hes doing. Hes a nincompoop who only address children and youth with his selfies. Very creepy!

Listen in you’ll here Trudeau say killbuild. That’s says it all and still applies alot today.

Moe. S.

Words from sanctimonious Reverend Trudeau, “when we’re faced with anxieties” and don’t be pointing fingers and laying blame. Be positive and thoughtful. Tell that to the half of all Canadians less than $200 dollars away from not having enough money to pay their bills. Who are dreading the Trudeau carbon tax of approx. $707 dollars per year he will inflict on every Ontario household. Yeah, “we’re faced with anxieties” you moron!


What he is doing is a form of Gaslighting. Soros uses it all the time, a narsasist best weapon. They tell obvious lies, then deny, deny, deny.
They talk and talk and say nothing. They accuse others of lying even though you know they are lying. Soros used it when he started the migrant storm in Europe.

Sharon Warren

JT – we’ll be positive & thoughtful up to & including voting day in October. You & your air-headed hengemen will be out on the sidewalk while Scheer & Conservatives dig in to try to clean up your mess


Spoiled brat with zero life experience. What to expect?


Trudeau’s been gaslighting from day one. This story only goes to show how proficient he’s become at it.
This is the same slimy tactic being used by the American MSM and the Democratic Party in their despicable plans to take over their country and surrender it to the UN globalists.
It needs to be exposed at every opportunity.