Hussam Alzahabi Released Without Charges

RCMP have described him as friends with the youth who was arrested and charged with knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity.

Hussam Eddin Alzahabi – who had been arrested during the anti-terror raids by the RCMP in Kingston – has been released without charges.

Under the law, 24 hours was the maximum amount of time Alzahabi could be detained without being charged.

The RCMP say that the investigation is ongoing, and that charges could be brought forth in the future.

Earlier, Alzahabi spoke to the media, and said it was “a misunderstanding.”

According to City News Toronto, “Alzahabi said the accused discussed plots and bombs through Facebook and What’s App. “(The accused) talked a lot about that,” said Alzahabi. “(Investigators) thought I am encouraging (the accused) to do some things like that but I said to (the accused) and I tried to prevent… stuff like that, it’s not good, it doesn’t give any benefit for you.”

He spoke to City News Toronto. Here is the interview:

Some have speculated that Alzahabi could be helping the RCMP with their investigation at this point, hence why he was released. However, considering that the RCMP was fairly tight-lipped in their press conference, there are few certainties at this time.

In the wake of the arrests, there is also growing concern over the integrity of the system for vetting refugees from Syria. While the Liberals had previously dismissed and demonized anyone who brought up those concerns, it is something Canadians are increasingly demanding be addressed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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This man should of been charged!


I ask…..if you were friends with someone, and knew that person was planning a horrid criminal act…..what would you do?


Canadian Police for the main part do a really good job, but like everyone else we are all imperfect humans, the police used to police themselves very well and do a very dangerous job. Our governments have changed the rules on the police so many times that this becomes a problem, even with who they must hire and they have become politicized and very criticized especially in the media, so as the police will say themselves they have become handcuffed while trying to do their jobs and our laws are very confusing and uneven now which makes it even harder,… Read more »


He knew of the plot and said nothing????

Rose Alzahabi

He did not. The minor asked him about trying to join this activity and husam thought it was a joke so he just went with the flow because he thought that would never happen especially by 14-15 years old kid who is very ignorant


I’d suggest everyone to look up the terms Taqiyya and kitmān …….so you conversed with him about it but failed to report it and not only that you went in depth with it

Rose Alzahabi

I’d suggest to read more and realize that taqiyya term is only used by shiaaa, not sunni Muslims. Nobody would believe 14 years old boy that he could make a bomb and go blowup something. How can you even get the ingredients? I’m having a trouble buying a toner for my hair without a license. The kid had a traumatic experience in Syria and he says a lot of none sense . Nobody took him seriously anyway. He does not even have enough education to make anything serious. However, we all were shocked.

Major Tom

Terrorist activity? Call it what it is…….an Islamic Jihad threat……

Rose Alzahabi

Police found nothing in Hussams phone, laptop, and husband house. No psychological or physical evidences that showed Hussam interest or serious attention to what that kid was saying. However, Hussam only knew him from the high school. As a Syrian community they are encouraged to stick together. Although if all these rumors Hussam never hang out with him. They only worked together once.