Trudeau’s Infrastructure Program Is A Total Failure, So He’s Blaming The Provinces

Not a big surprise.

One of Justin Trudeau’s few decent talking points was talking about investing in Canada’s crumbling infrastructure.

Canada has a huge infrastructure deficit, and investments in tangible infrastructure creates tons of jobs, generates local wealth, and the leads to long-term economic growth.

Trudeau talked a big game, saying the Liberal government would invest $185 billion.

Yet, almost none of that money has actually gone to real projects – despite being budgeted for.

In short, Trudeau’s infrastructure program is a total failure.

And as always, Trudeau is blaming others.

According to the CP, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says some provinces have been creating challenges when it comes to making what he insists are important investments in Canada’s cities. Speaking ahead of his meeting with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities today in Ottawa, Trudeau says not all provinces share his view about the importance of tangible investments in things like infrastructure.”

The CP adds, “The prime minister has been criticized for how slowly federal money has moved for big civic construction projects, despite a Liberal plan to spend more than $185 billion on them over 12 years.”

So, even though the federal government has tremendous authority over infrastructure, and even though provinces and municipalities are always desperate for federal funds, Trudeau is blaming the failure on others.

It’s a consistent pattern from Trudeau. When something goes wrong, he always blames others. It’s never his fault.

That’s the total opposite of what leadership is supposed to be about.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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