Fear-Mongering Trudeau Preemptively Accuses Opponents Of Fear-Mongering

This has now become Trudeau’s most consistent tactic: Accuse his opponents of exactly what he’s doing.

Justin Trudeau is getting into campaign-mode, and he’s already pushing his favourite political tactic: Accuse his opponents of all the terrible things that he’s actually doing.

That’s exactly what he did on the issue of immigration in a recent town hall.

In response to a Syrian refugee thanking Trudeau during a town hall in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Trudeau tried to cast anyone who could question him as ‘fear-mongerers.’

According to the CP, Trudeau said, “When we’re faced with anxieties, it’s very easy to have those fears drummed up and exacerbated — getting people to point fingers and lay blame. But the kind of fear-mongering, the kind of intolerance, the kind of misinformation going on across the country and around the world is something all of us have a responsibility to engage with a positive and a thoughtful way.”

That all sounds nice, but here’s the problem:

Trudeau thinks anyone who disagrees with his immigration policies is “fear-mongering.”

Amazingly, the media often lets Trudeau get away with his deceptive rhetoric, often acting as if they’re reporting in an ‘objective’ way, while failing to include the essential context – including the fact that a vast majority of Canadians oppose Trudeau’s immigration policies.

Trudeau thinks that his view of immigration – which erases the essential difference between legal and illegal immigration – is the only possibly acceptable view. And as the election approaches, he will continue to accuse his opponents of exactly what he’s doing on immigration: Fear-mongering.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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