5 Strong Ideas For A Conservative Canadian Climate Plan

It’s actually very easy to put together a great plan.

The Trudeau Liberals – along with their allies in much of the establishment media – are trying to score political points by attacking the Conservatives for supposedly not having a ‘climate plan.’

While the Conservatives will probably unveil something comprehensive later on, it would actually be quite easy to neutralize the Liberals and in fact bring in a ‘climate plan’ that is far better for the future of the country.

Here are five key ideas for a Conservative Canadian Climate Plan:

1 – Focus on technology as the solution, instead of tax hikes and extreme regulation. All major improvements in the environment have been based on technological advancements. More advanced technology allows people to be more environmentally friendly while also saving money. By promising to invest in a substantial, made-in-Canada technological innovation plan, the Conservatives can offer the hope of creating more jobs in Canada while supporting environmental innovation. Additionally, make it clear that technology – instead of taxes – will be best for the Canadian environment.

2 – Apply tougher regulations to foreign energy and foreign companies. One thing the Trudeau Liberals don’t want anybody to focus on is that while Canadian energy is subjected to an ‘assessment’ of the downstream impacts of its use – that same assessment isn’t applied to foreign energy like Saudi oil. It’s outrageous, and bad for the environment that foreign energy isn’t subjected to that same assessment. It hurts Canadian energy, and it hurts the environment, and it needs to change.

3 – Focus on local solutions. There are already great environmental innovations and policies happening at the local level. Local solutions have been ignored by the Trudeau Liberals, who are instead forcing a one-size fits all carbon tax on provinces. Instead of a carbon tax, the Conservatives should bring attention to what is already being done locally, and offer support to local and provincial efforts, instead of dictating from the top-down. Local innovation allows for experimentation and wins better support from the public, because local communities have control.

4 – Help bring attention to how Canada is already an environmental leader. The Trudeau Liberals keep saying Canada has to ‘do our part’ for the environment, yet they seem to think that ‘doing our part’ means hitting Canadians with a carbon tax and hurting our energy industry. However, the fact is that Canada already has among the toughest environmental regulations in the world. The labour standards and environmental protections in our Canadian energy industry lead the world, and that was in place long before the Liberals were in power. The Conservatives should bring attention to this reality, because Canada is already a ‘climate leader’ and we don’t need a carbon tax to do it.

5 – Ensure that our Canadian Climate Plan is written by Canadians, for Canadians. With the growing revelations that U.S. billionaires have been working to wipe out Canada’s energy industry and interfere in our elections, it is essential that a Climate Plan is truly written by and for Canadians. The Conservatives must block foreign organizations from giving money to ‘Canadian’ activist front groups, and must protect Canadian industries from the influence of U.S. billionaires and other foreign institutions that want to dictate our choices as Canadians.

To recap, here are the 5 key ideas for a Conservative Climate Plan:

Focus on technology as the solution, instead of tax hikes and extreme regulation.

Apply tougher regulations to foreign energy and foreign companies.

Focus on local solutions.

Help bring attention to how Canada is already an environmental leader.

Ensure that a Canadian Climate Plan is written by Canadians, for Canadians.

By focusing on those 5 core areas, the Conservatives can turn the focus around, and put the Liberals on the defensive when it comes to the climate. After all, if Canada is already a climate leader, if local solutions are flourishing, and if supporting technological innovation like advancing Carbon Capture & Storage is the answer, then the Liberals will be forced to explain why they’re imposing a new tax and hurting our environmentally-friendly Canadian energy industry.

At the end of the day, it’s the Liberals, not the Conservatives, who are failing Canadians when it comes to the climate.

Spencer Fernando


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Don Taylor

Trudeau and his dimwit Liberals [Like Him] has failed the Canadians at almost every why would a climate change plan be any different, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE

Major Tom

Here’s a Canadian Climate Plan…….When it gets really cold……….wear heavier socks!

Ed Peebles

When and if the Crowd of environmentalist saviors who think that they can buy their ways out of climate change with a Carbon Tax wake up and find that they have been barking up the wrong tree for ever and the real cause for climate change is not man-made but in solar cycles over eons of time , they can tax the light !


The climate has been in constant change for over 4 billion years. The last ice age ended about 100,000 years ago, when climate warming commenced. The mighty glaciers started to recede, and created our beautful great lakes, and one of the seven wonders of the world, called Niagara Falls. Can you just image how much tax we would have been expected to pay to stop that turn around,…..without success!


Good stuff, but, the hoax of demonizing CO2 needs to be addressed in any policy. Finally, the arrogant belief that we humans can change the climate defies common sense. Common sense and history tells me that we adapt.

shawn harris

The Liberals, especially Trudeau are so sanctimonious and self righteous, wrapping themselves in the deceitful flag of environmentalism, that they believe without question that they only and only themselves can completely control the environment, carbon levels,climate, and temperature of the planet. And do it all by taxing away what little income you have left after paying such outrageously high taxes, by way of adding another tax upon the taxes already paid. And just wait for it, when Trudeau and his corrupt Liberals see that the public, after having paid enormous amounts of carbon taxes; that the climate isn’t getting any… Read more »


Five damn good ideas, all which need funding to activate. Sell stuff, lots of stuff. It likely comes as a shock to barbie, but her Carbon Tax applies to stuff we could use to go green, restricting us from advancing.

Arie Intveld

Well done, Spencer! I’ve previously emailed Andrew Scheer as well as Hamish Marshall that the CPC needs to incentivize carbon capture/reduction as a palatable climate policy plank to most Canadians. At the very least, these 5 key ideas could conceivably bring about better acceptance of our oil and gas industry as well as giving Canadians a warm, fuzzy feeling about reducing Canada’s paltry 1.6% share of the total global carbon footprint. International climate policy is a key UN 2030 Agenda objective. It has never been about protecting the environment. By the UN’s own admission (in 2010), climate policy is being… Read more »


Definitely add something about cleaning up our lakes and rivers, better sewage control etc. but as usual you are correct again Spencer keep it Canadian!

Ken (Kulak)

Five great points to get the counter punch to the carbon fraud tax. C02 makes plants grow.