RCMP Provides Update After Anti-Terror Arrests, ‘Homemade’ Explosive Devices & ‘Attack Plan’ Reported

One youth was charged with “knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity.”

The RCMP has provided an update on the arrest of two individuals in Kingston.

One youth – who cannot be named due to the Youth Criminal Justice Act – has been charged with the following:

Knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity, contrary to section 83.19 of the Criminal Code; and,

Counselling a person to deliver, place, discharge or detonate an explosive or other lethal device to, into, in or against a place of public use with intent to cause death or serious bodily injury, contrary to section 431.2 of the Criminal Code, offence which was not committed, and did thereby commit an offence contrary to section 464(a) of the Criminal Code.

The RCMP says ‘precursor materials’ for Improvised Explosive Devices were found at one of the homes raided.

They say a ‘credible’ attack plot was discovered, though a location and time was not set.

Another individual – identified by media reports as Hussam Alzahabi – has also been arrested. Charges have not yet been laid against him. RCMP says the deadline for his release – if he is not charged – is 24 hours.

Chief Superintendent Michael LeSage said the following:

“I want to reassure the citizens of the greater Kingston, Ontario area and all Canadians, that during the investigation, our primary focus was the safety and protection of the public,” said Chief Superintendent Michael LeSage, Criminal Operations Officer in O Division. “I would also like to highlight the efforts of our INSET here in Ontario which worked diligently to obtain the evidence required for these charges. Investigations of this nature are complex and require significant time and resources to come to a successful conclusion, while ensuring public safety at all times.”

The RCMP is also encouraging citizens to “remain vigilant and report suspect activity to the police.”

Here’s the press conference:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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alan skelhorne

get used to it people, thanks to the new imam trudeau.

Kate Maxon

A bummer it is hard to hear the questions asked by the reporters.


If they weren’t born in Canada, DEPORT THEM! We should have ZERO tolerance for terrorists and wannabe terrorists.


I do not think we are getting the whole story? Four+ police forces, special RCMP plane used for weeks, at least three vans full of *evidence” and only one underage youth being arrested, with supposed plan but no time or date? and of course the LIEberal government behind all of this who are so NOT “transparent”we will never really know if anything really happened? as usual. Is this another dog and pony show for the Lieberal tax paid media or what really happened? Maybe more poetry needs to be read and I am having a hard time believing this was… Read more »


Watch all the do gooders now collectively pay to defend them. I am sick and tired of families claiming they know their child and he would never do anything like that…They’re probably putting the child/youth in front because there is lesser penalties. The Danforth shooters family knew nothing either..yet they were living with a cache of guns and ammunition. Canadians and all these churches are so gullable. This is why people no longer go to church and religion is dying. They are so wonderful, holyier than Thou. Its time to face the times, while keeping the faith. Everything is not… Read more »

Iraj G

Justin Trudeau is the one who should be getting charged with Knowingly facilitating terrorist activity. After all, he brought these terrorists into our country in the first place, and even now is allowing more hordes of illegal terrorists to cross into Canada.

Also – the Youth Criminal Justice Act is long overdue for either abolishment or overhaul. These “kids” are committing adult crimes (gangs and guns, drug dealing, murder, terrorism) and should be prosecuted accordingly. The YCJA is a farce designed in the seventies for single digit aged kids who shoplift a pack of gum from the corner store.

Elizabeth Thorne

So if you see something, say something just be careful who you say something about. This is Trudeau’s Canada. He created this mess.

Ed Peebles

Section 83:19 of the Criminal Code , That’s the same section that Justin violated isn’t it ?

Dennis Martens

And the father says my son wouldn’t do that he won’t hurt people he loves Canada,hope they get lots of jail time and deported back to his brother s

Big Priest

The dead weight RCMP didn’t do anything about this situation, until the FBI called them, which forced them to try and look like they were fighting terrorism in Canada

I’ve been telling people in this country for years, that the homeland is watching, and Canada better get off of their behinds and do something before it’s too late

Big Priest

Let Me Be Clear, Canadian Law Enforcement Was Doing Absolutely NOTHING About This Most Recent Incident, Until The Republic Called Them, And Told Them To Get Off Of Their Lazy Asses

The large-scale operation began in December when the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation alerted the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team of a bomb plot



Look at what this guy was charged with, and this ‘kid’ cannot be named?
That law needs to be changed.

Big Priest

*Jamie Glazov Speaks at Wednesday Morning Club*.
*Frontpage editor discusses his new book, “Jihadist Psychopath*.”