Communist China Calls Canada A “Frightened Bird”

And that was the mild part.

In an unhinged editorial in the Communist-controlled Global Times, Canada was called a “frightened bird,” and much more following John McCallum being fired.

Here’s part of the editorial:

“You cannot live the life of a whore and expect a monument to your chastity.”


The editorial shows a clear lack of understanding regarding how the legal system in Canada operates:

“Ottawa is now as sensitive as a frightened bird. A few words by the ambassador should not have posed any impact on court decisions. Nonetheless, judging from the reactions of many politicians and journalists in Canada, McCallum’s remarks are like a dreadful monster.

What happened to the “legal state”? The only explanation lies probably in a guilty conscience. Ottawa has recognized clearly that arresting Meng was against the basic legal spirit. McCallum commented on Meng’s case several times and didn’t even stop after apologizing as the entire Canadian political arena swayed.”

The editorial also says, “If Canada insists on wrong practice, it must pay for it.”

McCallum also gets referred to as a “little boy.”

“As a senior politician, McCallum unexpectedly played the role of the little boy laying bare the facts in The Emperor’s New Clothes. How embarrassed those who try hard to preserve political correctness must be!”

Overall, the editorial takes the tone of being in support of McCallum’s comments – no surprise since he was parroting the Communist Party line.

The fact that Communist China was so pleased with McCallum’s remarks is another example of why he had to go, and the editorial shows once again that China is not our friend.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

TRudeau is often called the LITTLE BOY and the shoe certainly fits


So how is Trudeau working out of this one?


Likely parroting his “Blame Harper” garbage. Standard procedure when he has nothing.

Eric Blair

What kind of a bird? A popinjay for instance which is defined as “a vain or conceited person, especially one who dresses or behaves extravagantly”.
I can think of one person in our government that fits the definition of a popinjay. The question I have is: Is “frightened bird” a move or down from “little potato”?

Sarina Cliplef

Are they saying anything against the U.S., who actually wants Meng?


China has nothing to fear from Canada. They have no respect for Canada Respect is earned, not inherited. They see Trudeau as weak, immature and ineffective. A “little boy”, something Canadians have been saying for years.

Mike Filip

America- You kicked my puppy!

Lewis King

They also warn everybody to stay out of the South China Seas but they only puff out their chests when the Philippines or other small countries do it. They’ve got a pretty meek response when the US thumbs their noses and sails or flies through. Their military technology and hardware is excellent but the peasants and farm boys that make up their army have been “battle tested” only against unarmed civilians. Facing a foe that fights back is something the average Chinese soldier has no backbone for.


Who would’ve ever thought that electing a buffoon could have led to this?


Well. It’s all true.

Brian Dougan

This tangential quote echoes the undertone of where we’re heading: “When a land rejects her legends, Sees but falsehoods in the past; And its people view their Sires In the light of fools and liars, ‘Tis a sign of its decline And its glories cannot last. Branches that but blight their roots leave no sap for lasting fruits.” Unknown British poet.

Major Tom

It appears that Justin needs to change his socks…….

Norbert Kausen

Though I thoroughly despise the Chinese communists, because they ARE our enemy, I agree with their description of Trudeau and his entire gang of liberal thieves! So much for you “admiration for the communist Chinese, eh, little potato???!!! The little potato deserves everything he is called… he should be tried for TREASON in Canada.


Maybe that’s why I had a premonition that communist China will attacked DETROIT MI., through Canada border. Wake up and strengthen our borders.


Canada has become a joke. The bufoon in power and his incompetent friends are the only ones to blame.


Oops. Mistranslation, they meant to say “frightened turd” and in Turdeau.