Rempel Slams Journalist For ‘Imperious And Elitist Tweet’ Pushing Trudeau Talking Points

Looks like the establishment media is desperate for that bailout.

With the Trudeau Liberals facing rising anger from many legal immigrants over the fact that illegal immigrants are able to cut ahead in line, the establishment media is now mobilizing to defend the Liberal Party.

Journalist Althia Raj of the Huffington Post recently decided to act like a PMO staffer and start directly refuting Conservative Immigration Shadow Minister Michelle Rempel.

But Rempel pushed back, slamming Raj for her “imperious and elitist tweet.”

You can read the exchange below, with Raj repeating the PMO talking points and Rempel refuting them:

“Just got a press release from @MichelleRempel attacking the Liberals for allowing thousands of asylum seekers to cross the border while she says those seeking to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada have to wait in line. Thread. A few things:”

“1) The press release makes it sound like the Tories are in favour of folks bringing in their aging parents and grandparents when that isn’t actually the party’s position. The Liberals increased the number of parents/grandparents by 15,000 spots (from 5K to 20,000).”

“2) Asylum seekers are sorted through a different line. Their numbers do not affect other migration programs. If you want grandma from India to come to Canada. How many refugees we accept or come over the border will not affect the ability of grandma to come to Canada.”

“3) Rempel is correct that the program capped out in 10 minutes. I’m told 100,000 people tried to apply for those 20,000 spots (the program actually accepts 27,000 to address duplications, etc.) Obviously, bringing grandma and grandpa to Canada is very popular with many folks.”

“4) Regardless what you think of how many parents/grandparents Canada should accept, the statement clouds the issue…”

“5) Asylum seekers and family reunification are not related. And the Tories (unless sudden change of position) thought it was best for grandma to get a visa so she wouldn’t be burden on the health care system. So odd, they’re suddenly suggesting grandma is getting unfairly treated”

Rempel refutes Raj:

“Fact – Trudeau decreased the wait time for one stream of entry to Canada to zero days: illegal border crossers. Number of people he’s allowed in via this new stream: 40k. Parents and grandparents trying to legally enter the country had 10 mins to try to apply.”

“Fact: Trudeau allocated another $110M+ today to process, house and pay the social welfare payments for illegal border crossers (we think – the Minister won’t show up to Committee ). How many more parents and grandparents could have been processed using these resources?”

“Fact: This is PMO spin. This ‘journalist’ doesn’t even bother to examine what the hundreds of millions of dollars that Trudeau has spent on illegal border crossers could have done to process legal migrants. They are related.”

Rempel also brought attention to Howard Anglin’s comments, pointing out the truth about the numbers:

“Read all of this. Meanwhile, Trudeau announced another $114M for illegal border crossers yesterday. Illegal border crossers = continuous, red carpet treatment; parents and grandparents trying to legally enter the country = door slammed shut in 7 minutes.”

“There’s been some confusion about Canada’s immigration numbers when it comes to sponsored parents and grandparents. I’ve seen reporting/commentary on Twitter suggesting that Liberals have increased the numbers, which isn’t quite right.”

“But notably – and this is what spurred my thread – the Liberals have not and are not increasing the number of parents and granparents actually admitted as PRs each year above the levels the CPC was admitting.”

“Compare the targets for parents/ grandparents in the annual levels plans: 2012: 25,000 2013: 25,000 2014: 20,000 2015: 20,000 2016: 20,000 2017: 20,000 2018: 20,000 2019: 20,500 2020: 21,000 2021: 21,000 The Liberals have not materially increased parent/grandparent immigration.”

So, as Rempel said on Twitter, Raj’s claims are “mostly baloney.”

Rempel also slammed Raj’s “elitist” tweet:

“There’s no respect intended in the imperious and elitist tweet quoted below. It doesn’t matter if there are different processing silos – there is only one taxpayer. Every dollar spent or agent used for illegal border crossers could be used to process legal applicants.”

Looks like Raj and the establishment media are desperate for that bailout

As we all predicted, this is what would happen once the Trudeau Liberals announced their media bailout plan. It’s simply human nature. A desperate establishment media sees a big payday at taxpayer expense, and that’s motivating them even more to keep Trudeau in power.

So, much of the media is now acting like propagandists for the Trudeau government, attacking the Opposition when they are supposed to be holding the government accountable.

Expect it to get even worse as the election gets closer. That’s why websites like and independent Canadian voices – who would never accept bailouts – are more important now than ever before.

Spencer Fernando

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