REPORT: Father Of Hussam Alzahabi Says Kingston Arrest “About Terrorists” According To Authorities

*Update* Hussam Alzahabi has been released without charges.

Previous updates below:

CBC reported the comments by Amin Alzahabi – originally from Syria – following the Kingston arrests.

Following the arrest of two people in Kingston, Ontario in relation to an anti-terror national security investigation, the father of one of the two individuals arrested has spoken out.

CBC is reporting that Amin Alzahabi – who is the father of Hussam Eddin Alzahabi – said the following:

“They tell me they search about him about terrorists. I know my son, he didn’t think about that. He like Canada. He like the safety in Canada. How could he think about that? Not good, not good.”

According to the report, Alzahabi has been in Canada since 2016-2017.

Alzahabi referred to ‘fake news,’ even after the police raided the residence:

“It’s fake news about my son. I trust my son. I know he cannot do anything against any human, humanity. They inspected everything from my house. They didn’t find anything. I think this is not good.”

Reports also indicate that the Alzahabi family are originally from Syria and came to Canada in the past two years. They spent about a decade in Kuwait previously.

It appears they were brought to Canada through the private sponsorship program for refugees.

The RCMP will be holding a press conference today at 1:00 pm Eastern Time where more details will be provided.

Below is a video of what CBC reported earlier:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Eric Blair

I wonder if this story will disappear just like the one where some kid stole a airplane in Toronto’s Buttonville airport and flew it towards Ottawa but landed short of the target. It too was a national emergency – terrorist event. Does anyone remember that one? No follow-up.

Karen Anderson

I remember that and you are right Eric no follow up at all !!


It’s simple, Islam is not compatible with western culture.
And nowhere in the world has it been able to coexist with any other population in the long term, let along short term.

David Cameron

The story can’t be true because Justin has assured us that diversity is our strength

Big Priest

And this is what i’ve been trying to tell Canadians for years

If Canada doesn’t get it’s behind in gear, the homeland is watching, and now, you have found out that the Republic has been watching, and THEY told the RCMP to get off of their lazy behinds, because Canada has been harboring terrorists.