Trudeau’s Infrastructure Program Is A Total Failure, So He’s Blaming The Provinces

Not a big surprise.

One of Justin Trudeau’s few decent talking points was talking about investing in Canada’s crumbling infrastructure.

Canada has a huge infrastructure deficit, and investments in tangible infrastructure creates tons of jobs, generates local wealth, and the leads to long-term economic growth.

Trudeau talked a big game, saying the Liberal government would invest $185 billion.

Yet, almost none of that money has actually gone to real projects – despite being budgeted for.

In short, Trudeau’s infrastructure program is a total failure.

And as always, Trudeau is blaming others.

According to the CP, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says some provinces have been creating challenges when it comes to making what he insists are important investments in Canada’s cities. Speaking ahead of his meeting with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities today in Ottawa, Trudeau says not all provinces share his view about the importance of tangible investments in things like infrastructure.”

The CP adds, “The prime minister has been criticized for how slowly federal money has moved for big civic construction projects, despite a Liberal plan to spend more than $185 billion on them over 12 years.”

So, even though the federal government has tremendous authority over infrastructure, and even though provinces and municipalities are always desperate for federal funds, Trudeau is blaming the failure on others.

It’s a consistent pattern from Trudeau. When something goes wrong, he always blames others. It’s never his fault.

That’s the total opposite of what leadership is supposed to be about.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Over the decades…laws, laws and laws imposed that make it impossible to build anything unless your a huge companies.

Don Taylor

It has become very apparent that Turdeau and his govt have become a complete FAILURE,the Moron Tr udeau NEVER takes Responsibility for any thing and always BLAMES others for his failures A true sign of his narcissistic tendencies,he is a person that has never grown up,he acts
like the little boy that will never admit that he had his hand in the cookie jar,and will place the blame on his siblings


Probably just lies, just like most things that come out of Trodopes mouth….I am sure he meant to spend that money, but just can’t figure out how to do it legally!

shawn harris

According to Trudeau, he only needs to hear and know about what he believes and that whatever the provinces say,unless it aligns with what he wants, is to be disregarded. Thus his reasoning goes, it is all the provinces fault for his failures. The most likely problem with getting the money out is more than just failed and corrupt leadership by Trudeau, is that Trudeau is asking for more than the provinces are willing to give at this time. Namely that, he and his government are looking to have a greater say in what gets built and when and that… Read more »


No principals. No morals. No ethics. The definition of the Liberals.


The prime focus for our little potato is to win the next election, buying votes is historically a lieberal bastion of policy. With a 1.2 trillion market debt, more taxation is needed to foster any real infrastructure spending, virtue signalling on many fronts is a cheaper path to buying the average voter.


And we expect a different response from Trudeau? It is always someone’s fault but never a Liberal, especially a globalist, progressive, politically correct(?) Liberal. Trudeau, knows how to play the victim, the oh so rightness card, to the detriment of the mass majority. 2019 an election year will show his true colours, unless you are colourblind. Red and green are Trudeau’s true colours. What are yours?

Rick Patterson

This was a play right out of the Chretien Martin play book. Problem is Trudeau forgot all the spending freezes and cuts those two made. For Liberals they proved rather resourceful conservatives.
Unfortunately Trudeau believes spending on infrastructure alone is the magic unicorn re-election rides on. We need much better Canada, so much better.

David MacKAY

Leftist liberals lament when their creations “all of them” do not work. So then they blame others. The biggest problem is Liberalism greatest fear “COMMON SENSE”. When a ministers portfolio duties crash or produce no results and Common Sense Conservatives finally ask “What were you thinking? The Liberal response is obtuse baffle-gab followed by cabinet shuffles as they kick the can down the road.