Give Vivian Krause The ORDER OF CANADA

She’s done more than almost anyone in the country to fight for the truth and stand up for our Canadian energy industry.

Here’s how the Order of Canada is described on its website:

“The Order of Canada is how our country honours people who make extraordinary contributions to the nation.

Since its creation in 1967—Canada’s centennial year—more than 7 000 people from all sectors of society have been invested into the Order. The contributions of these trailblazers are varied, yet they have all enriched the lives of others and made a difference to this country. Their grit and passion inspire us, teach us and show us the way forward. They exemplify the Order’s motto: DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM (“They desire a better country”).

Do you know a Canadian who’s changing the game? A role model whose achievements stand above the rest? From community volunteers to scientists, actors, members of the military, scholars and even your next-door neighbours, all Canadians are eligible to be appointed to the Order of Canada. Why not nominate someone today?”

Well, based upon that – particularly someone whose “achievements stand above the rest,” then Vivian Krause certainly deserves the Order of Canada, and more and more people are supporting that:

“Order of Canada for Vivian Krause”

Vivian Krause (AKA @FairQuestions on Twitter), a researcher who describes herself as “following the money behind environmental & political activism,” has helped to expose the connections between billionaires in the U.S. (like the Rockefellers), and organizations like CorpEthics and Tides, which are trying to destroy the oil sands and interfere in our elections.

Krause has brought these immensely important issues – with our political and economic sovereignty at stake – to an increasing amount of public attention.

She has been so successful that even CBC has focused on it:

“You know when both @WendyMesleyCBC and @SpencerFernando are tweeting on same day about wealthy US foundations, which are determined to demonize & landlock the oil sands, funding Canadian green groups that the sh*t has finally hit the fan on this matter. Thank you @FairQuestions”

Vivian Krause is doing a tremendous service to our country. She’s helping to stand up for a core Canadian industry, pushing back against a well-funded and devious foreign assault on Canadian Energy.

She certainly deserves to be recognized with the Order of Canada.

To help make it happen, here are two links:

The first is on the Order of Canada website, where you can nominate someone.


The second link is to contact your MP and encourage them to nominate Vivian Krause for the Order of Canada.


Lets make this happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Corinne Malloy

I agree Vivian Krause should be nominated but so should Spencer fernando, for keeping Canadians informed so well. We need to stop all this foreign intervention, and especially any meddling with our elections.

shawn harris

Excellent suggestion and idea Spencer. If ever there was any Canadian that deserved to be honoured with the Order of Canada, it is Vivian Krause. Let’s hope the actions and evidence presented by Vivian Krause inspires more people to take action against foreign funding of NGOs and other environmental groups , who seek to destroy Canada and Canadian lives. Our very lives and nation depend on exposing the criminal corruption in the highest places in Canada. Also this should hopefully bring about criminal charges against Trudeau , his government and especially these billionaires and their close associates in the environmental… Read more »

don morris

Criminal charges will never be brought against any member of the Federal Club Politic in Canada, by any Party or any PM of any stripe. It is an exclusive club,they look out for each other and can be depended to voice their political differences in the House for our entertainment, but beyond that,don’t expect anything else.


Great! I’m in. Pass it on to all you know. Together we are strong! Keep Canada one of the best, if not the best country in the world. The Marxist and Globalist must be eradicated from our justice system, our economics, and our political structure.

Gary Hudson

We need Ms Krause’ birth year email address, phone number, and street address to nominate her for the order of Canada. Ferdinand, can you provide us this information?

Gary Hudson

No info on that page about birth year, address or phone#
How can we nominate her if we can’t even show the city she lives in??

don morris

Gary, you simply can’t.And that is the beauty of the system, it prevents outsiders like us from making nominations the OOC committee want all to themselves.

Ivan Hawkes

BRAVO to Vivian Krause, her tenacity and boundless loyalty to Canadians sets and exemplary standard for young Canadians to look up to. Her tireless investigation into who has hired and paid the protesters who worked to shut down the oil industry in Canada, and her discovery of those same American profiteers messing with the Canadian federal election brings cheers from me. She certainly deserves the Order of Canada, and the American profiteers who’s actions are treasonous against Canada deserve imprisonment.


Her great work is more likely to garner special attention from Stats Can than the Order of Canada.

don morris

I have tried in the past to nominate Vivian Krause but it cannot be done unless you know her personal information such as street address, phone number, date of birth. I have no idea of the personal details of Ms.Krause so cannot recommend her of The Order. I have previously posted this fact at SDA,the most widely read conservative blog in western Canada, but no one who frequents SDA seemed to know Vivian Krause personally. Vivian Krause absolutely should be nominated, but unless someone who knows her personal information comes forward and does so, she will remain anonymous. At a… Read more »