BREAKING: John McCallum Fired As Ambassador To China

Trudeau demanded his resignation, following more dumb comments by McCallum and rising public outrage.

Following more foolish comments by John McCallum – in which he said it would be ‘great for Canada’ if the US dropped their request for the extradition of Meng Wanzhou – Trudeau has forced McCallum to resign (AKA fired him).

Here’s what Trudeau said in a statement:

“Last night I asked for and accepted John McCallum’s resignation as Canada’s Ambassador to China.

“For almost two decades, John McCallum has served Canadians honourably and with distinction. He held many positions in Cabinet over the years, including Minister of National Defence, Minister of Veterans Affairs and, most recently, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. His work as Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in bringing in over 39,500 Syrian refugees remains an inspiration to Canadians and an example to the world. I thank him and his family for his service over the past many years.

“Effective immediately and in keeping with standard practice, Jim Nickel, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Canada in Beijing, will represent Canada in China as Chargé d’affaires.”

The Opposition has slammed the move for being too late, saying Trudeau should have fired McCallum sooner.

McCallum generated intense public outrage when he started parroting the rhetoric of Communist China on the extradition case, raising serious questions about who he was really working for.

Now, he’s gone, and hopefully the new representative in that role will stop undermining our country.

Spencer Fernando

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D. Jerome Hauk

“hopefully the new representative in that role will stop undermining our country.”
Don’t hold your breath…Trudeau still loves the Chinese Dictatorship

Ralph Knapp

One down and the rest of the Trudeau Cabinet to go including the Boy.

John Higgins

He did his best work in the liquor cabinet!


Hopefully this won’t matter and Canadian’s won’t be fooled into voting again for this brazenly arrogant, corrupt (how many ethics violations?) dictator loving, incompetent failure of a “leader”.

Van Wyck

Too little, too late!


Next hopefully will be the Minister of Weather, the Minister of Illegals and the Minister of Deficits. Some backbenchers might seriously consider crossing the floor or having a chat with the PPC.

Don Piche

No floor crossers – we don’t want them infecting this new Political Party… we have to clean house and get rid of the rot already existing in Parliament. This corrupt ROGUE GOV’T must be decimated and left to wither and naturally die off.

Bob Easton

Why isn’t it that easy to get rid of an incompetent, mentally unstable Prime Minister??

shawn harris

How many times must Canada and Canadians be embarrassed on the world stage by Trudeau? What saying does both McGuinty and Trudeau have in common,”its never too late to do the right thing”. And they usually wait until the public is totally outraged and they have no other choice but to admit that their decisions, reasoning and behaviour were wrong, outrageous and not in the public’s best interest. The appointment of McCallum as ambassador to China, showed the world Trudeau has poor judgement about such a very important position, a position that is supposed to reflect the morals, values and… Read more »

Ron Shaw

Now if we can just get Kokanee boys resignation , then the liberal party’s resignation . Then Canada might just recover in about twenty years financially , for gross overspending and financial stupidity by a foolish boy who was not yet ready for a pm ‘s position . Harper conveyed this to Canadians a few years ago and it now rings true , thank you Mr Harper for your keen observation of our fool on the hill , representation of a prime minister .Your not yet ready yet drama boy/mr dress up/Canada’s representation of failed democracy and freedom of speech/… Read more »


High time, the only problem is, Trudeau should have fired McCallum sooner! Speaking of firing, our next job as Canadian voters is to fire the Trudeau government.


Thank God! Now John McCallum can apply for citizenship in China. Judging by some of his comments lately, he’ll be much happier living permanently with the Chinese.

This is thhhhe best news I’ve heard in months. Now if only the people had the POWER to fire Trudeau and his entire corrupt, dangerous Liberals!!!!!

Brian Dougan

McCallum acted as Trudeau’s’s stooge, and I’m sure that he only followed orders. The whole lot of them should be walking the plank; led by Captain Hook. (Also known as Trudope.) speaking of Captain Hook; it would be edifying to see some mutiny among Trudeau’s crew. It’s a shame that John McCallum ended his career this way. Trudeau poisons everything around him.


I thought the same. He followed orders. Golden parachute for him? Or was he used and abused for political reasons. We will never know.


I think he’ll end up like Chretien; lobbying for the Chinese government.

Brian Dougan

Carlene; A fat golden parachute for sure. McCallum has been in federal politics for decades; he knew what he was doing. However; knowing Trudeau–we can be almost certain John Mc C. was used. That’s Trudeau’s real nature. The lovey dovey; tearful Trudope is an act.


Next immigration minister…

Ed Peebles

Like I said Before , He is just to old and starting to slip ! I Believe he was in the Governments of Trudeau Sr.?

Steve Richards

C’mon you don’t think that Gollum actually came up with all of this on his own do you? Watch some of his old press conferences, that is why they shipped him to China in the first place. If he had actually pulled the first gaff on his own, he would have been talked to sternly and not pulled gaff number two. This was all orchestrated from above to try and show the Chinese(big contributors to Trudy’s trust fund) that we really were siding with them, but those evil Trump people are forcing us to do this. I think they are… Read more »

Percy Bauri

Now it is time to fire Trudeau and his merry incompetent Cabinet, so that Canada is not a laughing stock on the world stage.

Major Tom

Good job, John! Need help packin’?

Jill Ward

well, gives trudeau a chance to choose another one before the election to ensure he gets more votes.


MacCallum was expressing the views of any rational human being. Turdo was expressing the views of the Tides Foundation. Did Turdo get a feather knapsack full of cash for being a traitor to the interests of Canadians and other sane people around the world?