Communist China Calls Canada A “Frightened Bird”

And that was the mild part.

In an unhinged editorial in the Communist-controlled Global Times, Canada was called a “frightened bird,” and much more following John McCallum being fired.

Here’s part of the editorial:

“You cannot live the life of a whore and expect a monument to your chastity.”


The editorial shows a clear lack of understanding regarding how the legal system in Canada operates:

“Ottawa is now as sensitive as a frightened bird. A few words by the ambassador should not have posed any impact on court decisions. Nonetheless, judging from the reactions of many politicians and journalists in Canada, McCallum’s remarks are like a dreadful monster.

What happened to the “legal state”? The only explanation lies probably in a guilty conscience. Ottawa has recognized clearly that arresting Meng was against the basic legal spirit. McCallum commented on Meng’s case several times and didn’t even stop after apologizing as the entire Canadian political arena swayed.”

The editorial also says, “If Canada insists on wrong practice, it must pay for it.”

McCallum also gets referred to as a “little boy.”

“As a senior politician, McCallum unexpectedly played the role of the little boy laying bare the facts in The Emperor’s New Clothes. How embarrassed those who try hard to preserve political correctness must be!”

Overall, the editorial takes the tone of being in support of McCallum’s comments – no surprise since he was parroting the Communist Party line.

The fact that Communist China was so pleased with McCallum’s remarks is another example of why he had to go, and the editorial shows once again that China is not our friend.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube